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Below is a complete Rocket Power episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Rocket Power episodes are listed along with the Rocket Power episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Rocket Power episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “That Old Skateboard / Follow the Leader” to “Enter The Hawk-Trix / Street vs. Vert.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Rocket Power episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Island of the Menehune Jul 19 2002 - The Rocket Power gang accompany paterfamilias Raymundo Rocket and his business partner Tito Makani to O'ahu for a well deserved vacation, the occasion being a reunion of Tito's extended family

Reggie's Big (Beach) Break Jul 19 2003 - The "Rocket Power" kids are stoked to have their hometown playing host to a seven-day beach-break TV special, featuring extreme sports and a concert by a pink-haired pop star named ...more

Race Across New Zealand Feb 16 2002 - Rocket Power gang's trip to New Zealand to participate in "The Junior Waikikamukau Games", with Otto Rocket competing against the borderline-delinquent son of an athlete who once beat ...more

Snow Day / Welcome to the Club Mar 21 2000 - When Sam gets tired of Otto and Twister making fun of him, he finds a new friend in Oliver Van Rossom, a highly intelligent yet introverted genius. Will Sam give up his life of extreme sports ...more

Lost and Found / Hawaii Blues Sep 27 1999 - When Sam's dad Doug Dullard comes to visit Ocean Shores, Sam is looking forward to quality time with his father. Too bad his dad is so caught up with his work and Sam's new friends to pay much ...more

Ice Queens Aug 18 1999 - The Rockets are on their way to a hockey tournament along with Twister's cousin Cleo, who is there for an ice ballet competition. When Reggie and Cleo argue over which sport is more difficult, ...more

D is for Dad / Banned on the Run Sep 13 1999 - When Otto gets a check minus minus in citizenship, he is grounded from going on the Rockets' annual surf trip to Baja. Will Otto have to spend the weekend with the Stimpletons, or will Raymundo ...more

The Night Before / Violet's Violet Oct 20 1999 - Mischief Night, or the night before Halloween in Ocean Shores, has been a traditional night of toilet papering houses and egging. When Sam, Otto and Twister get talked into going out with Eddie ...more

The Wrath of Don / Safety Patrol Sam Mar 07 2000 - A news crew comes to Madtown to film the new ""Blader Bowl"" for inline skaters and Otto and Sam do their thing for the cameras. But the TV edits the footage to make it look ...more

Escape From Lars Mountain Mar 14 2000 - During a bad storm, Tito and Ray plan a surprise lobster party for the kids, but when Sam thinks he sees Tito attacking Ray, the kids think their Hawaiian friend might be guilty of foul play. ...more

Twisting Away / Spot Remover Mar 28 2000 - Tired of Otto and Twister's relentless teasing, Reggie decides to get even by publishing a special issue of her zine with embarrasing dirt on the boys that makes them the laughing stock of the ...more

Hawaii Blues Sep 27 1999 - Tito is getting burned out at the Shore Shack, not to mention a bit home sick, so the Rocket kids decide to do something about it by orgainizing a Hawaiian luau party for him, even flying out ...more

Safety Patrol Sam Mar 07 2000 - Sam is chosen by Vice Principal Healy to be the schools safety patrol officer. Otto, Twister, and Reggie start breaking a lot of the rules by riding the skateboards on school property because ...more

Half Twister Mar 28 2000 - When Twister beefs really hard skating with Otto, he gets really mad at the ribbing he gets from his best bro. Can the two re-establish their friendship, or will Twister have to make his new ...more

PowerGirl Surfers / Twisted Cinema Sep 06 1999 - When Otto gets approached by Gnarly Surf Magazine to be on its cover, Reggie gets miffed that the mag doesn't cover women surfers. So to show up her brother and the Gnarly Surf crew, she forms ...more

Rainy Days & Sundaes / Zine Dreams Sep 22 1999 - Reggie has been practicing hard for the Ocean Shores Junior Triathalon, but when she joins her brother and Twister in a chocolate syrup fight in the Rocket's kitchen, she escapes without getting ...more

Secret Spot / Ice Queens Aug 18 1999 - When Reggie is left in charge of the Stimpleton's pool, Otto and Twister decide to drain it to make a home-made skate ramp. But when they accidentally flood the Rocket's basement, can they ...more

Loss of Squid Sep 15 1999 - When Sam gets tired of Otto and Twister making fun of him, he finds a new friend in Oliver Van Rossom, a highly intelligent yet introverted genius. Will Sam give up his life of extreme sports ...more

Reggie and a Net / Great Sandcastle Race Mar 07 2000 - Reggie really wants to make it on the Cyclones, the Ocean Shores volleyball team, but she isn't exactly a ""team player"" since she hogs every shot. Will she still be able to ...more

Great Sandcastle Race Mar 07 2000 - Ocean Shores is having its annual Sand Castle competition, and when Oliver from the engineering team challenges Sam's intellect, he decides to get the Rocket kids into it as well. Can they beat ...more

Aloha Kid / Ottomobile Mar 14 2000 - When Otto's skating trick breaks Merv's leg, Merv tries to have skating banned for good on the Ocean Shores boardwalk.

Total Luger Sep 08 1999 - Twister and Otto take up street luge, but it seems that Twister is better at it than Rocket Boy. Is this the one and only sport Otto will have to accept he's only second best at? Maybe not... if ...more

Snow Day Mar 21 2000 - When Sam recollects about how school was cancelled every time it snowed back when he was living in Kansas, it gives Otto the idea to have a snow day as well. Sam and Otto decide to ditch, and ...more

Welcome To The Club Mar 21 2000 - When Otto gets a free trial membership to the Ocean Shores Beach Club, the kids decide to check it out. The club is for less extreme people who just want to relax, but are having trouble doing ...more

Rocket Girls / Father's Day Off Sep 01 1999 - When Lars dares the Rocket crew to play a midnight street hockey match, Sam, Otto, Reggie and Twister have to sneak out of their houses to prove they are up to the challenge. But when the kids ...more