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Below is a complete Static Shock episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Static Shock episodes are listed along with the Static Shock episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Static Shock episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Duped” and “Hoop Squad.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Static Shock episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Shock to the System Sep 23 2000 - Virgil Hawkins is a smart, funny teen that gets beat up by gang leader Francis, who calls himself ""F-Stop."" The other gang leader, Wade, protects him a couple of times, but ...more

Aftershock Sep 30 2000 - Metahumans are everywhere and most of them are doing crimes. Virgil begins to fight crime as Static, but when the bully ""F-Stop"" comes back as a metahuman himself, able to ...more

The Breed Oct 07 2000 - Asked to tutor a track star, Virgil discovers that he is another ""bang baby"", who mutates into a 7-foot bruiser and has been recruited into a criminal gang run by a shadowy

Grounded Oct 14 2000 - While fighting Carmen Dillo, Static encounters a large amoeba with a taste for meat, mainly people. Static shocks it and grabs a piece of it to study. He and Richie go into school after hours to ...more

They're Playing My Song Nov 11 2000 - Rubberband Man breaks into a record company, trying to find the man who stole his hit song from him. A record executive says it was Ice Pack. Ice Pack is living off of RB Man's wealth now since ...more

The New Kid Nov 18 2000 - Virgil's dad and Principal agree that he is too smart to stay in Dakota High school. With the help of a scholarship, they send him to an advanced Science and Technology school, where he meets ...more

Child's Play Dec 02 2000 - Dwayne looks up to his step brother, Aron, who just got out of juvenile hall and moved back in with them. Virgil knows Aron hasn't changed his thieving ways, and wishes Dwayne didn't admire him ...more

Sons of the Fathers Dec 09 2000 - Virgil wonders why Richie never invites him over to his house to hang out. Richie tries to avoid the question, but Virgil presses and Richie invites him over on a night he thinks his father will ...more

Winds of Change Dec 16 2000 - A bang baby named Slipstream, who can control the wind, uses his powers for food and destruction. Richie comes up with new ways for Static to fight crime, but Virgil just wants to hang out with ...more

Bent Out of Shape Jan 27 2001 - Sharon dates a rapper who turns out to be the escaped criminal, Rubberband Man. He really does like Sharon but goes on the run. She convinces him to turn himself in, but Virgil doesn't see any ...more

Junior Feb 10 2001 - Static's arch enemy, Edwin Alva, opens a new civic center. Alva's son, Alva Jr., tries to get his father's attention, but is repeatedly ignored and scolded. Junior tries to help his father by ...more

Replay Mar 03 2001 - A washed up child actor with a grudge goes on a stealing spree at the mall. He is a metahuman with the ability to duplicate himself. Static stops him and chases one of his copies to an abandoned ...more

Tantrum May 12 2001 - Virgil is trying to deal with the loss of his mother as his father and sister prepare a memorial service in her honor. A metahuman, who resembles the Incredible Hulk (only purple) goes on a ...more

The Big Leagues Jan 26 2002 - The Joker has come to Dakota and recruited a gang of metahumans. Ferrett does not want to join and is given laughing gas. Static has his first meeting with Joker's gang when they steal a fire ...more

Power Play Feb 02 2002 - Richie is caught pretending to be a superhero by Static. Richie gets mad when he is told he can never be one and runs off. In a rundown part of town, Richie bumps into an old man. Helping him ...more

Brother-Sister Act Feb 09 2002 - Virgil's sister makes him dinner and he is giving her the usual complaints. He charges it up a little when she isn't looking to make it better. When she touches the plate, her hand gets burned, ...more

Static Shaq Feb 16 2002 - The episode starts out with the Ruffpack stealing guitars. They are stopped by Static who locks them in a room. The Ruffpack manages to escape, with Hyde vowing for revenge. Virgil's dad ...more

Frozen Out Feb 23 2002 - It's Christmas time and everyone is happy. Virgil is a little late to Freida's Hanukah party. Virgil looks outside and sees a power station covered in ice. He melts it and is attacked by an ...more

Sunspots Mar 02 2002 - During science class, Virgil learns that the sun is currently having sunspots. He looks out the window and sees a building on fire. He gets to the scene and finds that his powers are going on ...more

Pop's Girlfriend Mar 09 2002 - On a train, two boys steal a briefcase from a man. In it, they find vials of meta-gas. They quickly put it away when a cop car passes by. That same cop car stops Virgil, while he's on his way ...more

Bad Stretch Mar 23 2002 - The episode starts off with the Breed's newest member, Aquamaria, attacking a football stadium. Static arrives and fights her. She uses her water powers to stop his electricity. Just when she is ...more

Attack of the Living Brain Puppets Apr 06 2002 - The school elections are starting and a girl named Madelyn Spaulding is a candidate. Problem is, she doesn't have any followers. Richie is mad that the school vending machines don't work, and ...more

Duped Apr 27 2002 - The episode starts out in a music store. A new metahuman named Replikon is starting a fuss. Rubberband Man is also in the store and recognizes him. Turns out they were in business together once. ...more

Jimmy May 04 2002 - The episode starts with Richie being put into an ambulance. This is a flashback and Virgil is really in a psychiatrist's office. He is telling her how he couldn't forget something that happened. ...more

