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Below is a complete Sugar Sugar Rune episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Sugar Sugar Rune episodes are listed along with the Sugar Sugar Rune episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Sugar Sugar Rune episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “A question by the unicorn, the heart that is being tested” to “Stop the Old Man! Baaya's Secret Mission.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Sugar Sugar Rune episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Choco and the Heart's Shooting Star Jul 02 2005

The Love Battle between the Frog and the Mouse Jul 09 2005 - Chocolat has earned the lowest ranking heart while Vanilla still hasn't won any! To increase their chances, the girls summon their familiars. Instead of being loyal slaves to the girls though, ...more

The Newspaper Club Assault ☆ Interview Jul 16 2005

The Magical Lip is a Premonition for Love Jul 23 2005

Dokidoki, Harahara!! The Family Visit Jul 30 2005

Aim at the Heart! Fencing of Love Aug 06 2005 - When Chocolat discovers a star fencer by the name of Night-switch, (who turns out also a witch and excels at capturing hearts) she comes to find human boys are not only into the shy and quiet ...more

Chocola lost her Qualifications as the Queen Candidate!? Aug 13 2005 - Chocolat travels back to the Magical World and meets up with her old friends Saule and Houx (nicknamed Soul and Woo) to learn more about her mother, Cinnamon. Clearly she wasn't listening to ...more

The Vacance Date of a Lady Aug 20 2005 - Deemed to capture Prince Pierre's hearts, Chocolat volunteered a trip to Pierre's villa...together with a very annoyed gang of his "fan club" and a very scared Vanilla. She decides to ...more

A Green Heart Present Aug 27 2005 - Akira, the sci-fi fan in Chocolat and Vanilla's class (who believes them to be extraterrestrials after witnessing them falling from the Moon) is on sick leave, and Chocolat is asked to deliver a ...more

Learn from Robin! Love Love Mission Sep 03 2005 - Chocolat and Vanilla sneak into Robin's studio, looking for clues on how to become an excellent heart-collector like him.

More Important than Love!? Friendship Magic Sep 10 2005

Chocola turns into a Cat!? Sep 17 2005 - After discovering everybody is keen on cute cats, Chocolat decides to turn into a cat herself. However, she accidentally loses her magic necklace. Vanilla and the familiars help with the search. ...more

A Brilliant Heart! The Queen Candidate Test Sep 24 2005 - The Mid-term exam for the Queen Candidates is near; in order to pass, they must capture as many rainbow-coloured hearts as possible from other girls. Vanilla tries to give cookies, then Chocolat ...more

The Transfer Student who uses Magic Oct 01 2005

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The Contrary Macaroon Pandemonium!? Oct 08 2005 - Chocolat decide to purchase Hair-Care Macarons through the magic mail-order system. She shares them with Vanilla, but they find themselves within each other's body! Chocolat had written the ...more

Chocola becomes an idol! Oct 15 2005 - Everybody in the town is so into the hit TV series "The Magical Knights". They are thrilled when the actors pay a visit to a fair, and even more so when told they will be able to visit ...more

Ojii Invasion! Dance of Love Showdown Oct 22 2005

Super Scary! Halloween Test of Courage!? Oct 29 2005 - Halloween is coming up, and Chocolat volunteered substituting Vanilla for a membership in the Commission of Halloween Activities...aka Prince Pierre's fan club! Gulp! Surprisingly, Chocolat's ...more

Demon User Blanca's Small Love Nov 05 2005

Chocola Pinch? Application for Lovely Witch Nov 12 2005 - Chocolat used her magic to boost her ice-cream, and oh no, her process of magic-using has been witnessed: by a little girl called Sophia! Panic-striken, Chocolat tried to cover the whole thing ...more

The Magical Tea Cup is Filled with Dreams Nov 19 2005

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Chocola and Vanila's Triangle Relationship? Nov 26 2005 - Chocolat and Vanila are capturing hearts, as usual, but a mysterious boy shows up, and Vanilla has set her eyes on him. But, Chocolat has a lack of hearts, and is determined to get his heart.

Run Run! Friendship Relay Dec 03 2005 - Chocolat is now in a four-girl relay team for the Athletic Carnival. Unfortunately this might be the last time Sakiko, probably the most keen runner in the team, can run with her friends because ...more

Bye bye, Heart-shaped Hair Accessory Dec 10 2005 - Chocolat has got herself a heart-shaped hair clip, spiked with a little magic to keep herself shine among the boys, who soon become as tired as zombies because they keep getting their ...more

Pierre's Secret, Secret of the Wallet Dec 17 2005

The Loving Heart of Christmas Dec 24 2005

A Tiny Heart, Crimson Heart Jan 07 2006 - After an flying accident, Chocolat and Vanilla find themselves at Akira's house, with a little boy who turns out to be his cousin.

