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Below is a complete Sabrina: The Animated Series episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Sabrina: The Animated Series episodes are listed along with the Sabrina: The Animated Series episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Sabrina: The Animated Series episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Witchwrecked” and “Board & Sorcery” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Sabrina: The Animated Series episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.


Sep 06 1999 - Zelda has a dream about Tim the Witch Smeller, a revenge-seeking witch hunter! Later, Tim comes to Greendale and accidently kidnaps Harvey!

Sep 07 1999 - After salem eats the mouse for Sabrina's science project Sabrina turns him into a mouse so that he can be their lab rat for the science fair, but nasa thinks he's some kind of super-intelligent ...more

Sep 08 1999 - Sabrina wants to improve Harvey's dancing by giving him some magic shoes. But then she comes to find out that Sabrina got the shoes from a dancing wizard. Now the shoes will never let Harvey ...more

Sep 09 1999 - Sabrina enters Salem in a cat contest and Harvey enters his cat in a contest. When Harvey's cat wins Salem meets up with that cat and finds out that she's his lost lover. Suddenly they renew ...more

Sep 10 1999 - Sabrina gets a wishing star to grant Harvey a wish (so he will have enough courage to show a comic at a convention) but Sabrina, Harvey and Salem get sucked into Harvey's comic!

Sep 11 1999 - Sabrina wants to swap lives with Gem so she can have things easier.

Sep 12 1999 - Sabrina competes with Gem to be student of the year.

Sep 13 1999 - Sabrina wants tickets to The Bubblegum Girls concert but she doesn't have any money to buy it. She decides to babysit two little brats along with Harvey to gain the money. They all go to an art ...more

Sep 14 1999 - Sabrina is getting lots of praise since everyone thought she saved Harvey's life. So now she has to go back in time to sort things out.

Sep 15 1999 - Harvey thinks he 's the best at skateboarding but Sabrina thinks he needs a little more practice. Gem uses this to her advantage to get with Harvey and tries to put him on a professional team ...more

Sep 17 1999 - Gem has the new Waif Moif jeans and at first Sabrina and Chloe don't like it but when Harvey does they decide to get in with it. At first they can't fit the jeans but when they use a shrinking ...more

Sep 18 1999 - Quigley moves out when he feels unneeded in he Spellman house, but the girls realize that they can't be alone and need him.

Sep 19 1999 - Sabrina is running for class president but Gem is determined to prove Sabrina's weird.

Sep 20 1999 - Greendale throws a talent show and everyone enters it. Sabrina, Aunt Zelda, Aunt Hilda, and Chloe decide to form a rock group called the Flavor Babes, but they are bad and they lose the ...more

Sep 21 1999 - Pi wanted a machine that is attracted to magical forces. He couldn't buy one since it was too expensive, so he made a replicant instead and gets a reading from the Spellman house, and also from ...more

Sep 23 1999 - Sabrina wants to be an adult and she gets her wish! Then things start getting stressful....

Sep 24 1999 - When Sabrina hears Gem bragging about a Halloween party that she invited everyone in school, except Sabrina, to, Chloe talks Sabrina into hosting a party of her own, providing she can trick ...more

Sep 25 1999 - While Sabrina is cleaning, she accidently brings Cinderella into reality.

Sep 26 1999 - A tarantula-like person (and his ghostly cameraman) put Sabrina in a documentary called 'That Witch'. Sabrina is glad that she can 'control her own life' but she finds out being a star's not all ...more

Sep 27 1999 - Sabrina gets a message from her Grandparents saying they have to make an important announcement. Because they've been seperated for months she thinks that they are getting a divorce so Hilda, ...more

Sep 28 1999 - A failed 'togetherness' spell results in Gem and Sabrina getting stuck together.

Sep 29 1999 - A bike Sabrina gets Harvey usin magic takes on a mind of it's own during a bike race.

Sep 30 1999 - Sabrina makes a magic cake that makes everyone change their ways.

