TV Episodes Full List of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory Episodes

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Below is a complete Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory episodes are listed along with the Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Get With Your Power Animal” and “Extreme Timmy.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Who Is Rob Dyrdek? Jul 05 2010 - In this documentary episode, MTV takes a closer look at the road that led Rob to where he is today. Featuring archival and never before seen clips from Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory and the DC ...more







No Mandals Apr 05 2009 - Rob's dream of building several legal skate spots in city parks all over Los Angeles is given a head start when a large fast-food company agrees to fund construction of the first ever "Safe ...more

Cole Hernandez Apr 12 2009 - Rob gets a visit from Johnny Knoxville and the crew from Nitro Circus at the factory.

Best Of And Behind The Scenes Apr 19 2009 - A best of and behind the scenes look at Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.

Dusty Monkey Apr 26 2009 - The factory holds a skate contest featuring Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez Jr., and Eric Koston. Elsewhere, Ryan and Rob compete in a drag race.

Unseen Footage Mar 29 2009 - Rob Dyrdek has just fulfilled his goal of opening his own skate park and funhouse, and with an enormous amount of square footage to play on, he extends an invitation to all of his friends to ...more

Motelier Mar 01 2009 - Rob has a opportunity to purchase a motel in Las Vegas.

This Is Not Mom-Certified Mar 15 2009 - Rob welcomes skateboarders Terry Kennedy and Paul Rodriguez and screenwriter Nino Scalia to the factory for a meeting of the Street Dreams team. Street Dreams is the first authentic, for ...more

Extreme Timmy Feb 22 2009 - From MTV: Rob rides into Jeremy's office on Drama's crocodile Jazzy to inform him that he can't make a Tuesday morning meeting because he's got skateboarding legend Danny Way coming into the ...more

Get With Your Power Animal Feb 15 2009 - DC honors the launch of Rob's 14th pro model skate shoe with a shoe-release party. Also, in hopes of finding his mystical power animal before making a difficult jump, Rob consults a spiritual

Dirty Man-Horse Aug 27 2009 - Rob steps into the world of horse racing by becoming a jockey named "Bolt Speedman." Meanwhile, Drama works on his new T-shirt company.

Making Moves Oct 22 2009 - Rob teaches Drama the joys of giving back and brings Ludacris and Carmelo Anthony to the 'Factory' to talk about their new body spray Make Moves.

Parents Vacation Episode Oct 01 2009 - Rob joins his family in Myrtle Beach to play with wild animals for his new DC Dyrdek Collection and to torment his mom with a fart machine.



Fantasy Factory v. The Berrics Oct 15 2009 - Rob challenges Steve Berra's crew to a duel of skate parks and takes a ride in an F-16 jet.

Trust Your Pilot, Respect Your Monkey Sep 10 2009 - Rob decides to invest in a line of 70's-style sidehack BMX bikes and brings internet sensation Joel Bauer in to inspire the 'Fantasy Factory' staff.

Natural Born Gymkhana-er Sep 03 2009 - Rob attempts the new sport of Gymkhana. He creates a video entitled "Gymkhana 2.1" with professional rally driver Ken Block.

Local Celebrity Almost Dies! Sep 17 2009 - Rob and John Mayer try to class up their acts after a well-documented night on the town lands Rob in hot water with his mom.

Best Of, Bonus And Behind The Scenes Sep 24 2009 - Rob, Drama and the 'Fantasy Factory' crew looks back on their favorite moments and deleted scenes from this season of 'Fantasy Factory.

Lights Out Oct 08 2009 - Bobby Light makes a big return on stage with Travis Barker and Jeremy tries to play a prank on Rob.



I'm an Awkward Enabler! Aug 30 2010 - Rob organizes an intervention to address his cousin Big Cat's awkwardness.

He's Just a Little Mini-Pig Aug 23 2010 - Rob challenges his manager Jerry to a happiness contest.

