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Below is a complete Spawn episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Spawn episodes are listed along with the Spawn episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Spawn episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. “Endgame” and “Home,Bitter Home” are included on this poll, along with many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Spawn episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Complete Spawn A look behind the scenes of Spawn the Animated Series.

Home, Bitter Home Commentary Todd McFarlane provides commentary for the first episode of season two.

Extended Interview with Todd McFarlane Todd McFarlane talks everything Spawn

Complete Spawn 2 Todd McFarlane provides commentary for the last episode of the Spawn series.

Prophecy Commentary Todd McFarlane provides commentary for the first episode of the Spawn series.

The McFarlane Process Todd McFarlane talks everything Spawn

Behind the Scenes Todd McFarlane provides commentary for the first episode of season three.

Complete Spawn 3 The third chapter of this compelling HBO miniseries answers a number of questions--namely, who is the omnipotent old man who hides in the shadows and why is the mysterious Asian reporter (Jade) ...more

Burning Visions Commentary Todd McFarlane provides commentary for the first episode of the Spawn series.

The Mindkiller Commentary Todd McFarlane provides commentary for the first episode of season three.

Burning Visions May 16 1997 - His name is Spawn. Spawn knows death. He is a dead man returned to the living by the forces of Hell. What he doesn't know is who or what he is now.

Evil Intent May 23 1997 - Child killer, and demon in training Bill Kincaid, murders again and dumps the body in the alley where Spawn has found a home among the homeless.

No Rest, No Peace May 30 1997 - Spawn meets Cogliostro and demands to know what the old man knows about who he is and why he is here.

Dominoes Jun 06 1997 - While Spawn waits for the next event in the battle between Heaven and Hell, Antonio Twistelli tries to make amends with the big man after the destruction of Overkill.

Souls in the Balance Jun 13 1997 - Warriors can feel forces massing against them. The agonizing wait for battle becomes a way of life, turning and twisting their dark souls. Feeding tense rage that boils deep within every ...more

Endgame Jun 20 1997 - After torturing a stool-pigeon, Spawn learns that it was Antonio Twistelli who kidnapped Cyan while at the safe house. But Tony's boys have lost the girl to the deadly hands of Billy Kincaid. ...more

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Access Denied May 22 1998 - Spawn is tortured, and tormented by relentless dreams of Terry sleeping with Wanda. Nightmares where the two of them are happy to be rid of Al Simmons, happy that he's dead. They are the ...more

Colors of Blood May 29 1998 - Wynn's search for the missing Terry Fitzgerald continues. He sits and meets with Wanda, while outside Merrick and a team of killers waits to ambush Terry when he arrives home. Terry tries to ...more

Send in the KKKlowns Jun 05 1998 - A sick and twisted killer who answers to the master, Malebolgia is on a mission of death. The killer is stalking the city in search of minorities and murdering them in the name of cleansing. ...more

Hellzapoppin Jun 19 1998 - Now, it is Jason Wynn who is the haunted man. His schemes are crumbling. His sleep is an endless series of nightmarish visions. He is convinced that he is being called by an evil force and ...more

Jun 12 1998 - Jason Wynn is spooked. Some outside force is tampering with his business. He tells Merrick to hire agents outside the agency to track Terry Fitzgerald. Merrick wants to do it herself, but Wynn ...more

Home,Bitter Home May 15 1998 - Where do the dead belong in the world of the living? For this newest Spawn, moments of peace never come. Winter. Memories of his life as Al Simmons continue to haunt Spawn as more and more ...more

The Mindkiller May 23 1999 - Within every Hellspawn, a battle is waged. What scraps of humanity can they hold on to? What master do they serve? A withered man crawls among the bugs in a cell muttering, don't let the demons ...more

Twitch Is Down May 24 1999 - How does one find humanity in an alley? How does one regain one's soul... An abandoned church. Memories rip through Spawn's fragmented mind. Frustrated with his plight, the Hellspawn lashes out, ...more

Seed of the Hellspawn May 25 1999 - Twitch lies wounded in his hospital bed, his memory as shattered as his brain. The blame for the shooting has been shifted to Spawn when in fact the shooter is Chief Banks, a Jason Wynn puppet. ...more

Hunter's Moon May 26 1999 - The full moon illuminates the scum of Spawn Alley as a predator pimp beats on one of his hookers. Spawn watches the incident and remembers his own violent past. He remembers when Wanda found his ...more

Chasing the Serpent May 27 1999 - Before hell swindled his life, mercenary Al Simmons ventured into the heat of the jungle to retrieve Major Forsberg, a fallen soldier who sought sanctuary in a hidden temple to escape the ...more

Prophecy May 28 1999 - The Hellspawn stands closer to his destiny. He lies caught between two forces, Heaven and Hell, a prisoner in a scheme that is not his own. Heaven's bounty hunters appear outside the sanctuary. ...more