TV Episodes Full List of Sea Of Souls Episodes

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Below is a complete Sea of Souls episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Sea of Souls episodes are listed along with the Sea of Souls episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Sea of Souls episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “Omen Part 2” and “Omen Formation Part 1.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Sea of Souls episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Mind Of Matter Part 2 Having concluded that the George young Joe has been referring to is in fact Georgina McKay who disappeared six years ago, the investigators tell the missing girl's mother about their ...more

Seeing Double Part 1 Feb 02 2004 - Dr. Douglas Monaghan and his his two assistants investigate the case of Carol Fleming, a personal friend of Monaghan's, who sees her double, Helen Reid, at a local museum. The women chat over ...more

Seeing Double Part 2 Feb 03 2004 - elen can't understand why Carol would put her ideal home situation in jeopardy by having an affair with Mike and even impersonates her sister to break off the relationship. She's also studying ...more

Mind Of Matter Part 1 Feb 16 2004 - Katie Quinn brings her six year old son to the unit when he shows disturbing signs of having lived before.

That Old Black Magic Part 1 Yemi is a student who also has to deal with the fact that her father is seriously ill in hospital. Along with her brother Lucas, she spends much of her free time sitting by their father's ...more

That Old Black Magic Part 2 Feb 17 2004 - Yemi returns to London accompanied by William but she starts to see familiar faces following her and runs off. William and Douglas visit a traditional healer for information. He confirms the ...more

Omen Formation Part 2 Although Daniel Blakemore has died accidentally, the Army still wants to know what the corporal may have told Professor Monaghan and his team. Monaghan himself feels a certain amount of guilt ...more

Amulet Part 1 Jan 08 2005 - Findley Morrison seeks Dr. Douglas Monaghan's assistance when strange things happen in his house. All family members, including his wife Carol, son Dominic and daughters Claire and Martha have ...more

Omen Part 2 Jan 15 2005 - Although Daniel Blakemore has died accidentally, the Army still wants to know what the corporal may have told Professor Monaghan and his team. Monaghan himself feels a certain amount of guilt ...more

Omen Formation Part 1 Jan 22 2005 - Daniel Blakemore seeks out Dr. Douglas Monaghan but has a strange way of doing it - he steps out in front of Monaghan's moving car. He's not hurt seriously however and soon, Monaghan and his ...more

Empty Promise Part 1 Douglas Monaghan welcomes back one of his former students, Peter Locke, now a professor who has made quite a name for himself in North America. Craig Stephenson studies the case of John Wade, a ...more

Empty Promise Part 2 Jan 23 2005 - John Wade is convinced that he can cure young Chloe Williams of her brain tumor. Craig Stephenson is quite skeptical but newly arrived Peter Locke isn't and is quite keen to study the case. As ...more

Succubus Feb 04 2006 - A young man is approached by lady who predicts his death, handing him a card bearing a drawing of a strange owl-like creature. He approaches the department, but Craig and Justine are sceptical. ...more

Oracle Jan 14 2006 - Believing that a scarf has set off a premonition of a local woman's death, Justine tries to locate her to prevent the terrifying vision from coming true.

Rebound Feb 11 2006 - After dabbling in black magic, a young woman manifests extraordinary electrical phenomena. Monaghan and the team find themselves in a race to understand and fight the dark forces attacking her ...more

The Newsroom Jan 28 2006 - Justine and Craig are hired by Rosie Galt, the manager of an upmarket hotel. She wants them to prove that the hotel is not, as many are beginning to suspect, haunted. The duo are suspect that ...more

Insiders Jan 07 2006 - A young couple, Angus and Caroline Jenson, hold a seance to contact their recently-deceased son. Something goes wrong and Angus is thrown against the wall by a powerful spirit. When he starts to ...more

Sleeper Jan 21 2006 - Justine agrees to help one of the students in her tutor group with a research project involving monitoring the girl's boyfriend's sleep patterns. The boyfriend, Stuart, has been suffering from ...more

Episode 13 (1) Apr 17 2007 - When a young couple, Karen and Ian O'Rourke, move into an old home they discover unique symbols painted on the walls. When they post the image on the Internet, Dr. Douglas Monaghan believes they ...more

Episode 14 (2) Apr 19 2007 - As Professor Monaghan continues his research into the house, he finds that there may have been other beliefs at work there and suggests to the O'Rourke's that they leave the house. When they ...more