Jingle Z Oct 04 2010 - Rob holds a charity event to raise money for his "Sk8 for Life" foundation, a charity designed to put skateboards into the hands of underprivileged kids. In preparation for the big ...more

This is a Skateboard Car Jul 12 2010 - Rob teams up with professional drift racer, Vaughn Gittin Jr., to create the world's very first Skateboarding Car. Merging drift racing and skateboarding, the two pioneers of a brand new sport ...more

Live Your Brand Jul 19 2010 - Rob believes Drama lives a careful existence so he enlists Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals to help Drama live recklessly.

Cheese Ballers Jul 26 2010 - Rob wants to enter his sandwich into the Grilled Cheese Invitational; Torey Pudwill visits Factory.

Hawaiian Manventure Sep 20 2010 - Laird Hamilton invites Rob and Drama to Kauai for some tow-in surfing. Although he has never surfed before, Rob decides it's time to up his "man level" by taking on a big wave. Joining ...more

It's Barry... Barry Bright Aug 02 2010 - Rob's trainer creates a new piece of training equipment; Rob creates an alter ego.

Fantasy Factory's Sketchiest Moments Aug 09 2010 - Rob and Drama recap some of the sketchiest and scariest moments of all three seasons of Fantasy Factory. Loaded with behind the scenes commentary, unseen footage, and some of the most memorable ...more

Operation: Save Patty Aug 16 2010 - Rob finds out that his mom, Patty, has fallen and shattered her ankle. Enlisting the help of his cousin Drama, he embarks on, "Operation Save Patty", a mission to travel to his home ...more

Best of, Bonus and Behind the Scenes Aug 30 2010 - Rob and Drama recall their favorite scenes from Season 3, along with some never before seen footage.

WWII...1972 Sep 27 2010 - Rob and Drama go undercover as old men in search of inspiration for Rob's new clothing line.

Joe C. And The Magic Goatee May 23 2011 - Rob and his crew head down to Shreveport, Louisiana to repair a worn down skate park, and they honor master builder Joe Ciaglia in the Mardi Gras parade.

Project Man Dime Apr 11 2011 - When Rob discovers that Drama is planning to get a full mouth of veneers, he begins a mission to convert to his cousin into a "perfect ten in the form of a man," a full fledged ...more

Brother Bond Sep 12 2011 - Rob decides that Drama and Big Cat have lost their "brother bond", and with the help of Big Black, runs them through a series of bonding activities, including hug-therapy. Rob also ...more

Dodging Devil Donkeys Apr 25 2011 - Rob and his crew decide to start a dodgeball team. While they are practicing, Chanel gets hit in the face by one of Big Cat's throw. When the team is warming up for another round, Rob decides to ...more

Best Of, Bonus, And Behind The Scenes May 02 2011 - Rob, Drama and the rest of the Fantasy Factory cast mark the middle of Season 4 by looking at their favorite moments so far, including Drama's legendary "man dime" journey and Rob's ...more

The Bleeding Frogs Apr 18 2011 - When The Athiarchists from Eugene, OR, pull up in a mobile stage outside of the Fantasy Factory, Rob invites them into the building for an impromptu performance. Inspired by their lifestyle and ...more

Welcome, Big Black Apr 04 2011 - In our season four premiere, Justin Bieber visits the Fantasy Factory where Rob convinces him that the only way to earn real respect is to do crazy things. Rob realizes he should take his own ...more

Ginger Lion May 09 2011 - Rob gives his mom, Patty, the full Hollywood superstar treatment when he casts her in an absurd commercial for a new credit card company he has invested in. Rob's cousin, Big Cat, loses a bet ...more

Kid Lightning May 16 2011 - Rob jumps into the ring at a Wrestlemania event when the WWE teams up with the "Make-A-Wish Foundation" in Atlanta, Georgia. With the help of Drama, Big Black, and wrestling legend and ...more