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Below is a complete Super Friends episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Super Friends episodes are listed along with the Super Friends episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Super Friends episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Vote for your favorite items on this poll, including “Legends of the Superheroes,” “The Planet-Splitter” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Super Friends episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Legends of the Superheroes Jan 01 1979 - Legends of the Superheroes is an umbrella title for two one-hour, live-action TV specials produced by Hanna–Barbera that aired on NBC in January 1979. The series was loosely based on ...more

The Ballad of Zan and Jayna

Swamp Of The Living Dead Nov 11 1978 - The Legion of Doom negotiates with an old swamp sorceress and an ancient demon to bring all the Super Friends to the swamp to defeat them forever in exchange for power to control zombies. The ...more

Doomsday Dec 09 1978 - When Sinestro, Black Manta, and Cheetah are abandoned by the rest of the Legion of Doom on a failed mission, they are captured by the Super Friends. After escaping, they seek revenge against ...more

Super Friends: Rest In Peace Dec 16 1978 - Batman is dead, killed with a crystal called Noxium, recovered by one time Legion of Doom member Dr. Natas and buried under the Hall of Justice by Superman in Kryptonian steel, a harmless form ...more

History Of Doom Dec 23 1978 - The Earth is shown to be in ruins and there is no life of any kind. Three aliens visit the Earth and investigate the ruins of the Hall of Justice, reviewing historical records of the Justice ...more

Invasion Of The Fearians Sep 16 1978 - The alien Fearians recruit the Legion of Doom to help them trick the Super Friends into making Earth's climate suitable for their Venusian bodies in exchange for letting the Legion of Doom rule ...more

The World’s Deadliest Game Sep 23 1978 - Brainiac plans to use an invisibility device to trick Black Vulcan, Wonder Woman and Hawkman onto an artifical planet ruled by The Toyman and inhabitated by deadly toys in a black hole while the ...more

Fairy Tale Of Doom Dec 02 1978 - The Toyman develops a device to trap three Super Friends in works of fiction hoping to eliminate them forever. Hawkman is lured by Toyman into Jack and the Beanstalk at a ski slope, Wonder Woman ...more

Secret Origins Of The Super Friends Oct 28 1978 - Past and present collide when Lex Luthor decides to alter the past after discovering the secret origins of Green Lantern, Superman and Wonder Woman. Using the Hall of Doom’s time conveyor, ...more

Conquerors Of The Future Nov 18 1978 - To everyone's surprise, including the Super Friends, the Legion of Doom becomes the Legion of Good! But it's a ruse while they conquer the Earth of 3984 with the help of a merciless race of ...more

The Final Challenge Nov 25 1978 - When a few members of the Super Friends and Legion of Doom are engaged in a battle in Earth's orbit, they are captured by a being named Vartu who brings them to his universe where he subjects ...more

The Giants Of Doom Oct 21 1978 - Bizarro can create a device to enlarge the Legion of Doom to 100 feet but needs three rare elements first. He has already obtained one, a formula from an asteroid. Bizarro & Sinestro ...more

Pajama-Rama Superfriends Retrospective

Wanted: The Super Friends Sep 09 1978 - Lex Luthor baits the Super Friends into stealing priceless artifacts via mind control. The next day, the JLA finds out what they did and turn themselves in. Unknown to the heroes it's actually a ...more

The Time Trap Sep 30 1978 - Grodd The Gorilla devises a plan for The Legion, using a time-conveyer to loot the past... and trap the Super Friends in history. Aquaman and Apache Chief are sent to 70 million BC while chasing ...more

Trial Of The Super Friends Oct 07 1978 - The Legion of Doom trick Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, who are guarding a chemical research plant and it's newest creation, Liquid Light, by stealing their power devices. ...more

Monolith Of Evil Oct 14 1978 - Solomon Grundy convinces The Legion Of Doom to pursue a monolith that is supposed to be the source of all evil and gave him powers. So he, Cheetah, Riddler & Grodd search under the Earth's ...more

Revenge On Gorilla City Nov 04 1978 - After an attempt with a Hallucinogenic vapor that makes fears appear to take over Gorilla City, Grodd is detained and teleported back to the Legion of Doom by the city's ruler, Solovar. Back at ...more

The Power Pirate Sep 08 1973 - Anthro, an alien from the planet Traum, is stealing Earth's energy resources to power his planet- until the Super Friends stop him. Disguising himself as an inspector from Scotland Yard, he ...more

Dr. Pelagian's War Oct 06 1973 - A marine scientist fights pollution by creating natural disasters to force three industrialists to stop polluting. The nation's three leading industrialists receive a warning from a computerized ...more

The Mysterious Moles Dec 01 1973 - Important research projects have been closed down, and the Super Friends are called in to find and restore disappearing air conditioning units. The Super Friends' mission leads then into a ...more

The Weather Maker Sep 29 1973 - Glaciers are melting, gigantic whirlpools are forming, and there are icebergs in the South Pacific. When the Super Friends chart these drastic changes in the weather, a pattern soon begins to ...more

