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Below is a complete SeaQuest DSV episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual SeaQuest DSV episodes are listed along with the SeaQuest DSV episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. SeaQuest DSV episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this poll include “Higher Power” and “The Good Death.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the SeaQuest DSV episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Higher Power May 22 1994 - "Higher Power" is the final episode of seaQuest DSV's first season. It was originally shown on May 22, 1994.

Games Oct 03 1993 - When Krieg brings back what he believes is a priceless gem, greed runs amok on the seaQuest. No one listens to his stories of sea monsters in the area, until one attacks the seaQuest.

To Be or Not To Be (2) Sep 12 1993 - The seaQuest is confronted by another sub. They are attacked and find themselves defenceless and are forced to dive the ship and hide.

To Be or Not To Be (1) Sep 12 1993 - The crew of seaQuest are joined by a reluctant Captain Nathan Bridger and set off to investigate a distress call from an underwater colony, only to find it is a trap by a renegade sub under the ...more

Sep 12 1993 - Darwin falls ill and will die if no cure is found, but a visiting scientist on an important UEO project is unconcerned with the fate of a single dolphin.

The Devil's Window Sep 19 1993 - When a preserved annexe of the Great Library of Alexandria is discovered, many nations send their fleets to lay claim to its treasures. The UEO orders Bridger to mediate the dispute and sends a ...more

Treasure of the Mind Sep 26 1993 - The crew of seaQuest rescue a warden and his only prisoner from beneath the ice cap. The prisoner escapes and reveals that he holds a deadly toxin which will be released unless the crew does as ...more

Treasures of the Tonga Trench Oct 09 1993 - The seaQuest discovers a group of children living in an old munitions facility on the sea floor and they must evacuate them, before, the structure collapses and unleashes a deadly explosion. ...more

Brothers and Sisters Oct 17 1993 - When Commander Ford and other crew members are contaminated with a deadly virus from a downed space station, Captain Bridger finds himself fighting against the clock and a government cover-up to ...more

Knight of Shadows Oct 31 1993 - A hurricane threatens to prevent the rescue of a French sightseeing submarine which is stuck in a freshwater sink hole and running out of oxygen. When a team from the seaQuest are forced to the ...more

Bad Water Nov 07 1993 - When a vital component of seaQuest's air conditioning fails and regular channels fail, Krieg relies on a black market source called The Regulator. When Darwin disappears the seaQuest must track ...more

The Regulator Nov 21 1993 - Hitchcock goes into an underwater gold mining colony in order to investigate a distress signal and discovers that the original and rightful owner of the mine and his family are being held ...more

seaWest Nov 28 1993 - When Lucas visits a communications base populated by a group of young computer experts, a famous computer hacker, who now runs the Node, persuades Lucas to break into the World Bank and divert ...more

Photon Bullet Dec 19 1993 - seaQuest is hurriedly dispatched to rescue a crew returning from a manned mission to Mars when their space capsule crash lands in the Atlantic Ocean, but the president of an militarised Asian ...more

Better Than Martians Jan 02 1994 - While in the middle of an special experiment when only a skeleton crew is aboard, seaQuest is boarded by a group of commandos who are quickly able to take control of the ship.

Jan 09 1994 - When a top-secret UEO project shows the approach of a catastrophic volcanic eruption, the crew of seaQuest must convince treasure seekers on the island to abandon their lifelong search or face ...more

Greed for a Pirate's Dream Jan 16 1994 - A renegade sub is sinking whaling ships, which are in themselves illegal and against their moral judgement, the crew of seaQuest must stop the sub from its mission. Meanwhile, Krieg is on a ...more

Whale Song Feb 06 1994 - In the lead up to an important demonstration, Lucas is knocked unconscious and the Stinger, seaQuest's prototype high speed sub, is stolen.

The Stinger Feb 20 1994 - A Servo-Croat dictator takes Drs. Westphalen and Lansdowne hostage in order to gain entrance into seaQuest in the hopes of using the ship's technology to rehabilitate his autistic son.

Hide and Seek Feb 27 1994 - At a summit conference, Lucas and group of UEO leaders are taken hostage, leaving the seaQuest crew to uncover a mysterious and complicated plot whilst searching for the hostages.

The Last Lap at Luxury Mar 20 1994 - Ford accidentally stumbles onto a colony of genetically altered humans, adapted by a scientist to live underwater.

Abalon May 01 1994 - Things threaten to go terribly wrong when the seaQuest crew discovers a million-year old spaceship. Their only hope is Darwin being the key to bridging the communications gap.

Such Great Patience May 08 1994 - When the crew of seaQuest are tricked into torpedoing a refugee ship containing Westphalen's daughter, Dr. Westphalen, Ford, and Shan are trapped trying to save her.

The Good Death May 15 1994 - A brand new power plant which is set to supply energy to the whole world goes wrong and there is a danger of the polar ice caps melting. Bridger decides he must sacrifice the seaQuest in order ...more

Give Me Liberte Oct 24 1993 - When a small team from seaQuest board a ancient sunken ship in order to determine why it went down, they find themselves trapped in a series of very bizarre and supernatural events.

