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Below is a complete Romeo! episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Romeo! episodes are listed along with the Romeo! episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Romeo! episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “Yugs, Not Thugs” and “If I Had a Hacksaw.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Romeo! episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Let's Make a Deal Sep 20 2003 - Romeo and Louis send $100 to ""Jive Hive Enterprises"", who promise to play their song on the radio within 48 hours. But when they realize its a scam, they need to get the ...more

Slam Dunk Sep 27 2003 - Romeo tries to impress a girl, but when he messes up and thinks he has lost his mojo, his father tells him he should simply introduce himself to her. However, Romeo, determined to give his ...more

He Got Blame Sep 20 2003 - Romeo joins Louis's team for a big video game competition. When other two other members of the team realize they won't be able to win with Louis on the team, Romeo has a tough decision to make: ...more

Minimum Cool Sep 27 2003 - Romeo and Louis gets hassled by a bully after performing at school. When Jodi sees the bully messing with her brothers she comes and helps them, and makes fun of the bully. So to get his ...more

Attack of the Nannies Sep 13 2003 - Romeo and Louis sneak into a radio station to get some airtime for their band's song. Meanwhile, the kids scare off another nanny, so Percy tries to find another one. After having trouble ...more

Yugs, Not Thugs Oct 11 2003 - Louis gets accepted to be a Young Upstanding Gentlemen (YUG) and starts snitching on everyone in the house since that's the YUG way. To get back at him, Romeo, Jodi, and Gary pull a number of ...more

The Faking of the President Nov 01 2003 - Louis runs to be school president but doesn't win, and he finds out someone nominated Romeo to be president. Romeo and Louis find out it was Myra! But when Romeo actually wins, he doesn't want ...more

A Little So'em So'em for Christmas Dec 10 2003 - It's shaping up to be a blue Christmas in the Miller household, with Percy unable to catch a flight home, while Romeo and Louis are sweating his arrival because Gary inadvertently donated to the ...more

Man of the Hizzouse Oct 04 2003 - Romeo experiences what life is like for Percy when he acts as the man of the house for one hectic day, which includes balancing the pressures of work with his responsibilities as caregiver to ...more

Da New Hotness Nov 15 2003 - Romeo has some competition from the new boy at school. Meanwhile, Percy has trouble accepting Jodi's new boyfriend.

Friends and Lovers Jun 26 2004 - Romeo has trouble getting a date for the school dance because of Myra; Percy's cousin Bubba comes to visit, so the Miller family has to be out on alert 'cause everytime ...more

Field Trippin' Jun 05 2004 - Romeo and Gary discover that their favorite pro wrestling star, Insane Johnny Blame, is in town to accept an award. The boys slip away from a class field trip and sneak into Johnny's hotel room ...more

May 15 2004 - Romeo tries to learn hypnosis so he he can hypnotize Percy. Accidentally, he hypnotizes Mrs. Rogers into thinking she's a dog and causes a big riot at the park. Meanwhile, Jodie is having ...more

Right Place/Wrong Rhyme May 22 2004 - Jodi becomes a model and quits the group. Romeo and Louis search for a new lead singer. They go through a lot of people, but then find Myra. Myra is unhappy with the song Romeo picks for the ...more

Oh What a Tangled Website Jun 12 2004 - Myra creates a Web site for the band; Mrs. Rogers becomes a pet psychic.

Your Cheatin' Heart May 08 2004 - Romeo and Louis attempt to expose Jodi's new baseball-playing boyfriend for the cheat they know he is, but it takes calling up all his girlfriends to do so. Meanwhile, Mrs. Rogers helps Gary ...more

Playin' Favorites Apr 10 2004 - After Mrs. Rogers accidently wins a contest to meet the Rock, Romeo and Jodi compete to be her guest. Meanwhile, Gary tries to impress the young sister of Louis's friend while trying to ...more

Write Me A Hit May 01 2004 - Rather than write his book report, Romeo tries to snag a gig at rich girl Sable Fox's Sweet 13 party. He figures a way out of his dilemma by enlisting Myra to write his report for him, but his ...more

Water, Water, Everywhere! Apr 24 2004 - Romeo discovers that Gary's swim coach is related to a famous record producer, so he and Louis hesitantly try out for the swim team in an attempt to hustle a connection for the band. The only ...more

The April Fools Apr 17 2004 - Romeo and Louis' attempt to become the school's number one prankster backfires when they accidentally destroy a precious school trophy. Myra uses her evidence-collecting abilities to find the ...more

Speechless In Seattle Oct 16 2004 - Romeo falls for a girl in his drama class; Gary starts a paper route business.

