TV Episodes Full List of Silk Stalkings Episodes

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Below is a complete Silk Stalkings episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Silk Stalkings episodes are listed along with the Silk Stalkings episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Silk Stalkings episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Killer Cop” to “Daddy Dearest” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Silk Stalkings episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.


Powder Burn Mar 26 1992 - Hutch goes undercover as a Jamaican drug dealer, in order to stop a gun-runner and drug kingpin. Meanwhile, Rita tries to work out her relationship with an old flame, who wants to rekindle their ...more

Going to Babylon Nov 14 1991 - When a man is found dead on the side of the road, the death appears to have been caused by a heart attack, but the two cops don't think all is as it seems. Chris and Rita suspect that a couple ...more

In the Name of Love Nov 28 1991 - A man is killed by a bale hook while trying to deliver a million-dollar ransom for his kidnapped daughter. When Chris and Rita investigate, they slowwly discover that there really was no ...more

Squeeze Play Jan 30 1992 - A baseball-team owner is killed with a baseball bat, while his wife calls 911. The main suspect is a baseball player named DJ Martin. While Chris waits for the suspect, Rita goes to talk to the ...more

Internal Affair Feb 20 1992 - After answering a 10-18, burglary in progress, Chris returns fire on, and kills, one of the delinquents trying to drive away. The other felon disappears, as well as gun belonging to the criminal ...more

Curtain Call Jan 02 1992 - A woman is found dead in her pool by her next door neighbor. The evidence points to a mystery woman who could also have been the victim's lover. Meanwhile, Chris gets reunited with an old ...more

Dirty Laundry Dec 12 1991 - When a congressman is found dead and naked by the sea, Chris and Rita are assigned to the case. Their first actions are to question the dead man's family, and to check the guest list from the ...more

Intensive Care Jan 23 1992 - Chris and Rita investigate the death of a surgeon who was murdered with a scalpel. The evidence points to another doctor who was beat out by the deceased for a promotion. Meanwhile, Chris gets ...more

Witness Feb 27 1992 - A man who, at first, thinks that he'd like to see his wife in bed with another man becomes jealous of the other man, and kills him. But, while he is dumping off the body, he is seen by a ...more

Shock Jock Feb 06 1992 - A woman is found shot-to-death in her shower. The person who found the body was the victim's lover--a ""Shock Radio"" host. Chris' main suspect is the host, but his alibi is ...more

Men Seeking Women Dec 05 1991 - Chris and Rita investigate the death of a young woman. Soon, they discover that her murder was part of a serial killing by a man who finds his victims in the singles ads. So Rita places an ad in ...more

Lady Luck Mar 12 1992 - After finding a realtor's business card in a dead man's wallet, Chris and Rita confront the woman. In exchange for immunity, she helps the two detectives set up a sting operation against the ...more

S.O.B. Nov 21 1991 - A man winds up dead on the beach, so Chris goes to search the deceased's office. While there, Lorenzo finds a date book with the entry ""S.O.B."" and a roll of film. Chris ...more

Blo-Dri Jan 16 1992 - Chris and Rita investigate the deaths of a mob lawyer and his hairdresser, who were shot in the barber shop. While Chris thinks the main target was the mob lawyer, Rita thinks it could have been ...more

Hard Copy Dec 19 1991 - Lorenzo and Lance investigate the murder of a loathed publisher. Chris talks to the deceased's wife, who was about to tell her husband that she wanted a divorce because of his infidelity. The ...more

Domestic Agenda Mar 05 1992 - Chris and Rita investigate the death of a young nanny. The suspect is a wife who saw her husband having an affair with the deceased, but she says that she was sleeping during time of the murder. ...more

Working Girl Mar 19 1992 - Chris and Rita investigate the death of a call girl. The only suspect is her last client--a judge up for reelection. Now Chris and Rita have to find the only witness to the murder: another call

The Sock Drawer Feb 13 1992 - A mysterious woman calls the police to report a murder that is going to happen at Ocean Park, near the carousel. When Lorenzo and Lance get there, they are fired upon, even after identifying ...more

The Brotherhood Jan 09 1992 - A young girl is found dead by a jogging schoolmate, but Chris and Rita think it is a ""silver platter homicide."" Soon, the evidence shows that the girl was gang-raped. In ...more

Pilot Nov 07 1991 - Chris and Rita investigate the death of a model, who was killed in her condo. The main suspect is Gator Ramsey, the deceased's husband, who was planning a divorce. Soon, however, it looks as ...more

Noir (1) Apr 18 1992 - In this two part episode, a very happy Tom Ryan breaks the news to a shocked Cassy St. John that he is to be married. His world starts to fall apart when he is accused of shooting a man in cold ...more

Noir (2) Apr 18 1992 - In this two part episode, a very happy Tom Ryan breaks the news to a shocked Cassy St. John that he is to be married. His world starts to fall apart when he is accused of shooting a man in cold ...more

Was It Good for You Too? Feb 11 1993 - A woman who names herself Diana - according to Ancient Greek Mythology - phones the radio host Melissa Cassidy announcing to hunt and trap down a man to kill him while having sex with him.