Danger! Aquarion Date Jan 14 2006 - Pierre asks Chocolat out on a date to the aquarium. Vanilla told Chocolat not to go but Chocolat insist, and she thinks that this might be the chance to find out Pierre's true identity, as well ...more

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Demon World Genesis, Secret of the Ogre Jan 21 2006 - Chocolat and the gang attends a former teacher's wedding, during which she sneaks away to seek answers from the Queen regarding Ogres. The founding of the magical world is revealed.

Ogre's Declaration of War! Crisis of the Heart Factory Jan 28 2006 - This time the candidate exam is being held in the Magical World. Whoever converts the most hearts into energy passes, but Chocolat bosses her workers around and now they refuse to work! The ...more

The Harrassing Witch, Waffle makes her Appearance! Feb 04 2006 - Chocolat goes boy crazy due to Waffle's potion. Will she be able to keep her heart when she meets up with Pierre? He makes Chocolat an offer...

Chocola, Desirious Thoughts of Chocolate Feb 11 2006 - It's Valentine's Day and everyone's excited, the girls are planning who to give chocolates to, while the boys bet on who will receive the most. But while Vanilla has chocolate for all, Chocolat ...more

Heart of Friendship, Important Feelings Feb 18 2006 - Chocolat has been thinking of Pierre lately, but when she thinks of him she is just hurt. But her friend Mimura noticed that Chocolat is not herself, so invites her to an amusement park. But ...more

Chocola and Vanila and the Star of Dreams Feb 25 2006 - Waffle has made breakfeast for Woo but he turns her down as her breakfeast doesn't seem to be edible. After Chocolat insults her saying she is cute and looks like she is playing house with Woo, ...more

Waffle becomes Queen! Mar 04 2006 - When waffle saw the man from the magical item shop she asked him if he had something to make someone fall in love with her but the man from the shop refused her and run away. Waffle chased after ...more

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Stop the Old Man! Baaya's Secret Mission Mar 11 2006 - Chocolat's Grandfather came back to the human world and invited Chocolat and the others to relax for a while. But baaya is ticked off with her Grandfather. So they made a plan to make him return ...more

The Black Heart and the Ogre's Trap Mar 18 2006 - Pierre asks Chocolat to be his Ogre Queen.

Piere's Temptation, the Broken Friendship Mar 25 2006 - Chocolat is asked to be a candidate for student council and Vanilla gets jealous. Pierre pretends to gain her trust to turn her into his dark Queen. Chocolat's popularity causes Vanilla to doubt ...more

Birth, Queen of Ogre Apr 01 2006 - Vanilla becomes a Noir Princess, with a black heart.

Black needle of envy Apr 08 2006

Showdown with Vanila! The secret spice Apr 15 2006 - Chocolat gives Vanila some berries from a plant which Vanila loved. Will Vanilla return back to normal? Or will it make her worse? Pierre's servant enters the school and gives out a potion that ...more

Chocola and Piere’s adventure Apr 22 2006 - Chocolat and the whole class are invited by Vanilla to a magic ocean. Chocolat gets trapped in Forgotten Cave with Pierre after he rescues her. Pierre then becomes confused over his feelings for ...more

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Invitation to the night of Valplgis Apr 29 2006 - Chocolat is invited to the Walpurgus festival held for the magical community of the human world. Pierre and Vanila are there too. But the Ogre faction breaks the wards to the occasion - will war ...more

Message from Mama May 06 2006 - Using a special treasure picked up from the mysterious witch, Chocolat's able to summon the key to her mama's diary, discovering the links between Cinnamon and Queen Candy as well the reason ...more

Piere’s strategy, Vanila’s heart May 13 2006 - Pierre's statergy enables Vanila to collect more hearts which however causes her more pain. Chocolat, in desperation to help her friend, decides to seek the witch of Cocoa desert, whose ...more

Witch of Cocoa Desert, Amble May 20 2006 - Chocolat didn't give up searching for Ombre and then suddenly, Ombre's house appeared because of Chocolat. They look for the ingredients but Waffle always cause troubles, but still they forgive ...more

Frozen memories, Piere’s past May 27 2006 - Still on the quest of helping Vanilla get rid of her black heart, Chocolat and her friends seek out the last ingredient to make a powerful magic. Together with her friends they seek out to find ...more

Noal and tears of friendship Jun 03 2006 - Chocolat goes to Pierre's house alone to rescue Vanilla. Led by Pierre's cat, she finds Vanilla in a lot of pain. She then removes the noir heart from Vanilla and finds she has hurt Vanilla ...more

Queen's final test, begin! Jun 10 2006 - The final test of the Queen selection starts! The test is to obtain a unicorn's horn. However, it is unapproachable unless the person has a kind heart and sincerity, then the white unicorn will ...more

A question by the unicorn, the heart that is being tested Jun 17 2006