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TV Full List of Shark Tank Episodes

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Below is a complete Shark Tank episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Shark Tank episodes are listed along with the Shark Tank episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Shark Tank episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Entrepreneurial novice” and “Season 2, Episode 2” are included on this list, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Shark Tank episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode 15 Apr 15 2011 - An entrepreneur from Chicago hopes the sharks can dig him out of a financial hole; a single mother believes her aromatic lip gloss can help women. Note -- This is actually episode 5 of season 2

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Entrepreneurial novice Aug 23 2009 - An entrepreneurial novice makes a less-than-stellar presentation to the sharks; a father-son duo pitches a proposal for a revolutionary new musical product.

Episode 111 Jan 29 2010 - A woman begins her presentation with shoe fashions; sisters from Chicago present a hilarious pitch; a man from Florida reinvents the umbrella.

Shark Tank: Episode 101 Aug 09 2009 - Budding entrepreneurs work to persuade a panel of tycoons to invest in their business proposals in return for a percentage of equity in the company.

September 6, 2009 Sep 06 2009 - Three of the sharks make a deal for an innovative Internet company, but before the deal can be sealed, a battle ensues and one of the sharks is ousted.

A housewife charms the male sharks Sep 29 2009 - A housewife from Charleston, S.C., charms the male sharks; a college student pitches a product made from soy that he creates in his mother's kitchen.

Episode 113 Jan 08 2010 - Things get heated when the sharks ask a husband-and-wife team to clarify the actual value of a childcare business; a chef's salad dressing mix is removed from store shelves because of offensive ...more

Graffiti-removal business Aug 30 2009 - An entrepreneur originally from Ghana wants an investment for an Internet business; a man from California wants to franchise his graffiti-removal business.

Preventing cancer in pets Oct 13 2009 - A veterinarian's product claims to prevent cancer in pets; virtual arcade; a Texas designer pitches a line of fashionable clothing for women.

Episode 112 Oct 20 2009 - A man wants an investment from the sharks to create an extension of his already successful business; a urologist has an unusual business proposal.

Old-fashioned ice cream men Jan 15 2010 - Two Texas bicyclists have an idea for a portable hand degreaser; a college student is passionate about his environmentally friendly clothing line; the sharks find out if lifelong entrepreneur ...more

Inner-city teacher pitches proposal Aug 16 2009 - An inner-city teacher tries to sell the Sharks on his unique way to get children to learn; the owner of a gourmet food business watches the Sharks fight for a piece of the action; an astonishing ...more

Overconfidence could blow a deal Oct 06 2009 - A young entrepreneur's overconfidence could blow a deal with the sharks; Kevin O'Leary follows an entrepreneur out of the Shark Tank to get the last word after being outbid by another shark.

Chicago entrepreneur plays hardball Sep 13 2009 - A young Chicago entrepreneur plays hardball with the sharks while seeking funding for an innovative Internet business.

A man reinvents the umbrella Jan 22 2010 - A California entrepreneur wants to bring back old-fashioned ice cream men; a couple's pitch is about providing legal services at a coffee house; an update on the sharks' venture with an Arizona ...more

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HillBilly, BrocoliWad, Airline child seat Apr 08 2011 - Comic Jeff Foxworthy makes his debut as a guest Shark investor; actor Vincent Pastore pitches a business proposition; a flight attendant and her husband present their unique portable child's

CitiKitty, OneSole, Due In... May 13 2011 - Maternity T-shirts, a toilet-training kit for cats, extravagant but affordable jewelry, and shoes with interchangeable tops are pitched in the second-season finale. Also: an update on Season 1's ...more

ThinSpeakers, Fart candle, Firehose valve May 06 2011 - Tensions rise when Mark Cuban urges entrepreneurs to ignore the other sharks and negotiate only with him.

Football hydration, Games2U, EcoMower Apr 29 2011 - A former athlete believes his product can save lives; environmental lawn-mowers; solution to car sickness; kids birthday party franchise.

Season 2, Episode 2 Apr 01 2011 - Children seek a backer for an idea spawned during a family trip and the sharks fight for a piece of a mother's furniture business.

Toygaroo, Nose filter, Bacon alarm clock Mar 25 2011 - A shark wants to invest $4 million in a business; a toy-rental business; a bacon-scented wake-up call; an update on a deal from last season.

Maternity Gowns, CaddySwag, SweepEasy Apr 22 2011 - An entrepreneur presents a line of luxury maternity gowns; a woman tries to impress the sharks with her homemade cakes; the sharks fight over a stay-at-home dad's product.

ThinGloss, Lighted decals, fridge magnets Apr 15 2011 - An entrepreneur from Chicago hopes the sharks can dig him out of a financial hole; a single mother believes her aromatic lip gloss can help women.

