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Below is a complete Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles episodes are listed along with the Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Plasma Bugs of Navarone” to “Metamorphosis” is included below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Homefront Campaign The bugs have reached Earth, and Rico, Flores, Carl, and their squadron are brought home to do some exterminating.

Pluto Campaign The Roughnecks defend a base on the barren, icy planes of Pluto.

Tophet Campaign The Troopers land on a desert planet, where a group of humanoid Skinnies proves to be strangely hospitable. Before long, a group of massive crawlers moves in to attack.

Zephyr Campaign The Roughnecks find themselves on a large asteroid after their craft, the Zephyr, crashes. Troopers Carmen, Rico, Flores, T'Phai, and company then set out to find a powerful toxin that could be ...more

Klendathu Campaign Rico and his fellow squad members face an unforeseen horror when Lieutenant Zander catches a bug virus which transforms him into a powerful half human/half bug enemy.

Hydora Campaign The Roughnecks land on the acquatic planet Hydora, only to find themselves trapped in a cave and fending off giant mosquitoes and coming face-to-face with the terrifying Mother insect!

Tesca Campaign Johnny Rico and his crew are angry that they've been teamed with the suspicious T'Phai to fight an infestation of alien bugs on Zegema Beach. When the bugs show the soldiers what they are ...more

Court Martial of Lt. Razak

Propaganda Machine

Trackers A bug queen is heading to earth, and the roughnecks must destroy her. They believe that they have accomplished the mission, but Carl discovers something much more sinister.

Pluto & Beyond


D-Day Feb 17 2000 - S.I.C.O.N. prepares for the D-Day invasion of the bug home planet of Klendathu. During the build-up Flores gets an M.I.A. notice from telling her. that her brother, Eddie is MIA - presumed dead ...more

Handle with Care Sep 01 1999 - The squad is assigned to assist intelligence officer Earle Walker in capturing a live Plasma Bug and bringing it back through enemy territory.

Missing in Action Nov 11 1999 - Trying to locate two missing squads that seem to have vanished into thin air, the Roughnecks find themselves battling giant amphibious beetles.

Search & Destroy Oct 21 1999 - Searching for the Rippler nest on Hydora, the Roughnecks come under heavy fire and Jenkins is severely wounded by an acid-tipped barb.

Liquid Dreams Dec 17 1999 - While a monsoon hits the Zegema Base hard, Rico floats unconscious in a regeneration tank, fighting his subconscious to stay alive.

The Mission Feb 25 2000 - Higgins is on guard duty at a camp on Klendathu. Whilst in front of the gates he sees a trooper staggering along. As he talks to the trooper a new type of Bug, hence known as an Impostor Bug, ...more

Freefall Aug 30 1999 - Rookie troopers Rico, Flores and Jenkins journey to Pluto as part of Alpha Team ""Razak's Roughnecks"" on what is supposed to be a simple mop-up operation, but find a major ...more

Deep Trouble Sep 22 1999 - When the Roughnecks go beneath the surface of Pluto to locate the Bug army's incubation center, Flores suffers from disabling claustrophobia.

Propaganda Machine Jan 14 2000 - Higgins is ordered to make a good Fed-Net report hiding the horrors of war and showing something positive about the bug campaign.

Plasma Bugs of Navarone Aug 31 1999 - When the Roughnecks pick up a distress call from pilots Ibanez and Barcalow, who are under attack at a research outpost, Rico risks the safety of his own squad to save Carmen.

Mixed Signals Feb 15 2000 - The Zephyr remains crash-landed on a frozen asteroid. A team is sent out to collect Toxin B-3, a potent bio-weapon that they've found here (to their surprise, since it was supposed to be found ...more

Sole Survivor Nov 04 1999 - While trying to find out what happened to Lt. Ross, who was found wandering on Hydora with his memory gone and his entire squad missing, the Roughnecks are captured by the Bugs.

