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Below is a complete Revolutionary Girl Utena episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Revolutionary Girl Utena episodes are listed along with the Revolutionary Girl Utena episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Revolutionary Girl Utena episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this poll include “On The Night Of The Ball” and “Miki's Nest Box (The Sunny Garden-Arranged).” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Revolutionary Girl Utena episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Adolescence of Utena In a loose retelling of the Revolutionary Girl Utena TV series, Utena Tenjou arrives at Ohtori Academy, appearing to be a boy. She is accidentally swept up in a series of duels for the ...more

On The Night Of The Ball Apr 16 1997 - Utena unintentionally unleashed the Power of Dios in the last Duel with Saionji, which attracted Touga's interest in her. Touga sends Utena a dress for the upcoming ball. On the other hand, ...more

The Sunlit Garden - Finale Apr 30 1997 - In the tune Anthy just casually played, Miki found a "glow" that he had been seeking. He has a twin sister, Kozue, who used to play a tune with a "glow". However, she does ...more

The Rose Bride Apr 02 1997 - Utena Tenjou is a schoolgirl in the eighth grade of Ohtori Academy. She has the strange memory that, when she was very young, she met a mysterious "prince" and was given a ring with a ...more

Take Care, Miss Nanami May 07 1997 - Lately, someone has been trying to take Nanami's life. Overhearing a conversation between Anthy and her brother Touga, Nanami misunderstands that Touga is the one who is trying to kill her. ...more

Nanami's Precious Thing Jun 04 1997 - Taking the Rose Bride to the Arena without a duel besides inflicting a wound to Touga, Saionji is now expelled from school. Nanami blames Utena for Touga's wound. Utena apologizes, but Nanami ...more

For Whom The Rose Smiles Apr 09 1997 - Winning the duel with Saionji, Utena is now the Victor of the Duel and is to be "engaged" to the Rose Bride, who is Anthy. Next day, Utena and Anthy start living together in a dorm. ...more

Curried High Trip May 21 1997 - Somehow, Anthy's curry and rice explodes and that shock switches Utena and Anthy's personalities. Now Utena is feminine while Anthy is tomboyish. The cause of the incident seems to be Nanami's ...more

Tracing A Path Jun 25 1997 - In this episode, we review episodes 1 through 12 with Ohtori Akio's monologue (In the next episode, we will learn he is Anthy's brother). When he appears in the Arena, the midair castle falls ...more

Unfulfilled Juri May 14 1997 - Juri believes there are no miracles. In the past, she secretly loved someone, but she couldn't win the person's heart. She thinks if there were miracles, she could have achieved her love. One ...more

Gracefully Cruel Jun 11 1997 - Having observed the last five duels, Touga is now positive that he has completed collecting sufficient data to defeat Utena. Touga has been implying to Utena that he is the prince she has been ...more

Castle Where Eternity Dwells May 28 1997 - In the Kendo Dojo, Saionji and Touga are fighting a Kendo duel. Touga defeats Saionji by a narrow margin. Utena hears from Saionji that they has fought hundreds of duels in the last ten years. ...more

For Friendship, Perhaps Jun 18 1997 - Utena was defeated. But the real shock for her was not the fact that she was defeated, but the fact that from Touga's explanation, she learned that Anthy was just playing the role of the bride ...more

The Sunlit Garden - Prelude Apr 23 1997 - Utena and Miki are about to begin a duel. The rest of the episode and the following one are flashback to show what has caused this duel. Miki often plays a particular tune on the piano. He says ...more

The Boys Of The Black Rose Jul 02 1997 - Utena never knew that Anthy meets her brother Akio, every Saturday night --- nor did she even know that she has a brother. Anthy lets Utena meet Akio. Akio has been engaged to Ohtori Kanae whose ...more

Namuro Memorial Hall Aug 27 1997 - There is only one black rose left now. Akio is wondering if Mikage will finally fight Utena himself. But instead of fighting, Mikage decides to include Utena in his side, and asks Utena to join ...more

Cowbell of Happiness Jul 16 1997 - Nanami holds a party to show off her designer's brand pendant. However, Juri shows up with a more gourgeous pendant. Luckily for Nanami, a packet comes for Nanami and according to Juri and Miki, ...more

The Song of the Fallen Kingdom Aug 06 1997 - One day, Utena receives a love-letter from a guy. And the guy turns out to be Wakaba's childhood friend, Tatsuya, who she calls "Onion Prince". The reason why she named him "Onion ...more

