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Below is a complete Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye episodes are listed along with the Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Prodigal Father” to “The Hunter” is included below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Pilot (1) Oct 13 2002 - Sue Thomas leaves for Washington D.C. She will stop to pick up Levi who has been abused and will serve as her hearing dog. As Sue arrives in D. C. She finds out they aren't ready to have a deaf ...more

Bombs Away Oct 20 2002 - Sue Thomas now joins the team. Sue & Lucy move in together and Sue has her own office & Levi has his own desk! Jack & Sue talk to someone who reported a bomb threat Jack wonders if ...more

Pilot (2) Oct 13 2002 - Sue is made a temporary member of the team despite Myles Leland being upset that the FBI is pandering to ""people like her"". Sue also tells Lucy about Myles cheating on Lucy ...more

A Blast from the Past Nov 24 2002 - Dimitrius gets word that someone he put behind bars 10 years ago, begins stalking him. Dimitrius can't recall why he put Jed behind bars. Mrs. Gans says someone told her she and Dimitrius make a ...more

Prodigal Father Apr 06 2003 - Bobby's biological father, who's in jail, has to help the FBI foil would-be safe crackers. Meanwhile, Jack has a mild heart attack, and Sue learns about Allie, Jack's former flame.

The Hunter May 04 2003 - Sue meets Logan Taylor who says her dad helped catch the hunter Jerome Soggins in the 80's and tells Lucy, Sue and Charlie (who asked Sue for help in solving the case) that her dad told her that ...more

Billy the Kid (aka: Question Mark ) May 18 2003 - Lucy gets worried about a man who has fallen in love with her mom, Jack's mentor is shot which leads Jack to wonder if the discovery about the drug labs had anything to do with the death of his ...more

A Snitch in Time Nov 03 2002 - Sue gets her first informant, Howie, who claims to have information on a highway robbery ring run by a man named Franklin, whom we never see. But Franklin and his associate Riggs are only ...more

The Heist Feb 09 2003 - Lucy & Sue go to a deaf club & Sue runs into an old friend. Jack & the gang try to find 2.4 million dollars that is missing. The FBI is looking for Nancy Jeter's husband. Sue and ...more

He Said She Said Apr 27 2003 - Sue goes on an FBI and DEA task force. Has love hit Levi and Sue? Charlie and Troy try to fix something at Lucy and Sue's apartment.

Greed Jan 12 2003 - Eve Gaylord tells Sue that her company Alta Tec is in trouble. Jack asks Sue to investigate Eve because has information on Alta Tec that could cause the company to collapse. Jack asks Sue to run ...more

Diplomatic Immunity Jan 19 2003 - After Bobby saves a woman from an attack, Bobby realizes the attacker is a Sudanese Diplomat. The Sudanese Diplomat has Diplomatic Immunity. Bobby tries to talk the Diplomat into not pressing ...more

Silent Night Dec 15 2002 - Sue and her mom fight over what the perfect Christmas is. leaving her dad and Lucy wondering what to do. Mean while the FBI must stop someone they think is Santa from robbing banks.

The Fugitive May 11 2003 - Sue is asked by someone from high school to attend her wedding, One problem Sue's friend made fun of her. Sue and the gang have to find 5 prisoners that escaped after a prison van and semi truck ...more

The Signing Nov 10 2002 - The FBI wants a deaf car thief as an informant. Sue must try to win his trust by talking to him through sign language.

Missing Mar 16 2003 - A favorite waitress ends up missing but the trouble is just getting started. Myles may drive the gang crazy because he wants to be in media relations. Sue and Jack arrest suspect who does ...more

Assassins Oct 27 2002 - Sue needs to help catch a terrorist, and notices that Blakemore leaves a different way she tries to catch him but a car kills him. Myles blames Sue for the death Jack asks if Sue is all right ...more

The Leak Feb 16 2003 - Myles takes part in what he thinks is a normal SWAT takedown of a suspect but turns deadly as Americans become a part of the takedown. Myles must try and deal with what happend. Sue now tries to ...more

Dirty Bomb Feb 02 2003 - Ted Garrett asks Sue to figure out some guys are saying he later shows what might happen if Strontium were used inside buildings. Evelyn helps identify the suspect, when the team finds him they ...more

To Grandmother's House We Go Feb 22 2004 - Lucy's Grandmother stops by with bad news. Mrs. Dotson will need to leave home and pay $110,000 to have them fixed. Lucy, Sue and Jack plan to stop Concove Construction by moving into a house ...more

Political Agenda Jan 18 2004 - Sue gets a taste of political life in Washington when she meets a congressional aid named Paul Minton, Sue looks into the past of Liz Bradley who was a Journalist. Sue questions Brian (who liked ...more

The Sniper Oct 12 2003 - The gang gets word of another shooting making this attack the third one in two days. Jack tells Sue that he was a Sniper before working for the FBI. Sue then gives Jack a report that tells only ...more

The Newlywed Game (1) Nov 16 2003 - To solve there latest case Jack & Sue pretend to be a married couple. They need to find out why Joseph and Betty are funding terrorist acts. Sue meets Betty and learns she donates time to ...more

The Lawyer Apr 04 2004 - In this episode the team tries to stop a terrorist attack on Washington D.C. As Jack tries to stop the Al Qaida leader Jack learns that his methods come into question when a Civil Rights ...more