A League of Their Own

Hard as Nails Jan 25 2003 - A girl at Virgil's school tries to hide that she is a bang baby. She has super strength and the ability to turn her fingernails into indestructible claws. Once her secret is discovered by ...more

Gear Feb 01 2003 - The episode opens with Richie showing Static his latest invention: A high tech surveillance robot called Backpack. They are interrupted when Ebon and his gang escape from jail and Static goes ...more

Static in Africa Feb 08 2003 - Virgil and his family go on a trip to Ghana. While there Virgil calls Richie and tells him that he's closer to his heritage and doesn't feel like a minority but a person. On a train trip, a ...more

Shebang Feb 15 2003 - While saving some workmen, Static and Gear get a little help from a new superhero who calls herself Shebang. Gear wants to recruit her to the team but Static says no. Daisy and Frieda introduce ...more

The Usual Suspect Feb 22 2003 - Virgil accidently bumps into a large boy at school and insults his size. The boy - Marcus spent time in juvenile hall but he wants to turn his life around, so he goes to Sharon for counseling. A ...more

A League of Their Own (1) Mar 01 2003 - The Justice League Watchtower is hit by a cosmic string and suffers a power outage. Batman suggests Static come to recharge the system Static and Gear go to the Watchtower but while there the ...more

A League of Their Own (2) Mar 08 2003 - The Justice League notice that a huge download has taken place on their computer system and think Braniac has escaped into Gears robot Backpack. Batman gives Flash a picture of Richie and sends ...more

Showtime Mar 22 2003 - After defeating Puff and Onyx, Static and Gear notice a billboard advertising a new show called ""Heros"" staring Static Shock. Static visits the office of film producer Rast ...more

Consequences Apr 05 2003 - Static stops some metahumans with Rubberband Man's help but he tells Static that he shows off too much for the crowd instead of catching the criminals. Static doesn't listen and says he doesn't ...more

Romeo in the Mix Apr 19 2003 - Bernie Rast convinces Lil Romeo to star in a film that Daisy and Frieda will be directing because they won a promotional contest. Romeo doesn't want to do it, but Rast says he can get Static to ...more

Trouble Squared Apr 26 2003 - On a field trip to Alva industries Virgil and Daisy run into Specs and Trapper, their old teachers who designed a science project to defeat Static in the first season. Virgil doesn't trust them ...more

Toys in the Hood May 03 2003 - Darcy disguises herself as a school teacher at Dakota High School to get close to Daisy. Superman comes to Dakota to track down the Toyman. When Daisy is kidnaped he teams up with Static to find ...more

The Parent Trap May 24 2003 - Shebang returns to Dakota because she thinks her parents were kidnaped. She asks Static and Gear for help. They track down a thief who they believe is a new metahuman, but soon discover ...more

Flashback Jun 07 2003 - The city of Dakota dedicates a statue to the rescue workers who helped with the Dakota riots 5 years ago. It's this riot and her getting hit by a stray bullet that killed Virgil's mother. Ebon ...more

Blast from the Past Jun 21 2003 - Sharon convinces Virgil to help her at a retirement home. He is impatient to leave, and when robots rampage downtown Dakota, Virgil has his excuse. He runs to the roof to change into Static when ...more

She-Back! Jan 24 2004 - The episode starts out with Virgil and Richie in a comic shop talking about a comic book character. They see that Madelyn Spaulding is working there and they talk to her. After they leave, she ...more

Out of Africa Jan 31 2004 - Sharon and Virgil help Dr. Anoyke set up a West African Exhibit at the museum. Anoyke receives a call, then hides a golden spider in Sharon's coat and tells her and Virgil to leave. On the way ...more

Fallen Hero Feb 07 2004 - Green Lantern (GL) goes on a crime spree, and Virgil is disappointed that one of his heroes has turned bad. While on patrol, Static and Gear run into GL and try to talk to him. When that doesn't ...more

Army of Darkness Feb 14 2004 - A new group of meta-humans is found beneath the city. This group can't be out in the sunlight, or else they will die. Can Static and Gear help save them, or has Ebon already made them his

No Man's an Island Feb 21 2004 - Static and Hotstreak are captured and taken to a mysterious island for scientific experiments. Now they have one goal: to escape the island alive, but can their hatred for one another cause the ...more

Hoop Squad Feb 28 2004 - Virgil's dad, Robert, buys VIP tickets to the NBA All-Star game in L.A. after gathering money from doing a charity drive. Virgil and Richie walk into one of the courts where they find Karl ...more

Now You See Him ... Mar 13 2004 - The episode starts out at the Dakota Mall. Daisy is looking at a necklace that she wants to buy, but says she doesn't have enough money to. She sees a man staring at her in a mirror. As soon as ...more

Where the Rubber Meets the Road Mar 27 2004 - Adam takes Sharon out on a date, while Virgil and Richie play Adam's Game Station 2. At the restaurant, Adam can't read their menu. The words are all jumbled around, meaning that he has ...more

Linked May 01 2004 - Static and Gear are fighting a new Bang Baby, but they are losing. The Bang Baby runs off, but they do not follow. They have to go to a dinner. The next scene shows the unknown Bang Baby at his ...more

Wet and Wild May 08 2004 - Aquamaria threatens all of Dakota when Hotstreak foils her attempt to return to normal.