Daggers (1) Sep 18 1994 - When genetically engineered people, no longer happy with their captivity, stage a revolt, seaQuest, with some new faces are called in to help.

Daggers (2) Sep 18 1994 - When genetically engineered people, no longer happy with their captivity, stage a revolt, seaQuest, with some new faces are called in to help.

The Fear That Follows Sep 25 1994 - Extra-terrestrials that are searching for the beginnings of intelligent life are welcomed aboard seaQuest, only to be taken captive by a general determined to have their advanced technological ...more

Sympathy for the Deep Oct 02 1994 - Bridger responds to a plea from an old girlfriend living in an underwater colony that has been dedicated to non-violence. After ten years of peace, the citizens are trying to kill each other.

Vapors Oct 09 1994 - "Vapors" is the fifth episode of seaQuest DSV`s second season. It was originally shown on October 9, 1994. Quick Overview: While on shore leave, Captain Bridger and Dr. Wendy Smith ...more

Playtime Oct 23 1994 - In response to the voice of a child calling for help, the seaQuest journeys through an underwater vortex and find themselves 250 years in the future where humans are on the brink of extinction.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery Nov 13 1994 - An experimental submarine escapes from its moorings and manages to launch its nuclear weapons targeted at New Cape Quest, a city with 5 million inhabitants including relatives of the seaQuest

By Any Other Name Nov 20 1994 - A distress call from an underwater horticultural colony leads the crew into an investigation of the mysterious disappearance of all human life inside the former paradise.

When We Dead Awaken Nov 27 1994 - When a woman is released from a cryogenic institute after 22 years, she is targeted by an assassin. Brody attempts to help her, and discovers that she is linked to his past and to a possible

Special Delivery Dec 11 1994 - Dagwood maintains his innocence after being found guilty of murdering the genetic engineer who created him, despite having apparently been caught in the act on video.

Dead End Dec 18 1994 - Henderson, Lucas, Brody, and O'Neill are drawn into a furious underwater whirlpool that pulls their shuttle beneath the ocean floor and into a maze of ancient caverns.

Meltdown Jan 08 1995 - A massive prehistoric crocodile is released from its icy tomb when extensive undersea farming and mining cause the temperature of the South Atlantic to rise.

Lostland Jan 15 1995 - Ford discovers an ancient warrior's helmet and sword that prove that the lost continent of Atlantis did exist. But the helmet may carry a deadly curse that could destroy Bridger and the crew.

And Everything Nice Jan 22 1995 - On the mainland, Lucas falls for a beautiful woman and asks to resign from his position, however plans change when she is suddenly kidnapped by terrorists in an attempt to take control of

Dream Weaver Feb 19 1995 - A blind astrophysicist and a NASA commander team up with the crew to battle a hostile alien, hidden in a fallen comet that seaQuest was attempting to recover.

Alone Feb 26 1995 - Wendy employs her psychic abilities and risks her life in a battle of the mind against Avatar, a powerful paranormal being who threatens the world's security with his ability to place political ...more

Watergate Mar 05 1995 - The crew transports a pop star to an island military base. Upon arrival they encounter an apparition of the Greek god Neptune, who mistakenly believes the singer and Henderson are actually ...more

Something in the Air Mar 19 1995 - The crew protects a group of researchers at an abandoned mining outpost while they study an ancient chest found buried deep in the Mediterranean. However the chest proves to be like Pandora's ...more

Dagger Redux Apr 02 1995 - A rogue nuclear physicist known only as the Marauder is determined to destroy the seaQuest. As part of his plan, he rescues a revenge-minded dagger who was imprisoned by Bridger.

The Siamese Dream Apr 30 1995 - In order to gain control of seaQuest's nuclear weapons, a powerful psychic plants a nightmare in both Piccolo and Dagwood's minds, so that he will be invited on board to interpret their dreams.

Blindsided May 13 1995 - When his plane crashes in the South American jungle, Piccolo is kidnapped by a ruthless dictator who he finds out has secretly been creating artificial life forms that have now gone out of

Splashdown May 21 1995 - "Splashdown" is the final episode of seaQuest DSV`s second season. It was originally shown on May 21, 1995; however, due to a preemption by NBC, it was not aired as the final episode ...more

Brave New World (2) Sep 20 1995 - Ten years after its mysterious disappearance, the seaQuest appears back on Earth. A tough Navy officer, who had been obsessed with searching for the submarine, assumes command of the seaQuest ...more

In the Company of Ice and Profit Sep 27 1995 - Captain Hudson is ordered to blow up an iceberg that has been directed towards Saudi Arabia by a corrupt businessman, only to find a group of refugees placed on the iceberg to prevent its

Smoke on the Water Oct 11 1995 - The seaQuest attempts to find out the cause of the disappearance of a number of haulers from one of the remotest colonies in the Free Zone where Hudson meets up with a person from his past.