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Full List of Storm Hawks Episodes

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Below is a complete Storm Hawks episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Storm Hawks episodes are listed along with the Storm Hawks episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Storm Hawks episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “Best Friends Forever,” “InFinnity” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Storm Hawks episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Sep 20 2008
    The space race is on, and Cyclonia has a head start. After discovering Ravess is commanding a battle platform high in the Stratosphere, the Storm Hawks must go higher, faster and farther than ever...
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    Almos, Most Wanted

    Sep 13 2008
    Robberies have been occurring all over Atmos, and have somehow been linked to the Storm Hawks! They go looking for the culprits while desperately trying to prove to their friends that they are...
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    Talon Academy

    Dec 04 2007
    Being a Cyclonian isn’t as cool as they make it sound – and Aerrow, Radarr and Piper are determined to prove that to the kids at a Talon training academy. Sneaking inside as students, the Hawks...
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    Gale Force Winds

    Jun 04 2007
    The Storm Hawks promise an old Sky Knight they'll rescue his granddaughter Dove, a prisoner in the clutches of Cyclonia. But when they sneak inside the Smelters of Terra Gale for the mission, they...
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    Siren's Song

    Dec 05 2007
    A Sky Siren tempts the Hawks with their greatest desires while trying to pull them into a whirlpool....
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    The Storm Hawks Seven

    Dec 03 2007
    Starling joins the Storm Hawks for a daring mission to take back a tiny terra from the Cyclonians. Though it may seem like a harmless chunk of rock, Ravess is using the terra to house her evil sonic...
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    Oct 06 2007
    The Condor has been swallowed whole by a giant sky creature, with Radarr inside! The terrified locals are no help at all, so the Storm Hawks will have to set out with nothing but their skimmers and...
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    Calling All Domos

    Dec 06 2007
    There’s trouble again on Terra Vapos, and since Finn saved them once before, he’s called back to Domo duty. But with the rest of the Hawks dealing with Junko’s wallop-sized toothache, Finn only has...
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    The Lesson

    Dec 07 2007
    The Hawks train in sky-fu to battle the supercharged Talons....
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    Age of Heroes (2)

    May 25 2007
    With the Aurora Stone now in the hands of Master Cyclonis, Atmos is in serious trouble, and the only ones left to save the world are the Storm Hawks. They will have to go travel to Cyclonia to...
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    Age of Heroes (1)

    May 25 2007
    Young Sky Knight Aerrow and his squadron, The Storm Hawks, are determined to become an official squadron, but they will first have to prove themselves to the Sky Knight Council. Meanwhile, the Dark...
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    Forbidden City

    Sep 29 2007
    A double-crossing explorer has found a way inside the ancient Forbidden City, which means Snipe will get his hands on the treasure, unless the Storm Hawks can get there first. Of course they’ll have...
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    King for a Day

    Jul 30 2007
    Finn is declared to be the long lost hero of Terra Vapos. Naturally he's loving every minute of it. But when he's expected to actually save them from a sinister foe, Finn learns being the Chosen One...
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    Best Friends Forever

    Jun 25 2007
    The Storm Hawks are in for a big surprise when they meet Piper's new friend Lark. While she looks like she might be a friend, the group starts to wonder when they're attacked by an "invisible" enemy...
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    Jul 16 2007
    Every year dozens of Sky Knights go head to head in a treacherous bike race across Terra Saharr, competing to win a rare and powerful Velocity crystal. The adrenaline-fuelled run should give Aerrow a...
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    Dude, Where's My Condor

    Dec 10 2007
    The Condor falls into the hands of a gangster that has devious plans for the Hawks' ship....
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    The Black Gorge

    Jul 02 2007
    The Storm Hawks take a fatal shortcut through the Black Gorge, where Stork warns the team of the many creatures that live there....
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    Thunder Run

    Sep 15 2007
    It's a race against the clock for the Storm Hawks! If they can't bring back a mysterious treasure from the other end of Atmos by sundown, a gangster known as The Colonel is going to have Junko for...
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    A Little Trouble

    Sep 01 2007
    Everyone's worried when Junko agrees to look after a baby Wallop for the day. But when the Storm Hawks set out on a mission to bring construction on Snipe's new mega-ship to a standstill, what starts...
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    Sep 22 2007
    Aerrow and Radarr make a break from the escape-proof prison on Terra Zartacla. With jail warden Mr. Moss on their tail, our two heroes set out to prove anything’s possible when you’re a Storm Hawk!...
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    Terra Neon

    Nov 30 2007
    The Storm Hawks are sharing the spotlight on glitzy Terra Neon - but not by choice. Two evil producers have taken the Terra captive and are forcing everyone to audition for their next big show. And...
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    Nov 29 2007
    One Finn is plenty, but an entire Condor-full? That’s what happens when Finn accidentally sets off a crystal that creates dozens of brand new Finns, each one exactly like the next. But when Snipe...
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    Fire and Ice

    Jul 23 2007
    After finding out his favorite vacation spot, Terra Blizzaris, has been covered in snow, Repton and his squadron plan to get revenge on the culprits. Meanwhile, the Storm Hawks meet a group called...
  • 24

    The Code

    Jun 11 2007
    After losing a Phoenix Crystal to the "honorable" Rex Guardians, the Storm Hawks challenge them to a series of events to get it back. However, in order to win, they will have to do it without...
  • 25

    Terra Deep

    Aug 13 2007
    Jagged rocks and thick clouds surround them, villainous Murk Raiders are on their tail and an entire Cyclonian fleet waits for them beyond. The Storm Hawks have to fly silent and fly quick if they’re...