Full List of Sunset Beach Episodes

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Below is a complete Sunset Beach episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Sunset Beach episodes are listed along with the Sunset Beach episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Sunset Beach episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. You can vote for any of these items, from “Episode 1.001” to “Episode 269.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Sunset Beach episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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Shockwave Special Episode: 6, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 0
This special was a compilation of 2 weeks worth of scenes from the "Sunset Beach" soap opera's "Shockwave" storyline that details an earthquake occurring at Sunset Beach ...more
Olivia's Story Recap Episode: 2, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 0
Michael's Story Recap Episode: 3, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 0
Annie's Story Recap Episode: 4, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 0
Meg's Story Recap Episode: 1, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 0
Channel 5 UK Special: Sunset Beach Ends Episode: 7, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 0
Ricardo's Story Recap Episode: 5, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 0
Channel 5 UK Special: Loaded Viewer's Guide Episode: 8, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 0
Episode: 182, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Vanessa confronts Virginia about her threats, while Michael and Casey discuss about Michael's relationship with Vanessa. Ricardo sleeps with Gabi, and Ricardo's guilt leads to a shocking ...more
Episode 1.016 Episode: 16, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Eddie wakes up in Annie's cell hand-cuffed to the cot. Annie sets him free and tells him that they could be a mutual benefit to each other in the future days. Later, Eddie keeps on pressuring ...more
Episode 1.051 Episode: 51, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Ricardo fears Gabi might reveal where he was on the night Paula was kidnapped. Eddie and Gregory retell the story of the night Del was murdered. The both confess that they didn't kill the man, ...more
Episode 1.049 Episode: 49, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
A scared Paula feels like there's someone watching her. Ricardo and Paula try to make love, but it's too much painful for Paula to continue. Elaine introduces Gabi to Ricardo, and he pretends ...more
Episode 1.076 Episode: 76, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Tim arrives at the Deep and is surprised to see Annie looking at Ben and Meg sleeping in each other's arms. When they awake, Ben asks Annie and Meg to go to his house, while Ben has a talk with ...more
Episode 1.177 Episode: 177, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Mark checks up on Gabi to see if she's okay after the nightmare she had last night. She says she's fine, the stakeout just brought back some childhood memories of the night someone broke into ...more
Episode 1.179 Episode: 179, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
ddie gives Gregory pictures of Cole in Monte Carlo, Gregory tells him he will be compensated well. Olivia and Caitlin have a heart-to-heart about the baby and that it will be loved even without ...more
Episode 1.003 Episode: 3, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Tim leaves Kansas and arrives to Sunset Beach where he finds Meg. He tries to catch up with her telling her that his revelationship with Connie is over. Michael saves Vanessa Hart, a young ...more
Episode 1.147 Episode: 147, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Paula is unhappy when she sees Gabi talking to Ricardo. Ben worries they are going to run out of air in the cave. Annie and Tim look for some tunnels that lead to the caves. Caitlin tells Cole ...more
Episode 1.167 Episode: 167, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Virginia destroys the tape that Vanessa had of them talking. Jimmy manages to get in the football team. Gabi continues making drama around Ricardo in front of Mark. Olivia plays a victim in ...more
Episode 1.039 Episode: 39, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Ricardo checks Ralph's list of crimes, while Eddie prepares to ambush Ralph, who is, at the time, preparing to tattoo and rape Paula. Cole covers his intrusion by pretending to want to continue ...more
Episode 1.012 Episode: 12, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Rae explains to Casey why she told her parents that he is her husband. Her parents always thought that the perfect man for her is Wei-Lee, but Rae doesn't want to marry him. Tiffany writes an ...more
Episode 1.090 Episode: 90, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Ben has another nightmare and this time it's Maria leading him to her studio. Frightened, Ben wakes up and is about to unlock the door of the studio when Meg arrives. She's frustrated because he ...more
Episode 1.132 Episode: 132, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Ben gives Meg her last paycheck, while Annie worries that their talk might lead to something more, and she throws herself in Ben's arms to annoy Meg. Gabi calls Paula to the Deep as an excuse to ...more
Episode 1.079 Episode: 79, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
The police officer is saved after falling, but Annie is still missing. Ben realizes that Annie is at the lifeguard tower, but he prevents her from jumping down. When Annie witnesses yet another ...more
Episode 1.023 Episode: 23, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
Annie tries to escape. Ricardo questions Olivia about the night of Del's murder and she finds herself confused by all the questions. Meg tells Ben she wants to help Annie. Gregory gives Tim a ...more
Episode 1.158 Episode: 158, Season: Sunset Beach - Season 1
While Caitlin and Cole are at the waffle shop, a beautiful woman bumps into Cole, which sort of makes Caitlin jealous. She even has a fantasy of the two together on the beach, but then she ...more