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Full List of Sunday Night Heat Episodes

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Below is a complete Sunday Night Heat episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Sunday Night Heat episodes are listed along with the Sunday Night Heat episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Sunday Night Heat episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “November 24, 2002” to “January 11, 2004” is included on this list. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Sunday Night Heat episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    August 2, 1998

    Aug 02 1998
    Edge defeated Jeff Jarrett. Darren Drozdov and The Headbangers defeated Kaientai. WWE European Championship D'Lo Brown defeated Ken Shamrock by Disqualification. The Rock and Owen Hart defeated...
  • 2

    August 9, 1998

    Aug 09 1998
    Vader defeated Mark Henry by disqualification. Headbangers and Southern Justice fought to a No Contest. X-Pac defeated Taka Michinoku. Bradshaw defeated Dustin Runnels. Darren Drozdov defeated Jeff...
  • 3

    August 16, 1998

    Aug 16 1998
    WWE Tag Team Championship Kane and Mankind defeated Legion of Doom. Edge defeated Brian Christopher. Vader and Bart Gunn fought to a No Contest. Gangrel defeated Scott Taylor. X-Pac and Triple H...
  • 4

    August 23, 1998

    Aug 23 1998
    WWE European Championship D'Lo Brown vs. Animal went to a No Contest. Owen Hart and Dan Severn defeated The Headbangers. WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Taka Michinoku defeated 2 Cold...
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    August 30, 1998

    Aug 30 1998
    Scott Taylor and Brian Christopher defeated Legion of Doom . Gangrel defeated Dustin Runnells. Disciples of Apocalypse defeated Vader and Bradshaw....
  • 6

    September 6, 1998

    Sep 06 1998
    Gangrel defeated Dick Togo. Bradshaw defeated Ken Shamrock by Disqualification. Road Dogg defeated Dennis Knight by Disqualification. Kane and The Undertaker defeated The Legion of Doom. Edge...
  • 7

    September 13, 1998

    Sep 13 1998
    Ken Shamrock defeated Vader. Val Venis defeated Marc Mero by Disqualification. Gangrel defeated Taka Michinuko. European Championship Kane defeated D'Lo Brown by Disqualification. Jeff Jarrett...
  • 8

    September 20, 1998

    Sep 20 1998
    Mankind defeated Dustin Runnells. Jacquline defeated Luna. D'Lo Brown, Owen Hart, and Jeff Jarrett defeated Triple H, X-Pac, and Billy Gunn. Edge defeated Taka Michinuko. Kane and The Undertaker...
  • 9

    September 27, 1998

    Sep 27 1998
    Golga defeated Headbanger Mosh. The Hardy Boyz defeated Mens Teioh and Shoichi Funaki. Eight Ball defeated Billy Gunn and Skull....
  • 10

    October 4, 1998

    Oct 04 1998
    European Champion X-Pac defeated Owen Hart Funaki defeated Matt Hardy. The Oddities defeated The Headbangers. Disciples of Apocalypse defeated Ken Shamrock and Mankind. The Rock and Jeff Jarrett...
  • 11

    October 11, 1998

    Oct 11 1998
    Women's Championship Jacquline defeated Starla Saxton. Kaientai defeated The Hardy Boyz and Too Much. Edge defeated Vader. Al Snow defeated Ken Shamrock by Disqualification. Jeff Jarrett defeated...
  • 12

    October 18, 1998

    Oct 18 1998
    Steve Blackman defeated Bradshaw. The Oddities defeated Los Boriquas. The Godfather defeated Faarooq. Scorpio defeated Jeff Jarrett....
  • 13

    October 25, 1998

    Oct 25 1998
    Light-Heavyweight Championship Christian defeated Brian Christopher. Jeff Jarrett defeated Golga. The Headbangers defeated The Disciples of Apocalypse. Ken Shamrock and D'Lo Brown defeated X-Pac...
  • 14

    November 1, 1998

    Nov 01 1998
    The Hardy Boyz defeated Legion of Doom. Steve Regal defeated Bradshaw. Edge, Gangrel, and Christian defeated The Oddities. Steve Blackman defeated D'Lo Brown. Jeff Jarrett defeated Val Venis. The...
  • 15

    November 8, 1998

    Nov 08 1998
    Bob Holly and Scorpio defeated Too Much. X-Pac and Steven Regal fought to a No Contest. The Godfather defeated Marc Mero. Darren Drozdov defeated Jeff Jarrett by Disqualification....
  • 16

    November 15, 1998

    Nov 15 1998
    Too Much defeated The Hardy Boyz. Bob Holly and Scorpio defeated LOD Animal and Darren Drozdov. Val Venis defeated Tiger Ali Singh. Gangrel defeated Steve Blackman....
  • 17

    November 22, 1998

    Nov 22 1998
    Too Much defeated The Hardy Boyz by disqualification. Gangrel defeated Al Snow by disqualification. Big Boss Man defeated Marc Mero. Jeff Jarrett defeated Kurrgan. WWE Intercontinental Championship ...
  • 18

    November 29, 1998

    Nov 29 1998
    Christian defeated Duane Gill by Disqualification. D'Lo Brown defeated Steve Blackman by Count Out. The Godfather and Val Venis defeated The Headbangers. European Championship X-Pac defeated Mark...
  • 19

    December 6, 1998

    Dec 06 1998
    Light-Heavyweight Championship Duane Gill defeated Taka Michinuko. Legion of Doom defeated Too Much. The Rock, Ken Shamrock, and The Big Bossman defeated Edge, Christian, and Gangrel by...
  • 20

    December 13, 1998

    Dec 13 1998
    Light-Heavyweight Championship Duane Gill defeated Matt Hardy. Kevin Quinn defeated Brian Christopher. Triple H defeated Darren Drozdov. The New Age Outlaws defeated The Acolytes by...
  • 21

    December 20, 1998

    Dec 20 1998
    European Championship X-Pac defeated Tiger Ali Singh. Kevin Quinn and Brian Christopher defeated The Hardy Boyz. Al Snow defeated Darren Drozdov. The Headbangers defeated The Oddities by...
  • 22

    December 27, 1998

    Dec 27 1998
    Headbanger Mosh defeated Golga by Disqualification. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart defeated The Godfather and Val Venis. World Tag Team Champions Ken Shamrock and Big Boss Man defeated The Hardy...
  • 23

    Episode 023

    Jan 03 1999
    George Steele pinned Headbanger Mosh Triple H pinned Mark Henry Val Venis pinned Christian Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart defeated World Tag Team Champions, Big Boss Man and Ken Shamrock, in a non-title...
  • 24

    Episode 024

    Jan 10 1999
    Christian pinned Al Snow Owen Hart and Steve Blackman fought to a No Contest in a Lion's Den match The Oddities defeated The Headbangers Big Boss Man and Triple H fought to a No Contest...
  • 25

    Episode 025

    Jan 17 1999
    Tiger Ali Singh pinned Light-Heavyweight Champion, Gillberg, in a non-title match Scorpio pinned Mark Henry Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart defeated Edge and Gangrel The Godfather pinned Goldust Chyna...