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Below is a complete Solved episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Solved episodes are listed along with the Solved episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Solved episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Bike Path Killer” and “Time for Justice.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Solved episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Grave Danger Jan 05 2009 - A 29-year-old woman vanishes, and the ensuing probe leads investigators to switch their focus on her estranged husband to another man.

The Dark Side Dec 22 2008 - A teenage love triangle is exposed after an 18-year-old woman's body is discovered in a makeshift grave.

Oct 13 2008 -

Burden of Proof Dec 29 2008 - The authorities suspect the husband in the murder of a young mother in Texas.

The Watch Man Dec 01 2008 - Who would murder such a nice lady? And why? Cooperation of the public and family with the Pinellas PD was just as important in solving this case as forensics. A photo of the victim wearing a ...more

An Eye for Murder Oct 20 2008 - When a pediatric ophthalmologist is killed in his parking lot and his Lexus is missing, police suspect a carjacking. His wife suggests a former partner's jealousy should be considered.

Broken Vows Three pieces of luggage filled with the dismembered body of William McGuire are retrieved from Chesapeake Bay.

Blood Money

Behind Closed Doors Unusual forensic experts helped solve the 2004 murder of Charlene Hummert: forensic linguists, soil analysts, photometrics, and computer recovery. Even without being allowed to know the man had ...more

Secrets and Bombs A city is rocked by a series of package bombings that leave two people dead. In the course of their investigation, the detectives stumble across one of the greatest forgeries in history.

Shattered Silence Detectives get a surprise tip for their murder probe six months after the victim was killed.

Minister for Murder Oct 27 2008 - A man confesses to killing his polygamous wife but refuses to give details. Where's the body? What's the method or motive? Forensics is the key to bring this self-appointed "minister"

Aug 03 2009 - Three millionaire family members are shot to death in Fresno, CA. It seems like an inside job. The only survivor, the Ewell's son, has an airtight alibi. Police focus in on him when his ...more

The Green Dragon Aug 24 2009 - The bodies of Jack and Linda Myers are discovered shot to death by their four-year-old grandson. Police have few leads until a tip breaks the case open.

Last Man Standing Oct 26 2009 - Solved examines the case of Elise Makdessi who was discovered tied to bed and stabbed to death after her husband called 911 claiming to have shot her attacker.

Life and Death Nov 02 2009 - A pregnant woman is found strangled to death with her baby removed in a crude Cesarean section. Police attempt to reconstruct the crime and eventually discover the kidnapper Lisa Montgomery.

Lost Decades Nov 16 2009 - Karin Strom is found strangled to death in her home. Twenty-six years later, DNA from the crime scene leads to her killer.

Betrayal Sep 07 2009 - Ronald Whitehead is shot in the back of the head kicked out of a car in an apparent carjacking. When police investigate the crime, a trail of clues lead right back to the family's home.

Gone But Not Forgotten Jul 27 2009 - A dead woman in found in a suitcase at a Texas landfill and is later identified as Summer Baldwin. By tracking the suitcase and interviewing witnesses, police discover the the man responsible ...more

No Way Out Oct 19 2009 - Rhonda Ward is abducted in the parking lot of the store she manages. Police examine the surveillance footage of the crime and attempt to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Written in Blood Jul 20 2009 - Solved examines the murder of Karen Pannell who was stabbed to death in her Florida home leaving a crime scene with initials written in blood on the wall. Other evidence, however, points in a ...more

A Test of Time Aug 17 2009 - The body of Dana Satterfield is found in her beauty salon shaking the small town of Roebuck, South Carolina. Police attempt to reconstruct the crime with evidence pointing to her husband, but ...more

Truth in Shadows Aug 10 2009 - Jennifer Myers is shot dead in an art gallery in Pennsylvania. Police attempt to reconstruct the crime to find out who is responsible. Ultimately they need the help of an astronomy professor to ...more

Poisoned by Love Nov 09 2009 - Stacey Castor calls 911 to report the suicide of her husband David by the ingestion of alcohol and antifreeze. As police investigate several inconsistencies in the story, they are shocked when ...more

Sin Aug 31 2009 - The body of a Rhonda Smith is discovered one morning in a Pennsylvania Lutheran Church. The police investigation leads to a woman who is infatuated with the Church's pastor.