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Below is a complete Run's House episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Run's House episodes are listed along with the Run's House episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Run's House episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Run's Facts of Life” and “Outside the Box” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Run's House episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Graduate Oct 12 2005 - Run decides to throw a high-school graduation party for his daughter Angela. But the two disagree on what type of party it should be.

Chicks Fly The Coop Oct 27 2005 - Run wants to get rid of all the junk and clutter in the pool house, and he gets in the proverbial husband-wife argument with Justine, where he wants to get rid of stuff Justine wants to keep. ...more

There's No Place Like Home Run wants to get rid of all the junk and clutter in the pool house, and he gets in the proverbial husband-wife argument with Justine, where he wants to get rid of stuff Justine wants to keep. ...more

Go For The Gold Nov 03 2005 - While bowling, Russy throws a display of poor sportsmanship so Run organizes the Simmons' Family Olympics to teach Russy how to be a good sport. As the various events take place, the entire ...more

Run's Family Vacation Nov 17 2005 - Vanessa gets a call to do a photo shoot in Colorado and the whole family goes with her, turning the trip into their family vacation. Together they experience adventures like fly fishing and ...more

Run's Facts of Life Oct 19 2005 - Faced with a home full of testosterone, Justine asks her husband to give Diggy and Russell a talk on the "birds and bees."

Justine Diets and Angela Interns Nov 10 2005 - After overindulging, Justine decides to go on a diet. Determined to make it work, she enlists the help of a personal trainer. At the same time, JoJo is expecting his report card from summer ...more

Baby Fever Jun 15 2006 - In the second-season premiere, Run hosts a sleepover for Diggy, Russy and friends to see if Justine is serious about her wish for another child.

A Healthy Heart Jun 22 2006 - Justine thinks it's time for Run to have a check-up since he hasn't had one in 12 years. Diggy wants to record a track.

Rev's Fix It List Jul 06 2006 - Vanessa is asked to pose in a men's magazine, but wonders how her dad will react. Meanwhile, JoJo tries to pass the test for his driver's permit, and Rev gets a “sign” to buy a new Lamborghini.

Maximum Growth Jul 13 2006 - The family visits Las Vegas. Run spends the day showing JoJo the family business. The girls arrange a surprise wedding for their parents.

Vegas Vacation Jul 20 2006 - Justine writes up a list of self-improvements for Rev, while Diggy makes the family late for church by taking too long to get dressed.

Rev Mom Jul 27 2006 - Rev Run takes on some household duties when they learn that Justine is pregnant.

Downward Facing Dawg Aug 03 2006 - Reverend Run and the girls join Russell at yoga. JoJo goes into the studio to record a track with his friend Zach and members of his family.

Anger Management Aug 10 2006 - Reverend Run and Russy attend a martial arts lesson to help Russy deal with his anger. Angela prepares and presents a pitch for a new magazine.

Baby Booming Aug 17 2006 - Vanessa plans to move to L.A., the family awaits the birth of the new baby, and Run thinks about buying a jet.

All Work & No Peace Jun 29 2006 - Run can't balance his work and home life, so he seeks guidance from his church's bishop. Also: Russy breaks another GameBoy, and Dad makes him do chores to earn money for a new one.

Give Me Strength Apr 09 2007 -

Hangin' with Run Apr 16 2007 -

Weight a Minute Apr 23 2007 -

Sneaker Pimps and Mini Moguls Apr 30 2007 -

To Catch a Thief May 07 2007 -

Home Alone May 14 2007 -

Rev's Birthday Suit May 21 2007 -

Family Albums May 28 2007 -

Times Are Changin' May 28 2007 -

Growing Up Is Hard To Do Nov 01 2007 - The pressures and hardships of growing up are something everyone goes through, and Rev Run's kids are no exception. While playing a video game with Russy, Diggy is constantly being distracted by ...more

When Diggy Met Brittney Even hip-hop legends have to unwind, and for Rev Run that means using his downtime to clean the pool in back of Run's House. When Justine comes out to tell him she has to run some errands, she ...more

Jo Jo's Graduation JoJo chills in front of Run's House, washing the sweet new ride he just received as an early graduation present. That's right, Rev Run gave his son a customized BMW!

Run's Manner House Nov 01 2007 - Now that Angela and Vanessa have moved out of their New York City apartment and back into Run's House, it seems like they have a little more time on their hands. Sitting poolside, Angela begins ...more

Rappers' Retreat Nov 08 2007 -

Camp Rev Nov 15 2007 -

Who's Your Daddy? Nov 15 2007 -

Rock in Run's House Nov 29 2007 -

Baby Steps Dec 06 2007 -

Mixed and Mastered Dec 13 2007 -

Too Cool for Old School Dec 20 2007 -

When The Cat's Away Jan 03 2008 -

Slapped Silly Jan 10 2008 -

Episode 14 Jan 10 2008 -

Baby Comes Home Jan 17 2008 -

Mind on the Road Jul 16 2008 - Russy is taking too much of an interest in babysitting his sister Miley. Meanwhile, JoJo heads to Los Angeles to give Vanessa a hand, and Angela creates a video conferencing center.

Boneless Chicken Dinner Jul 16 2008 - Rev and Kid Rock's concert tour comes to an end and begins work on a new album. Meanwhile, Russy takes up cooking lessons.

Pass the Frame Jul 23 2008 - JoJo and Team Black uses Angela's connections at Word Up! magazine as a means of self promotion. Meanwhile, Russy learns about prayer notes, Justine believes that Pal, the family dog, is jealous ...more

Outside the Box Jul 30 2008 - Rev uses an unusual incentive for Diggy and Russy to get their grades up when they drop off the honor roll. Meanwhile, Rev is impressed with Janine's work when she takes up painting, but his ...more

Age Against the Machine Aug 06 2008 - The children find some of the content objectionable for a book written by Rev an Justine, a family advice book titled "Take Back Your Family: A Challenge to America's Parents." ...more

Mole Beauty, Mole Problems Aug 20 2008 -

Operation Album Drop Aug 27 2008 - JoJo and Team Blackout head to Manhattan to perform for a CD release party at S.O.B.'s as Rev and Justine give the boys some coaching tips. Meanwhile, teasing by Diggy causes Russy to give up on ...more

That Guy Sep 03 2008 - Rev solicits money from his wealthy friends to keep his seat on the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.

Say Hello to My Little Friend Sep 03 2008 -