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Below is a complete Sheena, Queen of the Jungle episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Sheena, Queen of the Jungle episodes are listed along with the Sheena, Queen of the Jungle episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Sheena, Queen of the Jungle episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items, including “Fair Stranger,” “Sacred River” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Sheena, Queen of the Jungle episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Crash in the Jungle Feb 10 1957 - Two gun runners, Gunther and Tinkler, are providing rifles to Tanyika, the Asian leader of the Murani tribe so that he can fulfil his aspirations of becoming leader of all of the Masai lands. ...more

Cry Wolf Bob is guiding a mine's security officer, Logan (right), in pursuit of two diamond thieves, Brunner and Keegle, who have stolen a bag of uncut diamonds. The thieves agree to supply rifles to the ...more

Curse of the Voodoo Oct 12 1955 - Pepe Da Vega, a spoilt and headstrong playboy, accompanies Bob on a mission to persuade the belligerent Chipala tribe to allow neighbouring tribes to use their sacred river to transport their ...more

Devil's Mountain Mar 03 1957 - Bob guides an elderly film maker named Phillip Sargent (far left) into the jungle to attempt to photograph the elusive and inhospitable Nakuru tribe because he has long harboured a wish to do ...more

The Elephant God Nov 25 1956 - An animal trapper named Dakin, who Bob is guiding, has a confrontation with Sheena when she catches him hunting protected okapis (right). He then offends her even more by offering to buy Chim ...more

Eyes of the Idol Dec 24 1956 - Sheena outwits a scheming thug who tries to force the sale of the jungle trading post by turning the native customers against its kindly old owner, who he eventually murders.

Fair Stranger Bob is guiding a bombastic fight promoter, Rowdy Regan (right), to the village of the Ganyikas because he is looking for a new prize fighter to replace his previous champion, Tomanda, who was ...more

Forbidden Cargo Nov 11 1955 - Sheena learns that a rogue hunter has been hired by a man and his prim sister to lead them on on a big game hunting party, despite the fact that the man is going blind from the blow of a buffalo

Forbidden Land Oct 07 1956 - Chuck Davis, an Impetuous wildlife photographer who Bob is guiding, impresses Sheena by taking a Polaroid photograph of her (right). When he expresses a desire to photograph the Wasahili voodoo ...more

The Ganyika Kid Nov 04 1956 - Bob guides a young woman, Virginia Clay, into the jungle in search of the site where her parents plane crashed many years before. Her crabby uncle, Roger, doubts her story of being raised by a ...more

Hot Treasure Feb 17 1957 - An outlaw's teenage daughter runs into the jungle after her father is killed during a robbery. Sheena finds the defiant girl, who is injured, and tries to help her and teach her a lesson. Bob ...more

Jungle Manhunt Nov 22 1955 - Sheena clashes with Helfer, a surly and belligerent prospector, who Bob is helping in his search for precious minerals (right). They are both captured in a fight with the The Leopard Men, a ...more

Land of the Rogues Bob and Sheena try to help the chief of the Kikuyu tribe who has found his village burned and the women and children taken by Mau Mau warriors. Also missing are his own wife and son, and he ...more

The Lash Jan 06 1957 - Evans, who runs the local trading post, tells Bob that recently the Nokobo tribe have ceased trading and have begun stealing from him. Sheena investigates and learns that the tribe have begun ...more

The Leopard Men Dec 09 1956 - Mantu, the son and heir of Kimo, the recently deceased chief of the Askari tribe, has been wrongly accused of murder in Nairobi by Chester, a crooked tax collector (second from left). Chester ...more

The Magic Bag Bull Kendall, a professional thug and murderer, forces Bob into leading him and his mild-mannered wife, Helen, into the country of the Ninomo tribe. The Ninomos are reputed to have a large store ...more

Mark of the Giant Bull Kendall, who has survived an attack by crocodiles, rescues Rafik from his Ninomo guards and together they decide to continue their quest for the valuable musk treasure of the Ninomos. ...more

Perilous Journey Dec 16 1956 - Bull Kendall and his accomplice, Rafik, team up with an ex-vaudeville magician named Turpin in a Tanganyikan prison camp. All three escape in a truck loaded with bags of lime and they decide to ...more

The Renegades Diane Russell, the sister-in-law of Colonel Deveridge, a widowed plantation owner, wants to take over Deveridge's plantation and begins by trying to kill his son, David. She abandons him in the ...more

The Rival Queen Jan 20 1957 - Roani, an imaginative little native girl with a reputation for concocting stories, skips school to be with Sheena, her idol. She pretend to be a lost orphan but Sheena learns the truth she asks ...more

Sacred River When the plane of Andy Howard, the local bush pilot, crashes in the jungle Sheena rescues him and takes him to her hut. Bob, who has been waiting for Andy in Mombassa, makes friends with Clare ...more

Secret of the Temple The chief of the local village asks for Sheena's help because one of the members of the tribe has been murdered, a very rare occurence in their society. Bob is also robbed and captured while ...more

The Test Oct 21 1956 - Bob's agrees to take Nugu, a distressed teenage boy, with him on a photography assignment into the dangerous Nagambo country because the boy's home is near his destination. On route Bob's safari ...more

Touch of Death Mar 17 1957 - A group of unscrupulous renegades steal a sacred relic which they use to enslave the entire village. The tribe believe that the relic possesses great power and they they must follow the orders ...more

Jungle Pursuit Dec 31 1956 - Sheena and Bob must rush to help save the life of Dr Mitchell Heller (below left) whose life is in danger from Eddie Lewis, a treacherous safari guide (below centre). Sylvia, Heller's daughter ...more

Touch Of Death Oct 05 1955 - Goma, the Winuza witchdoctor, overhears Bob blame himself for having "the touch of death" after two ivory poachers that he and Sheena were tracking are killed by a lion. Goma conveys ...more

Trade Of The Killer Nov 14 1955 -

Land Of The Rogue