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TV episodes Full List of Suddenly Susan Episodes

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Below is a complete Suddenly Susan episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Suddenly Susan episodes are listed along with the Suddenly Susan episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Suddenly Susan episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features items like “First Episode” and “A Boy Like That.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Suddenly Susan episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Where the Wild Things Aren't Apr 17 1997 - Jack takes the gang on a weekend retreat at his cabin---and all of them wind up having interesting encounters in the wilderness.

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First Episode Sep 19 1996 - Even though Susan leaves her fiancé, Kip, at the altar, her ties to his family aren't severed---her boss is Kip's brother.

Golden Girl Friday Nov 07 1996 - At Susan's prodding, Jack hires a sweet senior citizen---who proceeds to wreak havoc around the office.

A Boy Like That Apr 24 1997 - Luis is reunited with his younger brother, who arrives from Cuba all grown up---and with news of his lifestyle that troubles Luis. Meanwhile, Susan learns of Kip's engagement.

Suddenly Susan Unplugged Oct 10 1996 - When her utilities are cut off, Susan jumps through hoops to get them restored. But trouble ensues when she writes an exposé on the incident.

Love and Divorce American Style (2) Mar 20 1997 - While filling in as baby sitter for Adam's kids, Susan unexpectedly meets his ex. Meanwhile, Jack sets up his bachelor pad.

Beauty and the Beasty Boy Nov 14 1996 - Susan falls for a nihilistic rocker, and the attraction is mutual - despite a severe conflict of life styles and values.

I'll See That and Raise You Susan May 08 1997 - A poker game turns into a high-stakes bottlecap-tossing competition, and Jack's old roommate, Cooper; hits the jackpot at Jack's expense: Jack loses the magazine to him. And that's not all - he ...more

The Me Nobody Nose Jan 09 1997 - To prove that personality is more important than good looks, Susan is fitted with a large fake nose. But complications arise with the arrival of a hunky accountant.

With Friends Like These Apr 10 1997 - Susan tries to shake a leechy acquaintance, whose divorce was inspired by Susan's wedding-day breakup with Kip. Meanwhile, Todd grows apart from his pal Jerry.

Was it Something I Said? Dec 12 1996 - Susan reluctantly does a favor for Jack by attending a charity function with Jack, his wife Margo, and her incredibly obnoxious brother. When Susan finally tells the creep off, Margo and her ...more

The Best Laid Plans Oct 03 1996 - When Susan's dull love life becomes the topic of discussion at ""The Gate,"" she sets out to explore her options---including office romance.

Hoop Dreams Oct 17 1996 - Vicki begs Susan to sub for a pneumonia-stricken player when her basketball team makes the playoffs---not realizing Susan might steal the show.

Lie! Lie! My Darling Oct 31 1996 - To get out of dinner with her parents, Susan tells her mom a little white lie---and gets caught in it.

The Ways and Means Feb 27 1997 - Susan and Vicki appear on ""The Rosie O'Donnell Show"" after writing a parody of self-help dating books.

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Cold Turkey Nov 21 1996 - Susan tries to put together a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for her co-workers, but everything goes wrong, culminating in an oven that's colder than the frozen turkey. Her luck seems to change ...more

What a Card Mar 06 1997 - Susan accompanies Jack to his grandfather's funeral, hoping her tacky sympathy card to the family will go unnoticed.

Love and Divorce American Style (3) Mar 27 1997 - Susan makes a decision about moving in with Adam; Jack rebounds into a new relationship; Todd receives threats after writing a scathing review of Menudo.

Dr. No Sep 26 1996 - To cover a story, Susan spends time with an assertiveness-training guru---who sends her chutzpah level soaring off the charts.

Love and Divorce American Style (1) Mar 13 1997 - Susan gets involved in a new romance with a guy who has two kids---one of whom takes an immediate dislike to her. Meanwhile, Jack takes a stand with Margo.

Family Affairs May 01 1997 - Susan's plans for a picture-perfect anniversary party for her parents come screeching to a halt when she spies her dad having lunch with another woman, and kissing her in an extremely friendly ...more

The Walk-Out Dec 19 1996 - When Jack's too strapped to award Christmas bonuses, the staff (led by Susan) goes on strike.

Not in This Life Mar 16 1998 - A stranger claims to have known Susan in a past life, so she undergoes hypnosis; Luis and Todd lose Jack's dog while using the pooch as a prop for meeting women.

The Old and the Beautiful Nov 24 1997 - Susan, overcome with that Thanksgiving spirit, decides to spend time with an elderly resident of a nearby retirement home.

Truth and Consequences Oct 06 1997 - Margo's drunk with power during her divorce proceedings with Jack, thanks to Susan's inadvertent slip about Jack's intoxicating past: she interprets the fact that Jack fell asleep on Susan's ...more

Yule Never Know Dec 15 1997 - Susan twists Jack's arm to participate in the holiday choir she's organizing---then she has her regrets, in more ways than one.

