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Below is a complete Sunset Beach episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Sunset Beach episodes are listed along with the Sunset Beach episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Sunset Beach episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. You can vote for any of these items, from “Episode 1.001” to “Episode 269.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Sunset Beach episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Shockwave Special This special was a compilation of 2 weeks worth of scenes from the "Sunset Beach" soap opera's "Shockwave" storyline that details an earthquake occurring at Sunset Beach ...more

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Sep 24 1997 - Vanessa confronts Virginia about her threats, while Michael and Casey discuss about Michael's relationship with Vanessa. Ricardo sleeps with Gabi, and Ricardo's guilt leads to a shocking ...more

Episode 1.016 Jan 28 1997 - Eddie wakes up in Annie's cell hand-cuffed to the cot. Annie sets him free and tells him that they could be a mutual benefit to each other in the future days. Later, Eddie keeps on pressuring ...more

Episode 1.051 Mar 18 1997 - Ricardo fears Gabi might reveal where he was on the night Paula was kidnapped. Eddie and Gregory retell the story of the night Del was murdered. The both confess that they didn't kill the man, ...more

Episode 1.049 Mar 14 1997 - A scared Paula feels like there's someone watching her. Ricardo and Paula try to make love, but it's too much painful for Paula to continue. Elaine introduces Gabi to Ricardo, and he pretends ...more

Episode 1.076 Apr 22 1997 - Tim arrives at the Deep and is surprised to see Annie looking at Ben and Meg sleeping in each other's arms. When they awake, Ben asks Annie and Meg to go to his house, while Ben has a talk with ...more

Episode 1.177 Sep 17 1997 - Mark checks up on Gabi to see if she's okay after the nightmare she had last night. She says she's fine, the stakeout just brought back some childhood memories of the night someone broke into ...more

Episode 1.179 Sep 19 1997 - ddie gives Gregory pictures of Cole in Monte Carlo, Gregory tells him he will be compensated well. Olivia and Caitlin have a heart-to-heart about the baby and that it will be loved even without ...more

Episode 1.003 Jan 08 1997 - Tim leaves Kansas and arrives to Sunset Beach where he finds Meg. He tries to catch up with her telling her that his revelationship with Connie is over. Michael saves Vanessa Hart, a young ...more

Episode 1.147 Aug 06 1997 - Paula is unhappy when she sees Gabi talking to Ricardo. Ben worries they are going to run out of air in the cave. Annie and Tim look for some tunnels that lead to the caves. Caitlin tells Cole ...more

Episode 1.167 Sep 03 1997 - Virginia destroys the tape that Vanessa had of them talking. Jimmy manages to get in the football team. Gabi continues making drama around Ricardo in front of Mark. Olivia plays a victim in ...more

Episode 1.039 Feb 28 1997 - Ricardo checks Ralph's list of crimes, while Eddie prepares to ambush Ralph, who is, at the time, preparing to tattoo and rape Paula. Cole covers his intrusion by pretending to want to continue ...more

Episode 1.012 Jan 22 1997 - Rae explains to Casey why she told her parents that he is her husband. Her parents always thought that the perfect man for her is Wei-Lee, but Rae doesn't want to marry him. Tiffany writes an ...more

Episode 1.090 May 12 1997 - Ben has another nightmare and this time it's Maria leading him to her studio. Frightened, Ben wakes up and is about to unlock the door of the studio when Meg arrives. She's frustrated because he ...more

Episode 1.132 Jul 16 1997 - Ben gives Meg her last paycheck, while Annie worries that their talk might lead to something more, and she throws herself in Ben's arms to annoy Meg. Gabi calls Paula to the Deep as an excuse to ...more

Episode 1.079 Apr 25 1997 - The police officer is saved after falling, but Annie is still missing. Ben realizes that Annie is at the lifeguard tower, but he prevents her from jumping down. When Annie witnesses yet another ...more

Episode 1.023 Feb 06 1997 - Annie tries to escape. Ricardo questions Olivia about the night of Del's murder and she finds herself confused by all the questions. Meg tells Ben she wants to help Annie. Gregory gives Tim a ...more

Episode 1.158 Aug 21 1997 - While Caitlin and Cole are at the waffle shop, a beautiful woman bumps into Cole, which sort of makes Caitlin jealous. She even has a fantasy of the two together on the beach, but then she ...more

Episode 1.197 Oct 15 1997 - Meg shows up at Ben's and they have dinner and a dance. Ben asks why she came back, she says she wants to give it another shot, start all over. Meg leaves, Ben asks if Surf Central crew are ...more

Episode 1.216 Nov 11 1997 - After escaping from police, Cole ditches Bette's car and continues the escape by foot. Soon, he's attacked by Gregory's hitman. Vanessa confronts Virginia about her appearance near the cabin ...more

Episode 1.018 Jan 30 1997 - Gregory gives Sean a sports car. Although Gregory is convinced that this could bring their bond back, Sean doesn't want to have anything to do with his father. Ben gives Sean a job at Java Web. ...more

