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Below is a complete Silver Spoons episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Silver Spoons episodes are listed along with the Silver Spoons episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Silver Spoons episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Boys Will Be Boys” to “Second Class Parent.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Silver Spoons episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Evelyn Returns Oct 30 1982 - Rick's mother Evelyn arrives to challenge Edward for custody.

The Empire Strikes Out Feb 26 1983 - Edward II tries to get Kate to move to California so Edward will marry someone to expand the family fortune.

The Great Computer Caper Nov 06 1982 - Ricky is interviewed by a school reporter and goes on the run after hacking into a top secret government file.

The Best Christmas Ever Dec 18 1982 - Edward and Ricky play Santa to a family living in a cave on their property.

Honor Thy Father Nov 20 1982 - Ricky forces Edward to attend a banquet honoring Edward II.

Pilot Sep 25 1982 - Edward Stratton III is the epitome of the overgrown child. His lawyer Leonard Rollins has just informed him that his business manager Lou says he is broke and Edward is more interested in ...more

Father Nature Nov 27 1982 - Ricky convinces Edward to take him camping so he can earn his badger paws.

Popcorn Feb 05 1983 - Ricky volunteers Edward to buy 1000 bags of popcorn to send the band to Washington.

Falling in Love Again Dec 11 1982 - Kate goes on a grudge date to make Edward jealous. It works and the two admit their feelings for each other in the middle of Carnegie Hall.

Grandfather Stratton Oct 09 1982 - Ricky wants to meet his grandfather.

Me & Mr. T Oct 16 1982 - When Ricky is bullied at school, Edward hires a bodyguard to make sure the problem never happens again.

Junior Businessman Feb 12 1983 - Edward gives Ricky an ice cream parlor to run for a week as a school assignment.

Three's a Crowd Feb 19 1983 - Ricky feels left out when Kate joins them on a ski trip.

Twelve Angry Kids Jan 15 1983 - Ox,the bully,(see Me and Mr.T)takes Ricky to court for whiplash and is in a wheelchair. Ricky insists that the jury be made up of twelve kids.

A Little Magic Dec 04 1982 - Convinced that Kate is in love with him, Ricky decides to set her up with Edward.

Won't You Go Home, Bob Danish? Mar 05 1983 - The man Kate used to make Edward jealous (*see Falling In Love Again) crashes his airplane in the Stratton's backyard to impress her.

The `X' Team Apr 30 1983 - Kate catches Ricky, JT and Freddy watching an X-rated movie while Edward is sleeping.

Takin' a Chance on Love Oct 23 1982 - Ricky gets his first taste of puppy love when a new girl named Sally Frumble transfers to his school.

I'm Just Wild About Harry Nov 13 1982 - Ricky and Derek find a lost orangutan and Ricky wants to keep him.

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Jan 08 1983 - After Derek saves his life Ricky is forced to pose as his date at a co-ed party.

The Toy Wonder Jan 22 1983 - Ricky pretends to like an obnoxious girl so Edward can hire her as a toy consultant.

Boys Will Be Boys Oct 02 1982 - Rickys friend Derrick moves into the neighborhood and convinces him that the only reason Edward dosent punish him is because he dosent love him.

Changes Mar 03 1984 - Ricky thinks that a fellow baseball player likes him when in all actuality it's Edward that she wants.

A Summer's Romance (2) Mar 17 1984 - Edward is forced to choose between Kate and Veronica.

Mr. Cool Feb 04 1984 - Ricky turns punk rocker to try to impress a girl.

The World's Greatest Father Jan 21 1984 - JT's father is offended by how much time Edward is spending with his son.

St. Louis Blues Feb 11 1984 - After his parents have an argument, Derek hides out at Ricky's. His mother arrives to take him to St. Louis. ** This is Jason Bateman's final appearance.

A Hunting We Will Go Feb 18 1984 - Against his better judgment Edward agrees to let Ricky go hunting with Grandfather.

Hi, Mom Apr 07 1984 - Kate's mom arrives for a surprise visit and discovers that Kate and Edward are involved.

I Want to Be Alone Jan 28 1984 - Dexter gets dragged to the country for a camping trip by the family.

Happy Birthday Dec 10 1983 - The family celebrates Ricky's 13th birthday with an evening of arguments.

Sounds of Silence Dec 17 1983 - Ricky pretends to play in the school orchestra's production of Peter and the Wolf so Edward won't be disappointed that he isn't musical.

Rick the Greek Jan 07 1984 - Ricky gets in over his head when he, Derek and Freddy bet on football games.

Hospital Nov 12 1983 - Edward is hospitalized when he has a gallstone attack.

Menudo Madness Dec 03 1983 - To impress a girl, Ricky promises to have the pop group Menudo play at his private party.

Passports to Pleasure Oct 15 1983 - Derek and Ricky pick up cheerleaders while in Chicago for a Badger Patrol convention.

Blazing Hotel Rooms Mar 31 1984 - Edward, Ricky and Dexter are trapped as their hotel catches on fire during a toy convention.

Attack of the Giant Frog People Oct 22 1983 - Derek and JT put frogs in Freddy's sleeping bag during a slumber party. Ricky hurts Freddy by saying that he isn't his friend.

A Summer's Romance (1) Mar 10 1984 - Edward's former girlfriend decides she wants him back.

Mr. President Nov 19 1983 - Ricky daydreams that he is the President of the United States.

Uneasy Rider Jan 14 1984 - Ricky manipulates Evelyn into buying him a motor bike after Edward said he couldn't have one.

Spare the Rod Mar 24 1984 - Ricky discovers that a friend is being beaten by his father.

A Fair to Remember Oct 29 1983 - Ricky impresses his science teacher by doing a project with laser beams. Kate is promoted to Vice President of Eddie Toys.

Driver Ed Nov 26 1983 - While Edward and Kate are away Grandfather tries to teach Ricky to drive.

The Babysitters Apr 07 1985 - While babysitting, Rick suspects that 6-year-old Beth is a victim of parental kidnapping.

The Call of the Wild Nov 25 1984 - Rick's mom shows up with an ex-pro football player as a boyfriend and a ""new"" outlook on life.

Trouble with Words Feb 24 1985 - Bruce Jenner helps solve the puzzle of Alfonso's poor school performance - the missing piece is the learning disorder dyslexia.

Special Friend Jan 13 1985 - Rick finds out that he can't ""save the world"" when he gets involved with a peer-counseling program.

Rick and the Legend Feb 03 1985 - Rick is estatic when a hip 16-year-old wants to hang around him, but Edward is suspect of his motives - especially when his gold pen suddenly disappears.

Survival of the Fittest Sep 23 1984 - Ricky starts his first day in high school.