Into Thin Air Feb 15 2004 - Sue helps look for Katie who was kidnapped from Gallaudet University. Sue & Jack question Lance who says he didn't kidnap Katie. Sue & Jack don't believe the story. Sue learns that Katie ...more

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (2) Nov 23 2003 - The FBI worries that an upcoming march could be the target of a possible terrorist attack. Sue tries to enlist Betty's help in trying to capture her husband. Jack and the gang find where the ...more

Bad Hair Day Jan 11 2004 - Tara decides to get her hair done, but soon a robber holds up the salon. Tara tries to go about business but has trouble dealing with what happened. Tara wonders if she should leave the FBI ...more

The Girl Who Signed Wolf Oct 05 2003 - Sue meets Amanda, who tells her she saw a kidnapping. Everyone has trouble believing the story except Sue. Sue first met Amanda at Career Day some years ago. Myles meets Nora who wants to write ...more

The Holocaust Survivor Apr 11 2004 - Sue tries to help a holocaust survivor find the man that killed her parents 60 years ago. Sue realizes that the case soon becomes personal for her after learning what Helga suffered as a result ...more

Homeland Security Nov 02 2003 - Sue thinks something is wrong with Charlie, when he doesn't remember needing to change the oil in her car. Sue changes her mind as to what she thinks is wrong with him when Charlie tells her he ...more

The Mentor Apr 18 2004 - Sue meets Jack and Bobby 's mentor who comes to Washington D.C. to ask for help in tracking a suspect whom Wes Kenner believes brought weapons grade uranium into Washington. Jack, Bobby, and Sue ...more

Cold Case Nov 09 2003 - The Boys are apart of an online bachelor auction, soon Myles gets the most bids for charity. Sue tries to honor a dying mother's wish, to find out who killed her daughter Julie. The FBI talks to ...more

Bobby Gambling (aka: The Gambler) Feb 08 2004 - A woman offers Jack, Sue & Bobby someone big Johnny ""Red"" Moreno who laundered money through KBJ investment group through a poker game. Bobby risks his job to get the ...more

The Kiss May 23 2004 - Sue and Jack go undercover at law firm to find out why a lawyer and judge were murdered that the only connection the team has to go on is that the judge and lawyer worked for the same law firm. ...more

Hit and Run May 09 2004 - Sue and Jack investigates why someone went on a shooting spree that killed several economists. Tara learns that several files are missing from Hammer Dynamics from the back up server. Sue, Jack, ...more

Concrete Evidence May 16 2004 - Jack gets a new case for the team to solve. Jack and the team must Tony convict Hill for killing an FBI agent. Jack learns that Tony Hill is getting out of prison after serving 5 years of his ...more

Rocket Man Apr 25 2004 - Dimitrius takes an undercover an undercover assignment to catch a criminal. Donna stops by the FBI office to meet her husband for lunch. Donna tells the team that she is expecting a baby. Donna ...more

Elvis Is in the Building May 02 2004 - Sue does some digging into Troy's past only to learn that Tory's brother Ben came back into his life. Sue and Jack head to the local gas station to tell Troy that his brother Ben will be a ...more

The Bounty Hunter Apr 17 2005 - Jack runs into a bounty hunter named Joe who used to work at the FBI until his daughter died. He blames Jack for his daughter's problems. Although the team searches for Fantasia (a new designer ...more

Boy Meets World Mar 06 2005 - The team tries to figure out why restaurant was blown up by a bomb. As they continue to investigate this discover that Danny is lying to protect his father. They learn that Danny's father works ...more

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Apr 03 2005 - Randy makes an odd request of Sue. He asks her for some help with woman he is about to meet there is one problem in the correspondence Randy and his date have shared over the computer she forgot ...more

Secret Agent Man (1) Feb 13 2005 - Sue and Jack receive a memory stick with some interesting video of to man possibly plotting something. Sue and Jack set out to meet the couple that bought the memory stick to the FBI. When Sue ...more

False Profit Mar 13 2005 - Sue hears about two women who've died because of a cult called the mind profit. Sue tries to help a young woman named Lily get to know her parents better after they began noticing strange ...more

Bad Girls May 15 2005 - Sue and the team investigate a bank robbery but this bank robbery becomes a little more interesting than the team expected. They find out that the bank they are investigating was robbed several ...more

The Fraternity Jan 30 2005 - Sue and the team get a highly sensitive case to solve. Senator Fenton requests that the death of his son Kyle be looked into. He tells the team that his son died due to drinking himself to death ...more

Troy Story May 01 2005 - Sue learns that Troy is being blamed for armed robbery. Sue and Jack set out to prove whether he was part of the armed robbery or not. Darcy has gotten a job in Los Angeles and asks that Bobby ...more

Spy Games (2) Feb 20 2005 - We last left the story with Jack and Jessica running into each other in Washington D.C. for the first time. Jessica tells the team that Jonathan wasn't going to be found unless he wanted the ...more

Ending and Beginnings May 22 2005 - In the series finale Sue Thomas gets promoted to senior investigative analyst for the F.B.I. Sue is thrilled with the promotion but soon realizes that heading to New York City would mean leaving ...more

Mind Games May 08 2005 - Sue meets a woman who says she saw a murder but the only problem is there are sure whether Beth heard or saw the murder. Sue and Jack find out that their witness is schizophrenic and gives them ...more

Did she or didn't she? Nov 28 2004 - Sue runs into an old friend at a deaf and poetry reading. Sue invites Carol to spend time with her and Lucy. Her husband Ted who is a financial money manager keeps Carol from spending time with ...more