A Matter Of Principal Aug 29 2004 - Romeo is now a freshman at highschool but his first impression on the school principal is not a good one. Romeo has been accused of paintballing the principal's house, even though he left before ...more

Pinhead Sep 18 2004 - Romeo is asked to join the school's bowling team, but when everyone at school makes fun of them, he has other opinions about joining; Louis takes credit for Myra's ceramics project.

If I Had a Hacksaw Oct 09 2004 - The band signs with their first manager; Jodi stands up Gary for a night at the movies.

Nothin' But Net Oct 23 2004 - Romeo makes the varsity basketball team; Gary decides to have a garage sale to earn some money.

Rules Of Engagement Sep 12 2004 - Percy decides to propose to Angeline but is worried that Angeline will turn him down. Percy asks the kids to help him out by keeping the house super clean for Angeline's visit for dinner where ...more

When The Cat's Away Aug 28 2004 - Romeo failed a algebra test and gets a chance to take a re-take the test the next day, but instead of studying he has friends over to watch a very anticipated basketball game while Percy is out ...more

Hack Came, Hacksaw, Hack Conquered Nov 13 2004 - Hacksaw approaches Pieces with a two-year contract; Gary is cast in a commercial.

Blowing Up Jan 23 2005 - Hacksaw gets the band a gig at The Place, a big venue, and decides that it's time to enter phase two of their career. He brings in backup dancers and a choreographer for Jodi, a former rock ...more

Art of Deception Feb 20 2005 - Angeline is working on an art exhibit with Ponce, a neurotic artist. When the tube containing the band's poster gets mistaken for Angeline's blueprints, Romeo makes the exchange at the museum ...more

Who Let The Dogs Out Apr 17 2005 - Romeo asks Riley to baby-sit Gary while he sneaks out to the fair with Peyton. On his way home, Romeo finds a lost dog and puts it in his backpack. Angeline suspects something's up when she gets ...more

Hits and Misses Mar 27 2005 - Romeo pretends to be a bat-boy for a nearby minor league team in order to meet his idol, Mike Shamsky, but is dissapointed when he meets him. Back at the house, Percy spends quality time with

Good Press Jan 30 2005 - Romeo denies having a girlfriend in a radio interview; Jodi borrows an outfit from Angeline without asking.

Tag Along Nov 28 2004 - Gary emulates Romeo's dress and behavior; Louis consults a Web site for style tips.

Rap Off Dec 05 2004 - Romeo lies to the family in order to compete solo in a rap-off, and Pieces think he's quiting the band! Meanwhile, Louis tries to set a new world record.

Loose Lips Mar 13 2005 -

My Blues Brother Jan 02 2005 - Romeo learns that his new crush, Peyton, is in Louis' fencing club; Gary hides in the backseat when Jodi sneaks out with a date.

Louis ... Miller May 01 2005 - Louis's only family, his aunt and his cousin Ryan, come for a visit. Romeo is jealous of Ryan's constant speak of how popular he is, and how he's going to Hollywood. His jealousy keeps ...more

Choices May 08 2005 - Romeo's basketball team makes it to the finals. With the increased team practices and band rehearsals, Ro decides to make a minute-by-minute schedule of his life. As a result, he ends up falling ...more

Peyton's Place Apr 10 2005 - Ro and Peyton break up when Peyton's dad, Mr. Cruz, forbids them to see each other because Ro's a rapper. After Mr. Cruz catches Peyton and Ro skipping school together, he tells Ro to stay away ...more

Driving Me Crazy Apr 01 2006 -

The Razor's Edge Apr 09 2006 -

Fraternity Ro Apr 23 2006 -

Baby on Board! May 07 2006 -

The Mrs. Landers Incident May 14 2006 -

The Tipping Point May 21 2006 -

The Shotput...World Jun 04 2006 -

The Price of Fame Jun 11 2006 -

Double Dating Jun 18 2006 -

Sell Out Jun 25 2006 -