Aug 26 1997 - Meg thanks Tim for being a good friend and when she leaves, Annie congratulates Tim on an amazing job. Casey, Michael, Virginia and others come to The Deep to watch Mark perform. Kenzie flirts ...more

Episode 1.067 Apr 09 1997 - Meg is shocked when she finds Annie and Ben together in the bed. Annie just tells him that he shouldn't mix sleeping pills with wine. Sean's operation seems to be going well, until an obstacle ...more

Episode 1.152 Aug 13 1997 - Olivia tells Cole that the nurse was referring to Caitlin when she told her that she needs to pick up the ultra-sound and Cole buys it. Gregory confesses to Olivia that he knows about Cole's ...more

Episode 1.020 Feb 03 1997 - Annie is still alive, much to Eddie's surprise. He informs Paula and Ricardo that Annie tried to kill herself, and interrupts them in the middle of a serious relationship-talk. When Rae starts ...more

Episode 1.097 May 21 1997 - Michael and Vanessa try to spend some romantic time together before she leaves, but they are once again interrupted by Virginia and Jimmy, after which Vanessa leaves to Hong Kong. Casey receives ...more

Episode 1.086 May 06 1997 - Olivia tells Bette about confessing the truth about kidnapping Elaine's baby to Gregory. The trial begins and Elaine pleads guilty. Gregory tries to change the situation, but after Ricardo's ...more

Episode 1.083 May 01 1997 - Casey and Rae discuss about confessing the truth about their fake marriage, but Rae can't get through with it until she listens to a story told by her father. Annie wants Ben to give her the ...more

Episode 1.139 Jul 25 1997 - Ben digs Meg out from underneath the rubble after the bomb explodes which sees Meg finally quiz Ben about Maria but will the truth finally be revealed? Annie & Tim realise that Ben & Meg ...more

Episode 1.212 Nov 05 1997 - Eddie calls the police when he sees Cole in the hospital. Gregory believes that the hitman killed his son, but it appears that Sean was just unconscious. Sean berates him for his behavior. A ...more

Episode 1.120 Jun 23 1997 - Ben and Meg talk on the beach, while Tim continues trying to split them apart. Michael wants Alex to tell Casey the truth, but she is still too afraid to tell him. Gregory is surprised when Cole ...more

Episode 1.102 May 28 1997 - Ricardo wonders where did Gabi find the pictures of Paula and him. Trying to hide her real reasons, Gabi gives Paula the album of the pictures and makes up a silly excuse. A torn picture of ...more

Episode 1.219 Nov 14 1997 - Olivia tells Bette that she wants to divorce Gregory. Cole proposes to Caitlin and she accepts it, but she still isn't ready to tell him about her miscarriage. With a suspicion that Ben found ...more

Episode 1.111 Jun 10 1997 - Vanessa returns from Hong Kong and she's not pleased to see Michael massaging Virginia. Michael tells her that Virginia will move out as soon as her leg gets better. Gregory stops the Interpol ...more

Episode 1.048 Mar 13 1997 - Annie disguises herself as Meg. Ben catches her and tries to get her to change back, but Gregory interrupts them and they are forced to act like a couple. Annie rushes away as soon as possible. ...more

Episode 1.156 Aug 19 1997 - Caitlin is wondering why is Gregory so happy about her and Cole, and she talks about it with Olivia. While Olivia convinces Caitlin that she didn't say anything to Gregory, Cole is threatening ...more

Episode 1.009 Jan 16 1997 - Meg decides to bake some strawberry muffins for Casey because she knows that SB likes them. At the hospital, Rae discovers that Casey had an allergic reaction to strawberries. Meg is confused ...more

Episode 1.025 Feb 10 1997 - Olivia and Bette are shocked to find out that their secret from years behind might be revealed, but they both vow not to say anything to Elaine. Meg tells Ben that Al's coffin is in the ...more

Episode 1.040 Mar 03 1997 - Ricardo and Eddie are disappointed to find the warehouse empty, and Ricardo is suspicious to realize that the kidnapper used police handcuffs to capture Paula. Ralph finishes his crime on Paula. ...more

Episode 1.032 Feb 19 1997 - For the Richard's family lunch, Caitlin and Sean bring their own guests; but, Cole doesn't seem to appear. Sean brings Tiffany who is in improper clothes and smeary make-up. Gregory ...more

Episode 1.205 Oct 27 1997 - Gregory told Eddie to step up the investigation on Gabi. Gregory asked Annie what he would have to endure to get her vote. Caitlin lost control of the car and it dove over a cliff with she and ...more

Episode 1.153 Aug 14 1997 - Michael gets into a fight with Vanessa about Vanessa's recent actions. She tells him everything that she found out about Virginia, but Michael thinks she does not understand what happened in the ...more

Episode 1.058 Mar 27 1997 - Casey offers himself to show Wei-Lee how to surf, but Wei-Lee soon shows that he already knows it. Later on, Wei-Lee suggests to make a party for Casey & Rae's wedding and they agree, ...more