Next Stop, Heaven Oct 13 1997 - Family conflict rises to the top of the agenda at the funeral of Susan's grandfather, since Liz wants a traditional funeral while Nana wants a party to celebrate her spouse's wonderful life, and ...more

Pucker Up Apr 06 1998 - Vicki looks for love at a hockey game, but it's Susan who attracts the attention of one of the athletes; Todd and Luis vie for the attentions of a new water-delivery

A Tale of Two Pants (1) May 04 1998 - Susan's sent to interview a congressman---who makes a pass at her; Vicki plans a glitzy wedding; the guys hope to cash in by selling yellow bell-bottoms.

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5,947 Miles Apr 20 1998 - Kenny flies in for a visit---and proceeds to smother Susan with attention; the gang plots to surprise Luis with a visit from his mom, all the way from Cuba.

Poetry in Notion Apr 06 1998 - Todd joins Susan at a poetry class to meet women---but his verses end up being better than hers; Vicki's new apartment may be haunted by a womanizing ghost.

I Didn't Write This Dec 08 1997 - Susan is appalled when she misses a deadline but discovers that Nana covered for her by submitting an article in her stead - which Jack and her fans think is the best thing she's ever written. ...more

Ready ... aim ... Fong! Feb 02 1998 - Todd and the gang attend a Shawn Colvin performance, but the singer recalls Todd from his scathing review a year earlier. Meanwhile, Susan's apartment gets robbed, so she decides to get a gun.

Past Tense Sep 29 1997 - Deciding to go after the new investigative reporter position Jack has created, Susan reluctantly seeks professional advice from her old high school rival Maddy Piper, now an established and ...more

A Tale of Two Pants (2) May 04 1998 - When the congressman turns the tables on Susan, she finds herself in the middle of a scandal, searching for a way to clear her name.

Oh, How They Danced (2) May 18 1998 - Edie may not make it to Vicki's wedding ceremony.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Maddy World Nov 03 1997 - Susan's conflict with Maddy begins to invade her dreams, so she turns to a therapy group for help; Pete's partner thinks Pete and Jack are an item.

A Kiss is Just Amiss Jan 05 1998 - Shaken from witnessing Jack and Maddy's kiss, Susan shares her disappointment with Vicki---who shares it with the whole office. Meanwhile, Vicki tries to get closer to Ben.

Car Trouble Jan 26 1998 - Believing Luis was discriminated against at a car-rental agency, Susan launches an undercover investigation. Meanwhile, Vicki gets hung up in customs while returning from Israel.

Susan's Minor Complication Oct 20 1997 - A background check is in order when Susan agrees to meet a gentleman who sent her a rare book as a token of his readership appreciation - and who turns out to be still in high school. Meanwhile, ...more

Oh, How They Danced (1) May 18 1998 - Vicki's folks arrive for her wedding---a double ceremony shared with gay couple Pete and Hank; Todd's parents ready for the birth of twins.

A Kiss Before Dying ... on Stage Nov 17 1997 - Susan's attraction to a hunky actor gets a bit complicated after she sees him bomb onstage; Todd struggles with claustrophobia.

I Love You, I Think Sep 22 1997 - While Susan prepares to fly to Venice with Cooper, Jack tries to find the courage to utter three, make that five, little words about his feelings for her. He fails -- but Susan, having figured ...more

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker Jan 19 1998 - Susan fixes Nana up with a charming businessman---who's not exactly how he appears; Vicki arrives in Israel and tries to adapt to life on a kibbutz.

The Big Shalom Jan 12 1998 - Vicki's torn about Ben's unusual proposal; the guys head to Reno to capitalize on Luis's streak of good luck; Susan consults a spiritual healer.

It's My Nana and I'll Cry If I Want To Nov 10 1997 - Vicki goes to dinner with Nana---and they become fast friends; Todd's hippie parents show up with some unexpected news.

Daddy Piper Mar 09 1998 - Hospitalized, Jack puts Susan in charge of the magazine---much to the chagrin of Maddy, whose father, an esteemed journalist, is visiting.

Models and Strippers and Wasps, Oh My! Apr 06 1998 - On her birthday, Susan expects a surprise party---but the gang seems to have forgotten; Todd accidentally downloads a computer virus that wipes out The Gate's files.

Don't Tell Oct 05 1998 - In a desperate attempt to keep her romance with Jack a secret from the office grapevine, Susan tells bloodhound Vicki that she's dating her dentist, Mort Gerken -- only to have Vicki decide that ...more

War Games Nov 02 1998 - Susan and Jack worry that they're incompatible when they, as a couple, fail miserably at games, and Susan finally throws out Vicki and Ben after a particularly humiliating fiasco at charades. ...more