Full List of Sekirei Episodes

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Below is a complete Sekirei episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Sekirei episodes are listed along with the Sekirei episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Sekirei episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list is made up of different items, including “Words of Marriage” and “Sekirei of the Flames.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Sekirei episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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Two Points of Idle Talk Episode: 2, Season: Sekirei - Season 0
This is an BD/DVD-only unaired episode, designated as episode 0. Based on two omakes from the manga, this fan-service focused episode features Minato's Sekireis going for a physical check-up and ...more
Episode 3 Episode: 3, Season: Sekirei - Season 0
Kusano's First Shopping Trip - OVA Episode: 1, Season: Sekirei - Season 0
OVA coming with 6th vol. limited edition of Sekirei, featuring Kuu. “Ku-chan Hajimete no Otsukai" Musubi and Tsukiumi has another race to the super market. Kusano decides to join the race, ...more
Sekirei Episode: 1, Season: Sekirei - Season 1
Minato Sahashi, a typical ronin student, finds his life suddenly changed after meeting a strange girl named Musubi. Minato discovers learns that she is a 'Sekirei' and that he is her 'Ashikabi' ...more
Door To A New House Episode: 2, Season: Sekirei - Season 1
When Minato's landlord evicts him from his apartment, he and Musubi must search for a new place to live. Through a twist of fate, the two encounter a young woman named Miya Asami, who runs a ...more
The Green Girl Episode: 3, Season: Sekirei - Season 1
Minato takes a job at a local construction site where he meets another Ashikabi, Seo Kaoru. With Seo's help, Minato infiltrates a nearby botanical garden, drawn by visions of a young Sekirei ...more
The Strange Tale of Izumo House Episode: 4, Season: Sekirei - Season 1
Minato, Musubi and Kusano are startled by strange events at Izumo Inn. Unknown to him, Minato is being secretly watched by a mysterious girl. When Musubi leaves to gather groceries, she is ...more
The Water Sekirei Episode: 5, Season: Sekirei - Season 1
The mysterious girl turns out to be Matsu, a Sekirei who has been hiding at the Inn. Matsu becomes Minato's third Sekirei. Minato has dreams of another Sekirei, later identified as Tsukiumi, a ...more
The Flower Army of Izumo House Episode: 6, Season: Sekirei - Season 1
Tsukiumi attacks Minato to prove that she doesn't need an Ashikabi, but she cannot release her full power. Hibiki and Hikari show her the power of fully winged Sekirei, but Minato shields her ...more
The Black Sekirei Episode: 7, Season: Sekirei - Season 1
Karasuba, a dangerous and lethal Sekirei, pays Musubi a visit at Izumo Inn and reaffirms a promise the two made in the past. MBI Director Minaka initiates the second phase of the Sekirei Plan ...more
The Sealed Capital City Episode: 8, Season: Sekirei - Season 1
Sekirei #95, Kuno, and her Ashikabi Haruka attempt to escape Tokyo despite a lockdown, but are pursued by MBI soldiers and members of the Disciplinary Squad. While Uzume visits her Ashikabi, ...more
A Shawl In The Wind Episode: 9, Season: Sekirei - Season 1
The fight between Tsukiumi and the 'veiled' Sekirei (Uzume) ends abruptly due to the interference of Sekirei #3, Kazehana. Musubi takes Minato to meet Kuno and her Ashikabi, Haruka. Since Kuno ...more
The Night Before the Escape Episode: 10, Season: Sekirei - Season 1
Haruka tells the others about how he and Kuno first met. Minato and Musubi take them to see Seo, who gives them information about the Disciplinary Squad and other dangerous Ashikabi in the city. ...more
The Sekirei Mark Vanishes Episode: 11, Season: Sekirei - Season 1
Karasuba and Natsuo discuss the relationship between Musubi and Sekirei #8, Yume. The escape plan commences. Matsu rushes to the scene on her motorcycle and saves Kusano, after she becomes ...more
Sekirei of Destiny Episode: 12, Season: Sekirei - Season 1
Minato is in despair as Musubi is down for the count, but refuses to give up, much to Benitsubasa's irritation, who proceeds to deal with him. Battles rage elsewhere as Kuno and Shiina (along ...more
Preparation for the Festival Episode: 11, Season: Sekirei - Season 2
Minato asks Takami for help to treat a sick Chiho after secretly receiving data from Higa. However, Minaka decided to use it as part of the Sekirei Plan and summoned all active Sekireis and ...more
The Tower of Chaotic Play Episode: 12, Season: Sekirei - Season 2
Minato and his Sekireis begin their infiltration of the MBI Tower in downtown Tokyo in order to find out what the data on the antidote is to help cure Chiho of her condition. Minaka hinders the ...more
Words of Marriage Episode: 6, Season: Sekirei - Season 2
Akitsu continues to fend off Uzume while Kagari begins to lose control of his powers. Then, when Mikogami orders Mutsu to interfere in the fight between Akitsu and Uzume and capture Kagari, ...more
Distant Tale Episode: 7, Season: Sekirei - Season 2
Relieved that Kagari has now recovered, Minato asks Matsu to explain the history of the Sekirei so he can further understand what is going on. Along with Musubi, Kusano and Tsukiumi (with Miya, ...more
Kusa's Game Episode: 8, Season: Sekirei - Season 2
Minato and Musubi meet with Karasuba while shopping. Later on, Minato runs an errand with Kusano, but she gets distracted by a cat and runs off to the hospital, where she meets Chiho, Uzume's ...more
Sekirei of the Flames Episode: 5, Season: Sekirei - Season 2
Minato tells Kagari that Minaka sent out a message to inform all Ashikabi the last Sekirei lives in the North and to hurry to wing it. This prompts Kagari to head out and try to kill Minaka, but ...more
When the Wind Begins to Blow Episode: 2, Season: Sekirei - Season 2
Tensions in the city continue to escalate. Minato and Tsukiumi go to visit his sister Yukari when they are attacked by Haihane, who draws Tsukiumi away. Left alone, Benitsubasa captures Minato ...more
Genuine Ties Episode: 13, Season: Sekirei - Season 2
Seo aids Matsu in securing MBI data for Higa while Minato and Musubi confront Minaka before he escapes, leaving the MBI Tower as it gets destroyed. Karasuba engages Musubi after she threatens ...more
Far-reaching Sky Episode: 10, Season: Sekirei - Season 2
Uzume attacks Minato as part of her obligations to Higa in order to secure confidence for Chiho's recovery. Minato and the Sekireis privately mourn Uzume after she was killed to protect Musubi. ...more
The Many Friendships Episode: 9, Season: Sekirei - Season 2
Tsukiumi is introduced to Yukari and Shiina during an encounter with a Sekirei and her very abusive Ashikabi. Later, Minato and his Sekirei meet Chiho at the hospital, and learn that Uzume is ...more