Seafood Chef, Premium wine glass Mar 20 2011 - The Sharks are stunned by the exploits of two sisters with a children's dance company; a chef with tasty seafood products and more

Week 4 Feb 10 2012 - A towel that provides coverage to change out of a swimsuit in public; a sweater and quilt invention; a way to maximize a wine's life; healthy cake mix

Week 14 May 11 2012 - Billy Blanks Jr. asks the sharks to invest in a dance fitness program; a music producer seeks an investment in a rock band; two college students pitch their flavored peanut butter business.

Week 11 Apr 13 2012 - Things get heated when the sharks deal with a husband-and-wife team.

Week 2 Jan 27 2012 - Ideas include a training system for salespeople, a management system for cargo trucks, family-friendly Las Vegas entertainment and a cat-portrait business. Also: a follow-up on a Season 2 ...more

Week 10 Mar 23 2012 - A returning entrepreneur asks Boston Beer chairman Jim Koch for advice on his wine-in-a-cup business. Other pitches include handmade cookies; T-shirts with motivational messages that become ...more

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Week 8 Mar 09 2012 - Pitches include body jewelry, a movable basketball-training apparatus, an organic skin-care product and a “Rent-a-Grandma” business. Also: an update on a Season 1 barbecue restaurant.

Week 3 Feb 03 2012 - An Illinois perfume peddler; a San Francisco woman selling luxury soap; an Alabama guitar teacher who says his learning system is unique; a “Mr. Mom” from Baton Rouge, La., with accessories for ...more

Week 6 Feb 24 2012 - The Sharks tear into the business idea of a Phoenix, AZ man who wants them to invest in a watch he claims provides health benefits; a stay-at-home mom from Gilbert, AZ could lose her gourmet ...more

Week 5 Feb 17 2012 - Products include jewelry designed by a 10-year-old and a wedge pillow to allow women with large breasts to sleep comfortably on their stomachs. Also: a way to deal with missing garbage-can lids; ...more

Week 12 Apr 27 2012 - Tempers flare and insults fly when the Sharks fight over an innovative three-in-one nail polish invented by a mother of six girls from West Hartford, CT, who had to sell her engagement ring to ...more

Week 1 Jan 20 2012 - NBA champion Bill Walton helps a triathlete pitch his idea for a unique water bottle; a ghostwriter from California seeks a business investment; two women from Minnesota present their online ...more

Week 15 May 18 2012 - The sharks fight for a chance to go into business with an inventor; two fitness trainers pitch their idea for a unique home gym; a young man seeks an investment in his age-defying products.

Week 9 Mar 16 2012 - Singer Ingrid Michaelson joins a would-be entrepreneur who's pitching high-tech music software. Other pitches include an "instant" solution for cellulite; a sales distribution method ...more

Week 13 May 04 2012 - The sharks attempt to make the big deal.

Week 7 Mar 02 2012 - Will Sharks Barbara and Kevin seal a deal with a kiss when two guys from Utah ask them to sample their flavored mix-and-match lip balm kissing product? A self-professed gadget guy from Ketchum, ...more

November 9, 2012 Nov 09 2012 - A motorized vehicle suit; comedy writer Bruce Vilanch presents a computer instruction project; sugar-free candy chips; an update on a foldable guitar.

September 28, 2012 Sep 28 2012 - Professional dancers Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya demonstrate their posture correction device; entertainment reporter Robin Leach and a designer from Florida present stone-studded ...more

September 21, 2012 Sep 21 2012 - When a man from Austin, TX pitches a so-called "cheaters app" -- which allows selected contacts to be hidden from view when calls come in -- the Sharks question and debate the morality ...more

November 2, 2012 Nov 02 2012 - Seth MacFarlane shows his support for a man who designed a new fly trap; multi-functional child cover; food storage container; followup on a manicure system.

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October 12, 2012 Oct 12 2012 - A line of dresses made of pillowcases; a unique spatula; vitamin oral sprays; energy-boosting waffles.

September 14, 2012 Sep 14 2012 - History is made when all five Sharks join forces to make a deal. Also, a recent college graduate from Indianapolis, IN wants to turn inconvenience into opportunity with his ticketless coat check ...more

October 26, 2012 Oct 26 2012 - A modern-day slip business; a scrubbing tool; dog-friendly frozen yogurt; an electric unicycle; an update on the "Lollacup."

October 19, 2012 Oct 19 2012 - Professional football player Brandon Jacobs hopes to help a woman find success with her protein-infused energy drink; a lobster roll food truck; eco-friendly cleaning products; colorful drink ...more

October 5, 2012 Oct 05 2012 - An unemployed man and his pregnant wife pitch a party-favorite chicken dip; a professional football player's spring-loaded laundry hamper, a technophobe presents his wireless gadget that helps ...more

November 16, 2012 Nov 16 2012 - An energy and nutritional supplement designed and tested by active members of the military; a new way to shop for bridal wear; a wine tasting cruise.

December 4, 2012 Dec 04 2012 - A rent-a-live Christmas tree service; gluten-free fudge; cell phone accessory; indoor/outdoor play space; singer John Rich surprises an entrepreneur.