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Below is a complete Saved by the Bell: The New Class episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Saved by the Bell: The New Class episodes are listed along with the Saved by the Bell: The New Class episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Saved by the Bell: The New Class episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list contains items like “Fear of Falling” and “Wrestling with Failure.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Saved by the Bell: The New Class episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Weasel Love Nov 20 1993 - Weasel's pen-pal Natalie comes to Bayside and joins the band, as do Scott and Tommy D, hoping to win a trip.

Tommy A Nov 27 1993 - In order to get a car from his father, Tommy D must receive an ""A"" in either physics or speech. The gang pitches in to help him succeed at this seemingly impossible task. ...more

A Kicking Weasel Sep 25 1993 - Fed up with being laughed at by the football team, Weasel kicks the soccer net and gets a chance to be on the football team. Scott fixes Megan, Lindsay and Vicki's battle for a single varsity ...more

Belding's Baby Oct 30 1993 - Scott volunteers to babysit for Mr. Belding's son Zack. In order to impress a girl (Ashley), he offers up little Zack for a child modeling job.

The Date Lottery Sep 11 1993 - It's been years since Zack, Screech, Slater, Jessie, Kelly and Lisa left Bayside High. Now some new students have arrived--Scott, Weasel, Tommy D., Megan, Lindsay and Vicki. In this first ...more

The Slumber Party Sep 18 1993 - Scott disguises himself as his cousin to sneak into the girls' sleep over.

Running the Max Dec 04 1993 - As a class project, some of the Bayside students try their hand at operating the Max, but they nearly run it out of business. Then Scott takes over the management, much to Vicki's happiness.

Swap Meet Nov 13 1993 - Weasel finds out he has a rare misprinted version of a comic book that is very valuable. After he sells it, Scott tries to get it back so he can sell it himself, buy concert tickets, and take ...more

George Washington Kissed Here Oct 16 1993 - Scott wants Lindsay to play Martha to his George Washington in the school play about the American Revolution, but Tommy D and Vicki are not too happy about the idea.

Home Shopping Oct 02 1993 - Just before exams, Scott leads the gang on a venture marketing a so-called memory-enhancing drug on a local cable access channel, calling their show the ""Bayside Shopping

Love Is on the Air Oct 09 1993 - Scott signs up to get on the air at the school's radio station, hoping to attract the girls. But they all ignore him when they hear Weasel, who is giving advice on love and romance under the ...more

Homecoming King Oct 23 1993 - Chad Westerfield, who has his eye on Megan, and Lindsay are leading candidates for Homecoming King and Queen.

Good-bye Megan Nov 06 1993 - Megan's father, Judge Jones, wants his daughter to leave Bayside High and enroll in a private school.

Back at the Ranch Oct 29 1994 - The gang goes to Screech's Uncle's dude ranch. They make friends with his cousin who picked on Screech when they were little. Gold fever hits the gang when they learn about a treasure.

Let the Games Begin Sep 17 1994 - The annual competition pitting the staff of Pacific Palisades Country Club against Mr. Harrington and the guests is coming up. Mr. Belding injures himself, so Screech must take his place in a ...more

All Play and No Work Sep 10 1994 - Mr. Belding and Screech are summer managers at the Palisades Hills Country Club. Screech promptly hires the gang from Bayside to work there for the summer, and they just as promptly incur the ...more

Tommy the Tenor Oct 15 1994 - Bobby is trying to drum up interest in the glee club. He gets very little response until the girls see the cute music teacher. Meanwhile, it turns out that Tommy D has a great singing voice, but ...more

Bloody Money Sep 17 1994 - Megan is running a blood drive and while contributing to it, Screech falls for the pretty nurse Penny Brady. Meanwhile the gang needs to find a chaperone for their camping trip. Brian comes up ...more

A Perfect Lindsay Oct 29 1994 - Feeling pressure to live up to an idealized standard, Lindsay goes overboard on her dieting, endangering her health. Also, the TV show ""Club Jam"" is holding a dance contest ...more

Squash It Sep 24 1994 - The kids operate a booth at the Bayside Carnival. Bobby is threatened by a bully who likes Megan. For protection, he takes karate lessons from an unlikely teacher--Screech!

Brian's Girlfriend Sep 24 1994 - In an effort to make Rachel jealous and stop her from thinking about her missing boyfriend David, Brian begins hanging out with the club's pretty tennis instructor, Karen. Also, the Bayside gang ...more

The Return of Screech Sep 10 1994 - Former Bayside High pupil and current college student Samuel ""Screech"" Powers returns to his alma mater as an administrative assistant to Mr. Belding. A new student from ...more

Belding's Prize Dec 31 1994 - Screech forgets to mail in Mr. Belding's application to join a prestigious society of principals, so he enlists the help of James the actor to convince Mr. B that he's been accepted. Also, the ...more

Drinking 101 Nov 19 1994 - Mr. Belding leads the kids on a school-sponsored skiing trip. When they get to the lodge, Brian is more interested in hitting the slopes than being with Rachel, and Lindsay meets a college guy ...more

Goodbye Bayside (2) Dec 31 1994 - The students are depressed about Bayside's closing and can't get very excited about the prom. Mr. McMillan shows up and says he now plans to tear down the school even before the prom is held. ...more