The Ice Men Goeth Mar 09 2000 - The Zephyr is trapped inside a giant Bug. Razak sends out a team to try and retrieve oxygen from the location found by Doc and Brutto. The way to the oxygen is down a shaft. Flores and Doc enter ...more

Trackers Mar 28 2000 - The S.I.C.O.N. Fleet is hunting for the Bug Queen, after she escaped in a Transport Bug from Klendathu. Whilst in transit the Roughnecks get a mail delivery and find out Higgins had a girlfriend ...more

Metamorphosis Feb 18 2000 - The Valley Forge is enroute to their next campaign, a long trip. The Roughnecks drew the watch as most of the ship's crew is in stasis. Doc is suddenly attacked by Zander who has mutated into a ...more

Spirits of the Departed Mar 15 2000 - As Rico Struggles with his promotion to Lt. as leader of the Roughnecks, after Razacks death, They are assigned to defend S.I.C.O.N. high Command in Honolulu. In Route to Honolulu they pick up ...more

Letters Home Feb 21 2000 - The Roughnecks are dug in on Klendathu and are facing an inevitable Bug attack. High Command order them to hold the position at all costs. Higgins finds an unfinished letter home an anonymous ...more

Swarm Sep 30 1999 - The battle against the Bugs moves to the watery planet Hydora, where Rico and the Roughnecks again come to Carmen's rescue when she is stranded while evacuating wounded.

Of Flesh and Steel Sep 08 1999 - On a mission to capture an important mountain pass, Rico has trouble trusting the squad's newest member, a cyborg.

Hide n' Seek Mar 17 2000 - A massive bug mound has appeared outside of Buenos Aires. S.I.C.O.N. thinks the Bugs are going to assault the city again so they try to bomb the mound from the air. Plasma Tanker Bugs shot the ...more

Hot Ice Nov 25 1999 - Having crashed on a barren asteroid, the Roughnecks try to make their way to a crashed science vessel for help.

No Substitute Nov 19 1999 - The Skinnies, formerly working for the Bugs, have changed sides but one of them meets considerable resistance when he joins the squad for its assault on Zegema Beach.

Funeral for a Friend Mar 14 2000 - General Redwing has ordered the Roughnecks to be split up as she does not have a spare Lt to assign to them. They are given time, though, to time to honour Lt Razak's Last Will so they got to ...more

Captured Jan 28 2000 - The Roughnecks are captured by the skinnies, and held for interrogation.

Marauder Dec 03 1999 - As the squad tries to locate a brain bug on Tesca Nemerosa from underwater, Rico is trapped when his Marauder suit runs out of power.

Water, Water Everywhere Oct 12 1999 - The ""Transport"" Bug that was found bringing reinforcements and eggs to Pluto is followed back to the watery planet Hydora, where it releases barb-shooting flying bugs of a

The Face of Truth Feb 14 2000 - The capture of the ""skinny"" Colonel T'Phai reveals that the entire race are being mentally controlled by the bugs. They now have a chance to free the planet... If they're ...more

Pluto and Beyond Sep 21 1999 - Higgins summarizes the current state of the war on Pluto and Tophet in clips from previous episodes.

Heart Jan 03 2000 - Still in the tank, Rico grows increasingly angry and frustarted that no one is taking his claims that the bugs are coming seriously. Meanwhile, the squad is out to charting bug tunnels near the

Court-Martial of Lt. Razak Apr 05 2000 - The Roughnecks are about to be dropped on Klendathu into a hot LZ. Lt Razak tells Carmen to clear the LZ as he thinks it's too dangerous for the squad to land. Carman tells him INTEL in the form ...more

Checkmate Mar 06 2000 - Lt Razak is called to a mission briefing to find it being given by Sky Marshall Sanchez himself. The Sky Marshall tells the assembled officers about the of the Bug Queen. He then assigns Alpha ...more

Stranded Sep 02 1999 - As the war moves to the planet Tophet, the Roughnecks go after Razak and Higgins, who are trapped behind enemy lines and about to be blown up by their own air strike.

...And Then There Were Two Dec 09 1999 - Rico still doesn't trust T'Phai, but In the jungle on Tesca Nemerosa, they are forced to work together when the other squad members start disappearing.

Requiem Mar 13 2000 - S.I.C.O.N has discovered that there is a vast network of Bug tunnels and colonies beneath the city of San Francisco. S.I.C.O.N. decides the only way to ensure victory is to hit the whole city ...more

Betrayal Feb 16 2000 - Arriving on the planet of Tophet, the Roughnecks are surprised to meet an advanced indigenous species. They claim the bugs came, but couldn't adapt to their climate and died... But where are all ...more

Basic Training Sep 03 1999 - Rico has to train Higgins the reporter to defend himself in combat, as the Roughnecks try to defend themselves from new flying Bugs that seem impervious to laser fire.

The Inside Story Jan 17 2000 - The Zephyr is still stuck on the ice asteroid. The Roughnecks are running low on ammunition and the Fireflies keep attacking. Gossard suggests they use the Toxin they've collected to set up a ...more

Marooned Feb 22 2000 - Rico is left floating in space after his pod malfunctions during a drop.