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Full List of Shaun The Sheep Episodes

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Below is a complete Shaun the Sheep episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Shaun the Sheep episodes are listed along with the Shaun the Sheep episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Shaun the Sheep episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “Bathtime” and “Shaun the Sheep: Party Animals.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Shaun the Sheep episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • 1

    Meet the Animals (and the Farmer)

    Jul 03 2012
    Busby Barkley meets the Sheep Dip!
  • 2

    The Making of Shaun the Sheep

    Jul 02 2012
    Bitzer is surprised to find himself the winner of the relay race when his bone is used as a...
  • 3

    Building a Pig

    Jul 02 2012
    The Pigs attempt to sabotage the shot put competition - however the officious Moles uncover...
  • 4

    Spring Shena-a-anigans

    Jan 25 2011
    The competition gets heated and Shaun and Bitzers' recklessness almost results in Farmer...
  • 5

    The Big Chase

    May 28 2010
    When Timmy drives off on the farmer's brand new quad bike, Shaun, Bitzer and the flock have to...
  • 6

    Sing Along with Shaun

    Jul 03 2012
    A vigorous table tennis match sends Shaun around the world in his attempts to return the ball...
  • 7

    One Giant Leap for Lambkind

    Jul 04 2012
    An impatient Pig gets his comeuppance when he takes his dive and comes down to earth with a...
  • 8

    Party Animals

    Jul 04 2012
    An exuberant fencing match ends in embarrassment when the pair discover they've left...
  • 9

    The 100 Metre Dash Championsheeps

    Jul 10 2012
    Slow and steady wins the race! Shaun and his fellow competitors are exhausted by two false...
  • 10

    The Steeplechase Championsheeps

    Jul 06 2012
    The audience become so engrossed in counting sheep as they jump the fences, they doze off.
  • 11

    The Beach Volleyball Championsheeps

    Jul 09 2012
    A noisy, vuvuzela touting supporter is finally silenced after trying to put off the opposing...
  • 12

    The Rings Championsheeps

    Jul 11 2012
    Shaun gets himself into a real twist when he dismounts from the rings.
  • 13

    The Ribbon Championsheeps

    Jul 13 2012
    Shaun finishes his ribbon routine with a flourish - leaving the moles tied up in knots.
  • 14

    The Pole Vault Championsheeps

    Jul 13 2012
    When Shaun uses his fellow sheep to construct a pole vault, they take revenge by using the bar...
  • 15

    The BMX Championsheeps

    Jul 11 2012
    A pig's attempt to sabotage the BMX race is foiled by an unexpected meeting in the henhouse.
  • 16

    The Hockey Championsheeps

    Jul 09 2012
    When an old lady realises her umbrella is being used as a hockey stick she seizes the...
  • 17

    The Judo Championsheeps

    Jul 13 2012
    Strictly Come Judo! Shaun and his opponent cannot help expressing themselves to music when...
  • 18

    The Trampoline Championsheeps

    Jul 12 2012
    Shaun takes an unexpectedly energetic journey around the farmyard as his bouncy castle...
  • 19

    The Weightlifting Championsheeps

    Jul 06 2012
    Shaun puts all his effort into lifting the bar until the earth gives way beneath his feet.
  • 20

    The Swimming Championsheeps

    Jul 10 2012
    After a muddy race the spectators wait with anticipation to see who is revealed as the winner.
  • 21

    The Hammer Championsheeps

    Jul 12 2012
    The Farmer discovers one of his wellies is missing! He summons Bitzer to retrieve it just as...
  • 22

    If You Can't Stand The Heat

    Sep 07 2007
    Timmy accidentally eats a tomato grown with Miracle-Grow fertilizer, and expands to become the...
  • 23

    The Visitor

    Sep 04 2007
    Bitzer glues the Farmer's broken glasses back together - but when the Flock get their hooves...
  • 24

    Helping Hound

    Sep 11 2007
    The Farmer is terrorised when a cute mouse appears in the farmhouse and Pidsley the cat is...
  • 25

    Shaun Encounters

    Sep 14 2007
    The Farmer wants to turn the tree in Shaun's field into firewood. So the Flock must take...