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Below is a complete Sea Hunt episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Sea Hunt episodes are listed along with the Sea Hunt episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Sea Hunt episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Flooded Mine” to “Dark Evil” is featured on this list, so cast your votes below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Sea Hunt episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Decoy Sep 20 1958 - Mike investigates reports of a sea monster off the coast of Mexico.

The Big Dive Aug 09 1958 - Mike's work on a movie prompts a fellow stunt diver to attempt a dangerous record-setting dive.

The Prospectors Jun 28 1958 - A pair of prospectors hire Mike to trace the source of radioactive fish with a Geiger counter in hopes of finding a uranium deposit.

The Sea Sled Feb 08 1958 - Mike helps the Immigration Department Border Patrol break up an underwater border-running operation.

The Manganese Story Oct 04 1958 - Mike discovers an important manganese deposit, but an ambitious young geologist, sharks, and an approaching hurricane threaten to silence him before he can inform the government.

Sixty Feet Below Jan 04 1958 - Mike tries to free the pilot of a downed jet from his watertight cockpit before his air runs out, without causing the man's death from the water pressure.

Underwater Patrol Jun 07 1958 - The State of Florida hires Mike to organize and train an underwater police force to deal with a series of underwater crimes.

The Birthday Present Aug 16 1958 - After locating a leak in a gas line and retrieving a young boy's sunken bicycle, Mike is beaten up and threatened by a gang of thugs.

Mr. Guinea Pig Feb 22 1958 - An attractive magazine photographer hires Mike to assist her in getting pictures of a sunken barge off the coast of Mexico.

Explosion Aug 30 1958 - Mike is hired to destroy an underwater offshore peak that is notorious for ripping the hulls out of passing ships.

Magnetic Mine May 31 1958 - An entire Mexican town is menaced by the presence of a derelict floating mine in its harbor that could ignite fumes from the local nitrate factory if it is detonated.

Recovery Mar 15 1958 - Mike dives into the Caribbean to recover the lost nose cone from an ICBM rocket before enemy agents can get it.

Mark of the Octopus Feb 01 1958 - Before Mike can investigate the disappearance of a pair of skin-diving geologists, one turns up dead on the beach bearing marks resembling the suction valves of a giant octopus.

The Poacher Apr 26 1958 - Mike is nearly killed by a massive electrical jolt used by a poacher to kill fish in the Florida Everglades.

The Lost Ones Jul 19 1958 - A frustrated former athlete pushes his children to be Olympic swimmers, resulting in their becoming trapped in a cave by a rising tide.

Alligator Story May 24 1958 - A vicious alligator escapes from a wild animal show and takes refuge in the lake of a public park.

The Shipwreck Aug 02 1958 - Mike and three other survivors share a life raft after a storm capsizes their boats.

Dead Man's Cove Aug 23 1958 - An underwater camera holds the key to determining whether a woman's drowning was accidental, as her husband claims, or not.

Female of the Species Feb 15 1958 - A beautiful woman hires Mike to give her diving lessons for mysterious reasons.

Midget Submarine Mar 29 1958 - Mike plays commando in rescuing a scientist who had defected from Soviet kidnappers who are returning him to Moscow aboard a Pacific liner.

Sonar Queen Mar 01 1958 - Hired to test a new electronic fish-finder, Mike encounters a village where every fish in the vicinity has disappeared.

The Amphibian Sep 06 1958 - A group of sportsmen hire Mike to supervise their skin-diving outing, whereupon one of them sneaks off and begins photographing secret Navy facilities.

Killer Whale Mar 22 1958 - A killer whale is capsizing boats and endangering scuba divers and swimmers along a stretch of coastline.

The Hero Jul 05 1958 - Mike is hired by a playboy sportsman to supervise their underwater shark ""safari"" in the waters off Peru.

Hardhat Apr 12 1958 - Mike competes with a pair of helmet divers to salvage a German submarine sunk off the coast of South America.

Legend of the Mermaid Jun 14 1958 - Mike investigates an underwater grotto said to feature a mermaid that lures men to their deaths.

The Sponge Divers May 10 1958 - Mike interrupts an underwater survey in the Gulf of Mexico in order to save a diver whose air line has become snarled.

Underwater Station Jul 12 1958 - Mike finds a famous rocket scientist being held in an underwater prison by enemy agents.

The Sea Has Ears Sep 27 1958 - The murder of a telephone company employee leads Mike to an underwater cable that is being tapped to access top-secret research Conferences.

Pressure Suit Jun 21 1958 - A professor and his daughter hire Mike to help them search for a rare underwater plant in Costa Rica.

The Shark Cage Apr 05 1958 - Mike and two cameramen are imperiled when an irrationally jealous man drops their camera cage into shark-infested waters.

Girl in the Trunk May 03 1958 - Mike comes to the aid of a female escape artist when her underwater stunt goes awry.

Continental Rift Apr 19 1958 - A man claims to have invented a machine that can locate ships carrying gold.

Lord Christobal Sep 13 1958 - Mike is hired by an insurance company to investigate the sinking of a freighter, but a murder indicates that someone doesn't want him to complete his task.

Rapture of the Deep Jan 25 1958 - A grudge between two divers whom Mike is testing for underwater mining skills becomes a secondary issue when one of them contracts nitrogen narcosis.

Diamond River May 17 1958 - Mike supervises a diamond diving expedition in South America, but discovers that his employers are poaching on someone else's property.

Flooded Mine Jan 11 1958 - While investigating the cause of a mine flood that killed thirty men, Mike stumbles upon an air pocket with two survivors.

Gold Below Mar 08 1958 - A pair of ruthless treasure hunters dupes a young skin diver into helping them loot a sunken ship.

Capture of the Santa Rosa Jul 26 1958 - Mike leads a diving team in rescuing a Latin American diplomat and his family from kidnappers.

Nerve Gas Apr 12 1959 - After discovering a sunken Japanese submarine, the amateur skin diver who found it goes violently berserk.

Jettisoned Mar 01 1959 - Mike races to recover a ditched nuclear warhead before sea water corrodes the casing.

The Search Feb 22 1959 - Mike comes to the rescue of a scuba diver who has been trapped in a kelp bed while spear fishing.

Ransom Aug 30 1959 - A husband-wife team steal and then ransom some computer tapes necessary to a plant's operations.

Base of Operations Sep 13 1959 - A husband and wife team of photojournalists ignore Mike's warnings about diving on a sunken ocean liner and are imperiled by the pressures of the deep.

Underwater Shrine Jun 07 1959 - Mike and a pair of archaeologists risk the anger and booby traps of islanders while exploring underwater caves in the Caribbean.

Diving for the Moon Feb 15 1959 - Mike and a group of astronauts-in-training are stranded on the seabed when a hurricane blows their boat away.

Underwater Survey Apr 26 1959 - While looking into the possibility of linking two Latin American lakes by a canal, Mike runs afoul of rebel guerillas.

Chain of Evidence Jun 14 1959 - Latin American revolutionaries recruit Mike to recover the body of their murdered leader from the palace lagoon in order to ignite an uprising.

Kelp Forest Sep 20 1959 - A coastal fisherman wages a private war against kelp harvesters, blaming them for ruining the fishing grounds necessary to his livelihood.

Hermes May 10 1959 - A Greek sponge diver and his pretty girlfriend lay a minefield for Mike, fearful that he will interfere with their discovery of a valuable statue on the Mediterranean seabed.