Too Hot to Handle Oct 20 1973 - An alien from the plant Solar Terrarium moves the Earth out of its orbit and closer to the sun so his people can move from their own freezing planet. However, this causes destructive heat waves. ...more

The Ultra Beam Nov 17 1973 - A pair of scientists, believing that gold is the root of all evil, set out to destroy it with a blue beam until the Super Friends stop them. A blue ray emitting an ultra-beam has been extracting ...more

The Baffles Puzzle Sep 15 1973 - The mysterious Professor Baffles is making money and valuable objects disappear- until the Super Friends unravel his puzzle and stop him. The professor has embarked on a crusade to destroy all ...more

The Planet Splitter Dec 15 1973 - Eccentric, ingenious scientist Dr. Laban has stolen the largest diamonds in the world to power his "planet splitter," a device capable of splitting a planet in half, intending to tow ...more

The Balloon People Nov 03 1973 - A family of aliens from the planet Balunia leave their polluted planet for a home on Earth. After their flying saucer lands, the balloon people are befriended by the Super Friends. However, the ...more

The Watermen Dec 22 1973 - A strange spacecraft has been forced to land on Earth after a meteor hit the fuel tank of the craft. In an attempt to return from the planet Sagittarius, the craft begins gathering silicon from ...more

The Menace of the White Dwarf Nov 24 1973 - A strange UFO penetrates Earth's air space. Along its flight path, it has managed to "pull up" and carry along a number of objects. Col. Wilcox explains to the Super Friends that the ...more

Gulliver's Gigantic Goof Dec 08 1973 - Using his micro-wave reducer, mad Dr. Hiram Gulliver shrinks all adults- including the Superfriends- to two inches tall to help the population problem (by saving resources)... and also to rule ...more

The Shamon 'U' Oct 13 1973 - Dr. Shamon is using a giant magnetic "U," a laser gun, to draw a solid gold meteorite to the Earth. However, he's unaware of the fact that his "sky-mining" technique has ...more

Professor Goodfellow's G.E.E.C. Sep 22 1973 - Professor Goodfellow invents the G.E.E.C. (Goodfellow's Effort-Eliminating Computer), which is capable of running everything in the world, freeing people from all physical labor, brainwork and ...more

The Androids Oct 27 1973 - A misguided scientist uses androids to try to sabotage the space program, but the Super Friends stop him. As the Super Friends watch the launch of Apollo 20, neither they nor the government know ...more

The Fantastic Frerps Nov 10 1973 - King Plasto steals raw plastic powder to create Frerp, a special plastic which he uses to confound the Super Friends. The king has been intercepting every shipment of the powder on its way to ...more

The Water Beast Oct 29 1977 - It's the Super Friends' problem when trouble surfaces on the high seas. All are in trouble from the menace of the deep, the marauding Manta and his terrifying water beast.

Cheating Nov 12 1977 - The Wonder Twins and Gleek teach a lesson in honesty when a double-crossing cross-country runner has a misadventure in cheating.

Exploration Earth Nov 12 1977 - A sinister space probe from planet Zeno visits Earth to capture people and objects for scientific study. The Super Friends must stop "Exploration Earth".

The Day of the Rats Nov 19 1977 - Batman and Robin with special guest Black Vulcan play pied pipers when the city is terrified by rampaging rats.

The Man Beasts of Xra Nov 26 1977 - Superman, Batman and Robin have to save society from the outrageous genetic experiments of a mixed-up scientist and his half-human half-animal beasts.

Rampage Dec 17 1977 - In far-off India, Superman and Green Lantern have their hands full when a huge, wild, white elephant tears through jungles and villages on a rampage-looking for its baby.

The Antidote Sep 17 1977 - Wonder Woman and special guest star Apache Chief fly half way around the world to save an Indian community from a giant cobra.

Coming of the Arthropods Oct 22 1977 - The Super Friends zoom off in an all out struggle against invading insects from a far off planet, for the entire Earth is threatened by the coming of the Arthropods.

River of Doom Oct 22 1977 - Flying over jungle rain forests, Wonder Woman and Rima search for some missing scientists who are about to become victims of the River of Doom.

Attack of the Giant Squid Oct 29 1977 - Superman and Aquaman find themselves entangled in a deep-sea mystery when they meet the tenticled attack of a giant squid.

Volcano Nov 05 1977 - Superman and special guest hero, Samurai, face the heat of a volcano in making a dangerous rescue.

The Collector Nov 05 1977 - Superman and Wonder Woman save priceless treasures and monuments from the greedy grasp of the Collector, who has invented a device that turns objects into photographs and plans to protect the ...more

The Mind Maidens Nov 05 1977 - The Super Friends must use all of their superpowers in order to overcome the mental mischief of Medula and her power-hungry plans to eradicate all men.

Pressure Point Nov 19 1977 - The Wonder Twins and Gleek travel into the hot desert to cool the dangerous canyon-jumping stunts of some reckless motorcyclists.

Stowaways Dec 17 1977 - The Wonder Twins activate their special powers to save a couple of girls who try an ill-advised adventure as stowaways and almost wind up as flotsam and jetsam.