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Below is a complete Supersize vs Superskinny episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Supersize vs Superskinny episodes are listed along with the Supersize vs Superskinny episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Supersize vs Superskinny episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll contains items like “Scott and Emma” and “Alyson Mawunga, Nick Wood.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Supersize vs Superskinny episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Amy-Jo and Andy Feb 05 2008 - This week Dr Christian Jessen tackles the eating habits of Amy-Jo, a superskinny undereater, who is due to spend five days in the 'feeding clinic' with 38½-stone Andy. The participants' ...more

Elizabeth and Stefan Feb 12 2008 - Tipping the scales at just over six stones, 41-year-old Elizabeth Young thinks she's found the elixir to eternal youth: an extremely disciplined diet. She exists on a radical diet of Brazil ...more

Jenette and Rosemarie Feb 26 2008 - In the feeding clinic this week with Dr Christian Jessen are two women at opposite ends of the weight spectrum but with one thing in common: they both want to look wonderful in their wedding ...more

Louise and Desroy Mar 04 2008 - Dr Christian Jessen faces a bumpy ride this week in the feeding clinic as superskinny size zero Louise Sapsford, who clocks in at 6 stone 2lb, faces up to supersize 28 stone 13 pounder Desroy ...more

Tatiana and Sandra Jan 22 2008 - At just 6 stone 10lbs, 19-year-old Tatiana Moxey is extremely underweight and desperate for people to stop asking her if she's got an eating disorder. Weighing in at 23½ stone, jazz ...more

Kevin and Julie Feb 19 2008 - Dr Christian Jessen comes face to face with twenty-six-year-old Kevin Calladine from Brighton who hasn't had a decent meal since he left home. Short on time and money, his weight has plummeted ...more

Yasmin and Darryl Jan 29 2008 - Fussy eaters put up a food fight in the feeding clinic as Superskinny Yasmin Smith is forced to swallow a gargantuan diet of snack foods and diet drinks, while Supersize Darryl Weston weighing ...more

Alex and Tracy Mar 11 2008 - Long and lanky, 22-year-old Alex Law from Stockport hits the scales at just over ten stone because he barely eats a meal. Tired and exhausted he lives on a diet of caffeine pills supplemented by ...more

Alyson Mawunga, Nick Wood Apr 27 2010 -

Scott and Emma Apr 06 2010 -

Saskia vs Nick Apr 12 2012 - Saskia Roberts, a 23-year-old Caribbean cuisine enthusiast, trades diets with 25-year-old food analyst Nick Harvey, who refuses to eat anything without identifying its contents first. Dr ...more

Supersize vs Superskinny Feb 28 2012 - Dr Christian flies out to Evansville, Indiana, officially America's 'Fattest City', where 38% of the population is obese. Experts predict that by 2020 a third of adults in the UK will be obese. ...more

Rob vs Hayley Mar 06 2012 - Foodaholic Rob Gillett goes head to head with foodphobic Hayley Payne in the Feeding Clinic. And Dr Christian goes for a ride on a supersize ambulance in America's fattest town. Rob Gillett's ...more

Chris vs Nathan Apr 03 2012 - Takeaway addict Chris Longley swaps diets with meal-skipping hairdresser Nathan Smith - and gets a shock when he is sent to stay with a 32st American man whom doctors believe has five years to ...more

Brooke vs Marie Apr 17 2012 - Supersize medical student Brooke meets superskinny Marie Sheratt in The Feeding Clinic. And in America's fattest city Dr Christian hits the airwaves to urge the townsfolk to change their ways. ...more

Josh vs Louise vs Vicki Apr 24 2012 - This edition revisits three former Supersize vs Superskinny feeding clinic inmates: chronic food dodger Josh Evans, five-course food-lover Louise Hayes and foodphobic Vicki Smith. One year down ...more

Jo vs Emma Mar 27 2012 - Head to head in the Feeding Clinic are Jo from Staffordshire and Emma from Lincolnshire. Former anorexic Rosemary recounts her story, from the depths of the disease through to her amazing ...more

James, Modasser and Ami - revisit May 01 2012 - One year after checking into the Feeding Clinic, have over-eater James and under-eaters Modasser and Ami stuck to their new eating plans or reverted to their old, very unhealthy ways?

Geoff vs Josh Mar 20 2012 - Snackaholic Geoff Milton meets sweet-toothed meal skipper Josh Bryson in the Feeding Clinic. And Dr Christian visits an after-school nutrition class in America's fattest city.

Hugh vs Lynsey Mar 13 2012 - In the Feeding Clinic comfort eater Hugh meets Lynsey, who has a fear of choking. And fashion student Laura reveals how an eating disorder has left her addicted to exercise and surviving on just ...more

LJ vs Katie Jan 08 2013 - Dr Christian visits McAllen's mortuary, which is having to be supersized to cope with wider doorways and autopsy tables. In the feeding clinic, LJ Marley, a takeaway addict who tips the scales ...more

Joanne vs Ross Jan 15 2013 - In the feeding clinic this time Joanne Leadley goes head to head with Ross Clarke from Cardiff. Ross is a meal dodger who never finds time to eat, while 41-year-old Joanne is a giant-portion ...more

Julie vs Zoe Jan 22 2013 - Forty-two- year-old super snacker Julie Menzies swaps diets with 24-year-old fussy eater Zoe Hughes-Blinston in an emotional encounter. Dr Christian discovers how the funeral parlour in ...more

Julie vs Dougie Feb 12 2013 - Twenty-stone comfort eater Julie Henry swaps diets with coffee addict Dougie Reid. Emma Woolf explores the importance of the early diagnosis of eating disorders. And in America, Dr Christian ...more