The People's Choice Oct 01 1994 - Screech is looking for more challenging responsibilities, so Mr. Belding makes him faculty advisor for the Bayside Breeze, the school newspaper which needs some livening up. The first big story ...more

Rachel's Choice Oct 01 1994 - Rachel's boyfriend from college David arrives at Palisades Hills. Now Rachel must choose between him and Brian. Also, Screech takes on the task of making a promotional video for the Country

Breaking Up Nov 12 1994 - Lindsay can't afford to buy a birthday present for Tommy, so Brian and Bobby get ahold of the school's video equipment so she can make a video for a present. Meanwhile, Brian's sister Katie, and ...more

Goodbye Bayside (1) Dec 24 1994 - Bayside's 40th birthday celebration is in full swing. Bobby is running for homecoming ""king"" against Rachel, who's running for queen. A millionaire alumnus, J. Walter ...more

Belding's Prank Oct 08 1994 - It's Bayside's prank day and everyone is playing tricks on each other. But it's no joke when Belding makes the mistake of inviting the new superintendent to Bayside. He cancels prank day but ...more

Christmas in July Oct 15 1994 - Palisades Hills' annual ""Christmas in July"" celebration is here, and Screech, Bobby and Tommy D are worried about what gifts they should get for Alison, Mr. Harrington and ...more

To Cheat or Not to Cheat Dec 03 1994 - Rachel must get a ""B"" on a test or she can't go to the Bayside Ball with Brian. Brian sees a copy of the test and tells Rachel what she should study. She makes the ...more

A Matter of Trust Oct 08 1994 - The male staff is up for bids at the annual charity auction at the Country Club. Rachel, hoping to avoid her recent romantic entanglements, purchases a nerd. Alison buys Brian, making Screech ...more

The Class of 2020 Nov 19 1994 - The gang is interviewed for a film to go in a time capsule to be opened by the class of 2020. Stories are told via flashback.

Bayside Story Oct 22 1994 - It's time for the big game between fierce archrivals Bayside and Valley, and it turns out that Megan's new boyfriend is the captain of Valley's football team.

Wanna Bet? Nov 05 1994 - Screech's Uncle leaves the ranch in care of him and Belding. Soon Belding and Screech start competing. When they fail, they give each other the silent treatment. The gang befriends two older ...more

Farewell Dance Oct 22 1994 - As the Farewell Dance approaches at the Country Club, Rachel is sad to be leaving and Megan can't find a date. Bobby wants to date Michelle, a rich club member, so he concocts phony stories ...more

Feuding Friends Nov 26 1994 - Still at the ski lodge, Tommy D has time on his hands after his accident, and he and Megan start to spend some together. They go out on a date, which makes Lindsay and Bobby none too happy. ...more

The D Stands for Dropout Dec 10 1994 - Tommy enjoys his mechanic's job at Vince's garage and he's good at it. Vince offers him regular employment. When school starts preventing Tommy from working at the garage as much as he'd like, ...more

Driving School Sep 16 1995 - Maria is getting a car for her 16th birthday, but she's failing Driver's Education. She pleads with Screech to pass her, and he agrees against his better judgment. Meanwhile Ryan needs a car to ...more

Casino ID's Nov 25 1995 - During a semester-at-sea, the gang attempt to get into the ship's casino to gamble.

The Christmas Gift Dec 09 1995 - Tommy helps out a homeless girl who's working at the ski lodge.

The Principal's Principles Nov 04 1995 - Belding and Tommy switch places. Tommy is the student principal but when he lets everyone goof off, he realizes that being a principal is a serious job.

Air Screech Sep 30 1995 - The gang are all working at Palisades Mall; even Screech and Belding are working at Mr. B.'s brother's sporting goods store. Tommy gets an expensive watch as a gift for Lindsay. Ryan can't ...more

The Love Bugs Sep 09 1995 - Maria and the others are trying to win tickets to the Grungefest from the radio station, but Lindsay wins them on her first try! Tommy has told Lindsay that he wants to get back together with ...more

Green Card Nov 25 1995 - Near the end of the students' ""semester at sea,"" there is a shipboard contest to find $500 in hidden gold coins. Screech is distraught when he receives a ""Dear ...more

Acting Jealous Oct 07 1995 - Lindsay and Ryan are celebrating one month together and they can't keep apart. But a problem arises when they audition for Screech's production of the play ""Cinderella."" ...more

Maria's Movie Star Oct 07 1995 - Maria waits on her heartthrob, actor Justin Wells, at the Rockin' Rice Japanese restaurant where she works at the mall. He's come there hoping to see his new movie with a regular audience. Maria ...more

No Smoking Dec 02 1995 - Lindsay and Rachel are helping to organize the fashion show at Pallisades Mall, and they hope to model in it also. During a break, they and the rest of the gang are dismayed when Tommy D lights ...more

Ryan's Worst Nightmare Oct 21 1995 - The dreaded teacher ""Wicked Witch"" Hurst is giving one last killer physics test before leaving the school. Tommy breaks a date with Lindsay to study, so Ryan jumps in and ...more