Oct 02 1999 - Sabrina wants to be part of the cheerleading squad next year. Everything's perfact untill her old time freind from kindergarten comes and ruins everything. The cheerleading squad say's she has ...more

Oct 03 1999 - Romeo is brought into reality so Zelda can have a prom date and so Sabrina can get a little help from him about love. But when Enchantra makes a surprise visit, hell breaks loose.

Oct 09 1999 - Harvey has to get his measles shot and Pi starts to tell scary stories about getting shots from doctors. Sabrina boost his and her own confidence about getting shots, but when Hilda and Zelda ...more

Oct 10 1999 - Sabrina is ecstatic that her father is coming to town. She wants to spend all her time with him but when she finds out that he has a new lover she drowns herself in sadness all over her new ...more

Oct 16 1999 - Sabrina goes to Witch Boot Camp and is abused by the captain, Melissa.

Oct 17 1999 - It's Salem's birthday so Sabrina tries to get him a present by visiting Salem's 'friends' from the past.

Oct 23 1999 - Sabrina finds a stray dog that becomes intelligent when he finds the Spookie Jar.

Oct 25 1999 - Gem is expecting some Canadian exchange students and instead two fairies come named Dawson and Felicity who are always looking to cause trouble for mortals. Later on they run into Sabrina and ...more

Oct 29 1999 - Sabrina tries to help Quigley's love life.

Oct 30 1999 - Sabrina tries to help out a boogieman that is scared of everything.

Nov 04 1999 - Sabrina's class goes to a science observatory. There she and Harvey visit Uncle Quigley who is doing very poorly at his science career. Sabrina and Salem try to boost his confidence by creating ...more

Nov 05 1999 - Gem and the rest of the Stone's become broke and now she has to live with Sabrina. At first they have a rocky start but later Gem gets used to living live a middle class person. Unfortunately ...more

Nov 06 1999 - Salem's friend is coming over to visit so Salem tries to hide the fact he's a cat.

Nov 07 1999 - Sabrina has rotten wisdom teeth and when she goes to the doctor they say that she gets to get them pulled out. Sabrina is afraid and lets the spookie jar get rid of them instead but when she ...more

Nov 08 1999 - Harvey wants to go on the wrestling team but he doesen't have the type of strength that the other team members do. Sabrina cast a spell on him and soon Harvey starts to sprout muscles, but the ...more

Nov 10 1999 - A history teacher assigns Gem and Sabrina together as partners on a project on Rome. Gem becomes snotty though and hides the book on Rome in the spookie jar causing them to actually go to Rome. ...more

Nov 11 1999 - Sabrina and Chloe are on the baseball team and except for them the entire team stinks and loses every game, so Sabrina gets a spell from the Spookie Jar to conjure up a couple of players who ...more

Nov 12 1999 - Hilda is the worst driver around and Sabrina wants her to drive her to this concert, so she uses the spookie jar to conjure up a spell to get a handsome driving teacher to make Hilda learn. Soon ...more

Nov 13 1999 - Sabrina goes to the Wise Warlock to find a cure for a broken heart.

Nov 14 1999 - Sabrina is on many clubs at school and she can't handle all of the pressure so she creates 2 clones of herself to help her out but after a few orders these clones start to develop a mind of

Nov 15 1999 - Sabrina tries to prove that Harveys Jackie Chan-esque hero is nothing more than an actor.

Nov 16 1999 - Sabrina and Enchantra accidently swap bodies. They realise that each other's lives are stressful but Stabbenback, Enchantras griffin servant, is trying to take over the netherworld!

Nov 18 1999 - The Spellman's go on a skiing trip and they invite Harvey along. He is soon challenged by Slugloaf and to make him into a better snowboarder Sabrina cast a spell that turns him into a snowman!

Nov 19 1999 - Tim the Witch Smeller returns when Sabrina goes on a Netherworld vacation!

Nov 20 1999 - Sabrina's great grandad Gandalf comes to Greendale to renew his witchery license and causes trouble in the Spellman household.

Nov 21 1999 - Harvey is the best at video games but when he gets this new ancient Greece video game he becomes so hooked that he won't put it down. Sabrina and Chloe become suspicious so when they enter the ...more