Simon and Craig Jan 29 2012 - Facing off in the Feeding Clinic is 24-stone takeaway addict Craig Nellies and superskinny cola addict Simon Tacaks, who's just too lazy to bother to eat. Dr Christian shows skeletal Simon how ...more

Hannah vs Victoria Feb 05 2013 - There's a tense and emotional swap in the feeding clinic as teenage comfort eater Victoria Madden goes head to head with fussy food avoider Hannah Pidgley, whose picky eating has already led to ...more

Emma vs Robert Feb 19 2013 - It's all out war as round-the-clock snacker Emma Cain goes head to head with Robert Musgrove, who can't be bothered to eat. Dr Christian shows lager-guzzling Emma just what her favourite tipple ...more

Thomas vs Linda Feb 26 2013 - Pizza delivery driver Thomas Barnes weighs 27 stone 10 lbs, largely due to his weakness for pizza. Glamourous granny Linda Chik loves fruit and veg, but doesn't eat enough for her busy-bee ...more

Nathan, Chris and Jo - Revisit Mar 06 2013 - The show revisits three of last year's feeding clinic inmates - meal dodger Nathan Smith, takeaway king Chris Longley, and convenience queen Jo Palmer. One year on, have they managed to ditch ...more

Hayley vs Geoff - Revisit The show catches up with sugar fan Hayley Payne and snackaholic Geoff Milton, one year after they met in the feeding clinic.

Episode 11

Colin and Tracey Jan 20 2009 - Weighing in at just 6 stone 8 pounds is superskinny working mum Gillian. The 24-year-old Inverness nurse is so busy caring for others she's forgotten how to look after herself and her weight has ...more

Kim and Trudy Jan 27 2009 - Checking into the feeding clinic is marathon-running, superskinny Kim Fawke. Following a stressful divorce, her weight has plummeted to just over six stone. In her race to get her relationship ...more

Gillian and Philippa Feb 03 2009 - Featherweight father-of-two Colin Hunt barely tips the scales at nine stone by living on chocolate and little else. Joining him on the five-day diet swap is a supersizer twice his weight, Tracey ...more

Martin and Christine Feb 10 2009 - Swapping diets are 18-year-old superskinny Georgetta, who under-eats to look good but at a cost to her model looks. She will be paired with 28-stone supersizer Ameer, who is determined to lose ...more

Feb 17 2009 - Promotions girl Christine thinks her diet is healthy because she's following the government's advice on eating fruit and veg. At the opposite end of the scale is Martin, who's living on fatty, ...more

Wayne and Martin Feb 24 2009 - Pint-sized Tiffany Patterson had to grow up quickly when her mum left home, leaving her to become the breadwinner and meal-maker. Too busy to eat, the seven stone 25-year-old lives on a daily ...more

Keith and Tiffany Mar 03 2009 - Two men confront their lifelong eating problems in the feeding clinic. A former jockey obsessed with keeping his weight down swaps diets with a man whose booze-binging is out of control. In Los ...more

Charlotte and Heather Mar 10 2009 - This week's show features Charlotte, whose dreams of being a pin-up model have fallen flat so far due to her desperate diet. She weighs just six stone and her childlike portions are doing ...more

Kevin and Stefan Mar 17 2009 - One year on, Dr Christian Jessen invites diet swappers back to discover how they're getting on with their new healthy lifestyles, and whether they've finally managed to banish their bad eating ...more

Yasmin, Darryl, Tatiana and Sandra Mar 24 2009 - Dr Christian Jessen checks up on diet swappers one year on. Darryl from Derbyshire was a hefty 33 stone, and was keen to lose weight in a bid to be more active with his two young sons. The ...more

Lucy Lee, Leighton Davies Mar 30 2010 - Emotions run high in the feeding clinic as Dr Christian Jessen pushes calorie-counter Lucy Lee and buffet-binger Leighton Davies to the limit. Lucy weighs in at just under eight stone. She ...more

Louise Tighe, Eddie Mason May 11 2010 - Food hater Louise swaps diets with 39-year-old biker Eddie, who needs to change his diet before it's too late. And Anna Richardson gives up on perfection and accepts what she was born with. Food ...more

Mar 23 2010 - It's fireworks in the feeding clinic as 24 stone call centre agent Julie meets superskinny caffeine addict Jade. Jade weighs just five and half stone, and is desperate to regain her ...more

Louise Knox, Carly Pitman May 04 2010 - In the feeding clinic Louise Knox, queen of convenience food, meets Carly Pitman, who's so busy she never finds the time to eat. Louise weighs 18 stone, nine pounds. She gorges on pizza, ...more

Update May 18 2010 - Dr Christian invites diet swappers back to the feeding clinic to discover how they are getting on with their healthy new lifestyles. Previously superskinny Gillian entered the feeding clinic ...more

Andy Stain, Hannah Ames Apr 20 2010 - Junk food addict Andy moves into the feeding clinic with `too-busy-to-eat' Hannah, who battles with Andy's junk food medley as she forces down pizzas, burgers and kebabs. And Anna Richardson ...more

Wayne Derrick, Lucia Grossi Apr 13 2010 - Binge eater Wayne swaps diets with fussy eater Lucia. And Anna Richardson tries tower running, ultrasound and infra red, as she bids to get herself a perfect pair of legs.

Stu vs Alice Apr 26 2011 - It's an emotional rollercoaster in the feeding clinic as Supersize cheese addict Stu Preston takes on Superskinny portion controller Alice Duran. At 27 stone 13lbs Stu is digging himself an ...more

Amy Green / Ami Walsh Apr 05 2011 - In the feeding clinic, supersize Amy Green, who tips the scales at a staggering twenty-stone plus, swaps with superskinny Ami Walsh, who only weighs seven stone ten . Twenty-one-year old comfort ...more