Soul Kiss May 13 1993 - Chris and Rita investigate a couple whose therapeutic theories are quite cosmic, but they seem to make decisions that breaks the law.

Star Signs Apr 29 1993 - A leading astrologer has no suspicion at all when a dangerous man i having affairs with both his excellent assistant and his wife.

In Too Deep Nov 12 1992 - Jackie Ruis sleeps with the enemy, who is riding many ubhappy souls to an infernal 'Nirvana'.

Irreconcilable Differences Jan 07 1993 - The photographer Solonge is making friends with Erika Bunch, but it turns out to be short-lived as she finds her dead body early next morning.

Love - 15 Dec 10 1992 - A yong hopeful tennis talented girl is coached by her stepfather sometimes 8 hours a day. Is this too hard for her or does she really enjoy it?

Giant Steps May 06 1993 - A dead man falls down the stairs at his own birthday party. Seconds before the tumble he looks alive, but Death strikes faster than Gravity.

Bad Blood Nov 19 1992 - His young brother is having his hands tied by the maid and his parents are brutally attacked, Ron Gershak's diary notes arise suspicion.

Hot Rocks Nov 26 1992 - Some male treasure hunters are learning the hard way that diamonds are not a boy's best friends. Yet the results are quite differing.

Scorpio Lover Dec 03 1992 - Liza Gutierrez cannot help feeling attracted to a man wearing gloves - even as he drinks with her and makes love to her, but what more can he do with these gloves on??

Jasmine Jan 28 1993 - Rita has frequently nightmares about her father's suicide, and they are intensified when her friend and colleague, Tina Maxwell, is murdered. A talk with an old boss makes her reopen a half ...more

The Queen is Dead Dec 17 1992 - A beauty contest is about to take place when last year's queen is found murdered. But the show must go on, and the police takes the special measure to let Chris Lorenzo take a new identity and ...more

Look The Other Way May 20 1993 - Chris Lorenzo does not look the other way, when a man and a woman quarrel. The night after he is trapped by a hired killer, who falls into the grave himself, but then Chris is chased by ...more

Goodtime Charlie Sep 24 1992 - A nightmare from Chris Lorenzo's past creeps into any part of his life.

Baser Instincts Sep 17 1992 - A film company is intrigued by mystery. Is 'Clean Nation' a hard-line right-wing religious group or a morbid face-lift device?

Dead Weight Feb 18 1993 - Dan Borson, a businessman with both wife and lover is unexpectedly 'helped' when weight-training alone at home.

Crush Feb 04 1993 - Darren Langford, a memmber of Chris'Lorenzo's basketball team, gets involved with a rich and dangerous family.

Voices May 27 1993 - A 'Dream Girl' is found dead by Rita's favourite senior police officer. He is heavily implicated, but then Rita steps in as a new 'Dream Girl'.

Social Call Oct 29 1992 - A crossroad of DIRT entangles the lovely Carla Kelly's life, and the wealthy couple, Wellman, 'arrives'.

Night Games Apr 01 1993 - A young woman is playing lethal games with both husband and lover, and none of them has the slightest suspicion that her hottest desires points at her husband's female secretary.

Wild Card Nov 05 1992 - Everything melts for Jimmy Snow, when a 'rattle-snake' turns against him to 'protect' his stable of girls.

Kid Stuff Feb 25 1993 - Dr. Richard Wyman's wife is shot to death at their front door, at this makes it difficult for Cotton Dunn to make a decent business work.

Meat Market Apr 22 1993 - A young FBI Agent is killed. She was trying to stop a criminal married couple from cheating young and lonesome girls into sexual slavery by promising them attractive modelling jobs. Chris, Rita ...more

Crime of Love Jun 10 1993 -

The Party's Over Dec 12 1993 - Rita's shot unrecognizably to death at her own apartment just to show herself very much alive a few days later. The victim was her flat-sitter, but who was the real target?

To Serve And Protect Oct 17 1993 - The cute and charming leader of the criminal underworld of Palm Beach is being attacked by his old leader from New York, but with some hesitation of their boss the local police super-duo turns ...more

Daddy Dearest Nov 21 1993 - A man tells his step-daughter that he longs for her to come home from school the next day. She knows he will abuse her, but when she gets home she finds his dead body.