Troublesome Insects Aug 21 1997 - The reason why Nanami's followers, Keiko, Yuuko, and Aiko, are with her even though Nanami is so bad-natured, is that they all have crush on her brother, Touga. One day, Nanami throws a party to ...more

Secret Nanami-sama Diary Sep 10 1997 - Tsuwabuki heroicly rescues Nanami and ends up spending time in the infirmary. While he is recovering Utena and Anthy have an usual opportunity to read a secret diary he's been keeping on Nanami. ...more

Qualifications of a Duelist Sep 03 1997 - Mikage asks Utena to join his seminar again, actually trying to include her in his side, the Black Rose Association. This time, to convince her, he also offers himself as a consultant so that ...more

Thorns of Death Jul 23 1997 - Shiori, who Juri got a secret crush on, has transferred back to Ohtori Academy. Juri, however, is so cold to her. Shiori thinks the reason is that she took a guy she thought Juri had a crush on ...more

The Landscape Framed By Kozue Jul 09 1997 - Mikage and Mamiya figure that they can make use of the Student Council members to make duelists strong enough to defeat Utena. They say they were defeated just because they couldn't control ...more

Mitsuru's Growing Pains Jul 30 1997 - Tsuwabuki has still been serving Nanami as if he were her servant. Tsuwabuki's friend, Mari, isn't happy with him for being like that. She says Tsuwabuki is just being taken advantage of because ...more

Wabaka Hath Flourished Verdantly Aug 13 1997 - Lately, Wakaba has been acting so brisk. And she goes home straight right after school. Actually, Wakaba has a secret at home. She is hiding Saionji, who got expelled from school. Since she has ...more

Azure Parler Than the Sky Oct 15 1997 - Ruka is back once more, but this time he takes Juri and uses her to duel Utena for him! Will Utena be able to pull off another miracle?

The Romance of the Dancing Girls Nov 05 1997 - After Touga attempts to get Nanami back, she refuses and blurts out the truth. Then... that night, she sees Akio doing something very forbidden...

Miki's Nest Box (The Sunny Garden-Arranged) Sep 24 1997 - The End of the World use the recently injured Kozue to get Miki to duel with Utena! Of course, realizing it's his chance to get Anthy again.. he goes for it, and uses Kozue as his own Rose

The Eternal Apocalypse of the Two of us Sep 17 1997 - Anthy and Utena move out of their dorm and into the right wing of the chairman's office so Anthy and Akio can be closer to each other. Then suddenly Saionji comes back to duel!

The Prince Who Runs Through The Night Nov 12 1997 - Anthy has Akio deliver some roses to a far away place, taking Utena with him. After a day at the Carnival, Utena and Akio bond late at night.

Her Tragedy Oct 29 1997 - Nanami finds out that her and Touga are not true siblings, and becomes overly depressed by this. To the point of running away from home... and suddenly being invited to live with Anthy and Utena ...more

Whispering In the Dark Oct 08 1997 - An old friend named Ruka returns to the Academy after a long leave. He takes over the Fencing Team again, and then challenges Utena to a duel, using Shiori as a Rose Bride!

The Barefoot Girl Oct 22 1997 - Utena has started thinking about her Prince again.. and if she's allowed to love someone else. Utena's world is about to change even more so.

Nanami's Egg Oct 01 1997 - Nanami is having dreams of her laying an egg.. unfortunately for her, she wakes up with an egg in her bed! Does this mean she's a mother?

And the Doors of Night Open Dec 03 1997 - Touga tells Utena the truth. About his true feelings, and that he's always loved her.. Unfortunately for Touga, Utena loves someone else. Touga then challenges Utena to a duel, while placing a ...more

The Ends of The World Dec 17 1997 - Utena vs. The End of the World. The truth is discovered.. about the duels, the Rose Bride, and the Prince.

The Love That Budded In Wintertime Nov 26 1997 - Touga suddenly comes back into Utena's life, wanting to spend more time with her. Then, Touga finally realizes the truth about his life.. and how much he was used.

Someday, Shine Together Dec 24 1997 - Everything comes to an end. Something shiny, eternity, miracles, the revolution of the world. Catch the stunning climax to Revolutionary Girl Utena!

The One To Revolutionize The World Dec 10 1997 - Utena has gone though many battles.. Friends, Student Council, and people she barely knew. Nothing will compare though, to the battle she must fight now. Will she battle or will she not?

The Rose Signet Nov 19 1997 - Utena is invited to a theater play, and takes Akio and Anthy. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that the play is about the truth behind the Rose Bride and the prince.