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Full List of Return To Eden Episodes

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Below is a complete Return to Eden episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Return to Eden episodes are listed along with the Return to Eden episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Return to Eden episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “The Mini Series - Part 2” and “Series 2 Episode 4.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Return to Eden episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    The Mini Series

    Jan 14 1983
    The central character in the show is Stephanie Harper, a rich heiress after her father passes...
  • 2

    The Mini Series - Part 2

    Oct 06 1983
    Everyone thinks Stephanie has died but really she has escaped and is given a new body, face...
  • 3

    The Mini Series - Part 3

    Oct 13 1983
    Greg tries to kill Stephanie in the swimming pool. Instead he is badly injured by Jilly and he...
  • 4

    Series 2 Episode 4

    Mar 03 1986
    Stephanie goes for a morning swim and comes face to face with the crocodile but Dan shoots it....
  • 5

    Series 2 Episode 17

    May 12 1986
    Jake kills the snake with a gun and Jilly sends home all the servants for the day. They put...
  • 6

    Series 2 Episode 7

    Mar 17 1986
    The day arrives when Jake will be officially a board member and Jilly insists he must oust...
  • 7

    Series 2 Episode 3

    Feb 24 1986
    Jake finds Stephanie's body and rushes her to the hospital where its revealed she will be OK....
  • 8

    Series 2 Episode 19

    May 19 1986
    Jake tries to convince Jilly the land is worthless but Jilly refuses to believe him. Sarah...
  • 9
    The series opens with Stephanie enjoying a relaxing swim with her husband Dan 7 years on from...  more
  • 10

    Series 2 Episode 8

    Mar 24 1986
    On hearing about the boat explosion Jake organizes a search. Bill forbids Tom from seeing...
  • 11

    Series 2 Episode 22

    Jun 06 1986
    The mystery man leaves a torn photo on a sleeping Stephanie's pillow. Jake and Jilly check out...
  • 12

    Series 2 Episode 14

    May 05 1986
    Olive conveniently shows up and saves Jilly's life. When the police arrive they can find no...
  • 13

    Series 2 Episode 12

    Apr 21 1986
    Eden is forcibly put up for sale and the Harper's prepare to move out. Ahmal offers to buy it...
  • 14

    Series 2 Episode 18

    May 19 1986
    Stephanie races back to Eden with Jake in pursuit. When they reach Eden, Stephanie rushes to...
  • 15

    Series 2 Episode 9

    Mar 31 1986
    Bill is rushed to hospital and a heartbroken Sarah is forced to end her engagement. Jilly...
  • 16

    Series 2 Episode 11

    Apr 14 1986
    Dan is angry when he reads a newspaper report stating Stephanie is prepared to risk everything...
  • 17

    Series 2 Episode 13

    Apr 28 1986
    A mystery man swims out and rescues Stephanie. Her clothes are found on the beach and everyone...
  • 18

    Series 2 Episode 21

    Jun 02 1986
    Jake rescues Jilly from the pool and revives her. When Jilly tells him Anton tried to drown...
  • 19

    Series 2 Episode 5

    Mar 10 1986
    Discovering Stephanie is mising Jilly finds her at Tara's and finds Stephanie thinks she is...
  • 20

    Series 2 Episode 16

    May 12 1986
    Stephanie convinces Ahmal to let his sister Princess Talitha accompany her back to Australia...
  • 21

    Series 2 Episode 6

    Mar 17 1986
    Dan rushes out and Stephanie throws a drink in Jake's face. Dan tells Sarah he thinks he is...
  • 22

    Series 2 Episode 2

    Feb 17 1986
    Stephanie is out riding when Jake turns up but Jake is no match on a horse for Stephanie....
  • 23

    Series 2 Episode 10

    Apr 07 1986
    Jilly finds Phillip's body and the courier receipt for the tape. She goes to Eden where she...
  • 24

    Series 2 Episode 15

    May 05 1986
    Dan operates on Jessica like he did on Stephanie 7 years earlier. Stephanie is shocked when...
  • 25

    Series 2 Episode 20

    May 26 1986
    Dan is furious everyone knew she was alive apart from him and that she turned to Ahmal for...