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Full List of Sister, Sister Episodes

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Below is a complete Sister, Sister episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Sister, Sister episodes are listed along with the Sister, Sister episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Sister, Sister episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. You can vote for any of these items, from “For the People” to “Kid iN Play.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Sister, Sister episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • 1

    The Meeting

    Apr 01 1994
    The twins discover each other in a clothing store, but learn that they may be separated again when Lisa confesses that she was fired weeks ago and has found a new job in St. Louis. The twins conspire...
  • 2

    Slumber Party

    Apr 08 1994
    Tia and Tamera host a slumber party, while Lisa puts her hopes of romance to rest after catching her two-timing beau in the act....
  • 3

    Love Strikes

    Jul 04 1994
    Tia and Tamera tries to break up Ray and a woman he met at a bowling alley....
  • 4

    Cheater, Cheater

    Apr 14 1994
    To impress her dad with better grades, Tamera persuades honor student Tia to take a history test in her place....
  • 5

    The Birthday

    Jun 28 1994
    A special limousine trip to Chicago celebrating the twins' first birthday together leaves a friend of Tamera's feeling like a fifth wheel....
  • 6

    Wedding Bells & Box Boys

    Aug 02 1994
    Danielle's wedding is suddenly called off; Tia is pleased when asked out by a supermarket box boy; and things aren't always as they appear when Ray is caught kissing someone else's bride, and Tia's...
  • 7

    The Pimple

    May 06 1994
    When Tia's anxieties about a prominent pimple come to a head, she asks Tamera to go out on a date in her place....
  • 8

    Out Alone

    Apr 29 1994
    Meanwhile, Lisa convinces Ray to take Little Ray to the vet and Ray doesn't want to pay for the bill....
  • 9

    Mothers and Other Strangers

    Aug 29 1994
    While the twins prepare for a talent show, Lisa and Ray have to juggle a visit from Lisa's mother, who thinks they're married....
  • 10

    First Dates

    Apr 01 1994
    Having found a date, Tamera sidesteps a pact with Tia in which they agreed to forego the school dance unless they both had dates....
  • 11

    Car Trouble

    May 20 1994
    When Tamera damages Ray's car, Tia is in on the coverup, but Ray blames Lisa for the scratch. Meanwhile, Lisa wants Ray to help bake 80 loaves of bread for a fund-raiser...
  • 12

    The Concert

    Sep 06 1994
    Appalled by lyrics to a rap song, Lisa and Ray refuse to buy concert tickets for the twins, who scheme to meet their rock idol and are disappointed....
  • 13

    Scrambled Eggs

    Mar 24 1995
    Tia and Tamera's school project on parenting isn't what it's cracked up to be when Tamera is paired with Roger; Lisa tries to impress Terrence's religious parents; and Ray gives an E-mail dating...
  • 14

    Put to the Test

    Mar 01 1995
    The twins get surprising SAT scores; bullies have Roger on the run; and Lisa is snubbed by the owner of a clothing boutique....
  • 15

    Kid iN Play

    Mar 15 1995
    Tia's handed the lead in the school play - after Tamera forfeits the part by being late for a rehearsal....
  • 16

    It's a Party Thang

    Feb 15 1995
    In an effort to reassert themselves socially, the twins plan the party to end all parties - and, when their guests are late, Lisa, Ray and Roger round up some replacements....
  • 17

    Smoking in the Girls' Room

    Mar 31 1995
    When Lisa uses the twins' new answering machine to monitor their activites, she discovers that they may have started smoking....
  • 18

    Field Trip

    Feb 22 1995
    On a school field trip, a cool teacher loses his temper with the twins and gives them detention; and Roger's crush leads him to thievery—and infamy—when the museum's love statue ends up with...
  • 19

    Dream Lover

    Mar 22 1995
    Tia's grossed out by a bizarre dream in which she finds herself to be the object of her boss's affection; Lisa fixes Ray up with a blind date....
  • 20

    I Do?

    Apr 28 1995
    After Terrence proposes, Lisa makes plans for her big day—until a bizarre dream makes her think twice about the nuptuals....
  • 21

    Single White Teenager

    Apr 14 1995
    Tamera finds a new buddy while Tia's sick at home, but the twins are freaked out when the girl begins to act and dress like them in order to secure their friendship....
  • 22

    Playing Hooky

    Apr 07 1995
    Ray gets testy with Lisa when she pulls the twins out of school for a day of fun - just as they're about to take a big history exam....
  • 23

    Two for the Road

    Feb 01 1995
    Tia and Tamera get mad at their parents when they are trying to teach them how to drive for the first time....
  • 24

    Operation: Deja View

    Jan 11 1995
    Simultaneous appendicitis attacks lead the twins to seek their birth parents' identities by searching through hospital records....
  • 25

    It's a Love Thang

    Dec 14 1994
    Tia helps Tamara meets a cute guy they see on the bus; Lisa tries to tell Terrence she loves him....