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Below is a complete Roary the Racing Car episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Roary the Racing Car episodes are listed along with the Roary the Racing Car episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Roary the Racing Car episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “Spooky Forest” to “Computer Calamity.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Roary the Racing Car episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.


Stars and Cars Apr 21 2010 -

Hellie's a Winner/Dandelions Special Roary-and-Fifi double-bill with songs from Big Chris as an interlude.


Roary's First Day Roary is very nervous for the big race the next day. Big Chris tells him the story of his first day at Silver Hatch raceway to build his confidence.

Roary Slips Up Roary spills oil over the race track, but will his half-hearted attempts at clearing it up cause chaos for the other cars?

Big Chris Flags It Up Big Chris causes chaos when he mistakes some flags for oil rags.

Express Delivery When Big Chris wants to make an omelette for breakfast, Roary offers to bring him some eggs from the farm, but how will he get them home without smashing them?

Roary's Day At The Seaside Big Chris and Roary must bring some sand back to the race track for the gravel traps, but once at the beach, they get distracted and start building sandcastles.

Roary Takes Off Big Chris has an ingenious way to clean Roary's fuel intake, but there are unexpected pitfalls to his plan.

Cici Takes The Blame Marsha's picnic blanket is covered in tyre marks, but is the usually mischievous CiCi to blame on this occasion?

Big Chris's Big Workout Big Chris accepts the race challenge suggested by Marsha, but he doesn't stand much chance of winning - or does he?

Flash Flips Out Flash grows tired of the constant roar of engines and decides to divert the cars off the track - but someone could end up hurt unless Big Chris and Marsha step in

Rusty Remembers Rusty the caravan needs his friends to cheer him up.

Easy On The Fuel Maxi's fuel supply has run out, but Roary may be able to include him in the big race after all.

Communication Breakdown Marsha forgets to charge the walkie-talkies, and everyone struggles to stay in touch.

Blue Light Job Big Chris tries to fix Drifter's broken neon light.

Make Your Mind Up Roary The gang prepares for a special trip, but Roary cannot decide where they should go.

Workshop Roary Roary and Tin Top offer to run the workshop while Big Chris has a nap.

Tip Top Tin Top Tin Top is trying his hardest to avoid any scrapes and crashes as an important car designer is coming to visit.

Tunnel Vision Maxi is not looking forward to the night race because he is scared of Ton-Up Tunnel on the race track, although he doesn't want to admit it.

Molecom Makes Music Farmer Green is getting ready for a barn dance.

Roary Goes Missing The racing car goes off for the day without telling anyone where he's heading, causing Big Chris to panic.

Mama Mia Mr Carburretor is in a state of panic as his mother is coming to visit.

Surround Sound Big Chris is annoyed when his karaoke machine breaks down just when he needs to rehearse for an important competition.

Plugger's On The Case Plugger realises he cannot do everything by himself - sometimes he needs his friends.

Big Chris Learns To Fly Big Chris gets himself in a pickle while flying a helicopter. Can Roary help him land safely?

Musical Mayhem Hellie breaks down and is unable to take Mr Carburettor to the opera. Roary needs to think of something - and fast.

Braking Promises Maxi is furious when Roary is offered his spare tyre warmers overnight. Meanwhile, there are some strange noises coming from the workshop.

Secret Treasures Store Chris’s Kareoke maskine bliver ødelagt - igen. Rorri prøver at finde en skat på stranden, så han kan købe en ny keraoke til Store Chris. Der viker dog som ...more

Stars And Cars Apr 21 2010 - Big Chris has been invited to appear on a TV karaoke show. Will the success go to his head?

The Rabbit That Yelled Stop Flash is fed up with the constant engine noises and decides to take matters into his own hands. Will Big Chris and Marsha realise what is happening before someone gets hurt?

Out of Juice Big Chris has taken delivery of some specially filtered rainwater to make the cars run more smoothly, but he only has enough for one car. Who can impress him the most and earn the precious

Roary Sees Red Apr 23 2010 - Roary has an argument with Cici and races back to the pits without her - just as a storm brews on the horizon.

Rusty Takes A Trip Apr 26 2010 - Rusty is fed up of sitting in one place, so Roary and the other cars plan a special surprise for him. Will it work?

Roary Loses a Friend Big Chris accidentally discards Roary's lucky teddy bear. It's a race against time to find it before it reaches the rubbish dump.

Big Chris Says Sorry Big Chris thinks Marsha is cross with him for telling Mr Carburettor she made a mistake.

Roary Goes Back to School Roary must go back to school to brush up on his safety skills after he nearly crashes into Mr Carburettor.

Big Chris Forgets Apr 29 2010 - It is Marsha's birthday and Big Chris is in charge of organising a surprise for her.

Big Chris Babysits Apr 30 2010 - Roary has an argument with Cici and races back to the pits without her, just as a storm is brewing on the horizon.

Busy Day for Big Chris Big Chris is doing his best to relax but try as he might, there's always someone who needs his help.

Computer Calamity May 05 2010 - Tensions rise at Silver Hatch when Mr Carburettor wants to move with the times.

Roary And Nigel May 03 2010 - Roary brings Nigel the crab back from the beach. But things go wrong when Nigel disappears.

Roary Gets It Wrong May 04 2010 - Today, Roary is given a big responsibility by Farmer Green.

Roary on Thin Ice Rorri opdager er der er islag på banen. Han prøver at advare de andre biler, men de vil ikke høre på ham, så de glider alle sammen. Det kommer der meget sjov ud

Roary's Wake Up Call Chaos reigns at Silver Hatch. Mr Carburettor is staying with Big Chris and insists on getting up very early. Meanwhile, over at the farm, Farmer Green is having problems getting up at all! Will ...more

Green Eyed Roary Apr 28 2010 - When CiCi is chosen as Maxi's training partner, Roary becomes jealous of their new friendship.


Tin Top Gets Scared When Tin Top reveals to Roary the one thing that frightens him, an eavesdropping Flash decides to play a trick on him.

FB In The Fast Lane An attempt by FB to outrace Maxi ends in disaster.