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Below is a complete Room Raiders episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Room Raiders episodes are listed along with the Room Raiders episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Room Raiders episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this poll include everything from “Estefania & Valentina” to “Ilena & Diana (Best Friends).” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Room Raiders episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Pilot: Season 1, Episode 1 Oct 06 2003

Allie Allie goes through three friends' rooms: David, Jake, and Chris.

Raj Raj raids Vincenza, Natalia, and Sheryl's rooms.

Thomas Thomas takes on the rooms of Lauren, Katherine, and Anjali.

Elizabeth Elizabeth invades two Steves and a Chris.

Lisa Lisa looks through Anthony's, Brian's, and Qaadir's rooms.

Mark Mark muscles his way into Kristina, Jen, and Mia's rooms. Turned on by her bottles but off by her Justin Timberlake obsession, Mark eliminates Mia, and then wastes no time booting Jen for her ...more

Bryan Bryan searches the rooms of Irene, Jessy, and Andrea.

Zara Zexy Zara zeachers through Jason, Ian, and David's rooms. She dumps Jason and David for being slobs and goes with sharp dressing Ian. Zara promises Ian that his fancy Louis Vuitton will get some

Russ Russ raids Karen, Brainne, and Jaclyn's pads.

John (Three sisters) John looks through three sisters rooms. Twins, Courtney and Danielle, and older sister Lindsay.

Baycan Baycan cooks up some searches in the rooms of Maria, Alissa, and Jahn.

Andrew (teen) Andrew looks through Jacklyn's, Caroline's and Danielle's rooms.

Bijan Bijan searches the rooms of Sheena, Lauren, and Pearl.

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John John goes through the rooms of Rutgers sorority girls Erin, Nicole, and Adrienne. John picks cute bubbly Nicole over farm girl Adrienne and Pooh possessing Erin. John buys Nicole a zebra shirt ...more

Madelyn Madelyn raids the rooms of Joseph, Adam, and Keith.

Ryan Ryan rumages through the pads of Michelle, Kristin, and Jenelle.

Christian Christian peruses Paola, Angela, and Brianne's rooms.

Joseph Joseph searches through the rooms of Armina, Katie, and Nicole.

Sharon Sharon searches through Miles', Michael, and Louis' rooms.

Harmonie Hot, blonde Harmonie hunts through the rooms of Heatrh, Brett, and Robert.

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Kati Kati raids the rooms of Brian, Will, and Chad. Kati picks Brian the Vaseline hound over Chad and his refrigerated urine and William and his brass knuckles.

Jameson Jameson looks through college football friends: Ricky, Matt, and Jeff. Jameson doesn't like Jeff's panties or Matt's porn, and goes with Ricky under the condition that he cleans his room.

Mike Mike searches the pads of Lauren, Veronica, and Jennifer.

Jenny Jenny jumps at the chance to raid the rooms of Dimitri, Tarik, and Alexander.

Jake Jake looks through Shannon, Blaire, and Jolene's rooms.

Natalie Natalie goes through the rooms of Michael, Elmar, and Billy.

Diego *****MAY NOT HAVE AIRED***** (let me know if otherwise)

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Sharae Sharae shares her spy tactics with the viewing audience in the rooms of Justin, John, and Jeremy.

Amanda Amanda raids the rooms of Michael, Kenny, and Alain.

Chris Chris searches through the rooms of Carie, Andrea, and Melissa.

Brianne Brianne breezes into the rooms of Dan, Sean and Jon.

Lindsay Lindsay looks at college guys': Tom, Jon, and Brendan.

John (teen) John raids Jamie, Stefanie, and Brittany's rooms.

Melissa Melissa searches the rooms of Josh, Dave, and Brandon. Brandon gets hard time in the van because of his Boy Scout status, but wins in the end.

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Evenise Evenise takes a look at the rooms of John, Mitchell, and Bryan.

Jessica Mar 12 2004 - Jessica goes roaming through Roman, Dan, and Michael's rooms. She picks Michael and the two argue over her purse. She says it's real, he thinks it's fake.

Kimmy Kimmy looks at the rooms of Onsy, Mike, and Joe. Offended by dramatic Joe's naughty IMs, and outdoorsy Onsy's shower, she takes surfer Mike for the ride of his life.

Andrew Feb 09 2005 - Andrew searches the rooms of Blake (Blanche), Karen, and Jessica.

Mark Mark raids Ashley, Erin, and Kari's rooms.

Elizabeth Cute dancer Elizabeth looks at the rooms of friends Cory, Corey, and Dennis. Broadway loving funnyman Cory gets picked.

Simon Simon looks through the rooms of Jimena, Melissa, and Lauren. At the end, he picks street sign stealer and model Laura, over messy room zookeeper Melissa, and trendy, petite Jimena in need of ...more

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Miles Miles takes a peek in the rooms of Asha, Danielle, and Johanna.

Nick Nick takes a gander at the rooms of Sydelle, Pia, and Jeanine. The girls are intrigued by his baby wipes in the bathroom.

Shelby Shelby takes a look through Luis, Donald, and Juan's rooms.

Sashah Exotic Sashah looks through Jared, Omar, and Agustin's rooms. Jared gets the date.

Joaquin Joaquin (pronounced Wah-keem and not Joe-a-quinn), looks through Pabella, Elisa, and Desiree's rooms. Hottie Desi lands the date.

Leslie (Ugly Duckling) Oct 15 2004 - Leslie, a hot Miami girl, uglifies herself to raid the rooms of Brett, Randy, and Fab. None of the guys want to go out with her, until they see how hot she is. Then they all do. The guys decide ...more

Zac Zac investigates the rooms of Belkis, Julia, and Alison, picking Belkis, and longing for Julia.

Christina Christina searches through three friends' rooms, Andy, Kyle and Bruno. She hates Kyle's stuffed duck and Andy's pictures, so she ends up going boating with bearded dragon owning Bruno.