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Below is a complete Sweet Valley High episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Sweet Valley High episodes are listed along with the Sweet Valley High episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Sweet Valley High episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This poll features “The Curse of Lawrence Manson,” “Down By Whitelaw, Part Dos (2)” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Sweet Valley High episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Coma Oct 31 1994 - When Jess leaves Elizabeh stranded at the Moon Beach, she has no choice but to hitch a ride with Todd's motorcycle (or miss her deadline). On the way they get into an accident and while Todd is ...more

Almost Married Oct 10 1994 - When Liz's parents go away for the weekend and with Todd's house being painted, she invites him to stay over so they can spend more time together. Although they begin the weekend with good ...more

Love On The Line Jan 02 1995 - While working at a teen hotline, Enid helps Mike, a quarterback from another school, to get over his parent's divorce. She agrees to meet with him in person, but backs out at the last minute ...more

What, Me Study? Oct 03 1994 - Jess is on the verge of flunking chemistry; unless she manages to get a good grade on an upcoming test she's bound to be kicked off the cheerleading squad. Winston manages to hack into Mr ...more

Kidnapped (3) Feb 13 1995 - When it is discovered that Peter has escaped from prison, Liz and Jess are put under protective custody. After two weeks with no danger, Jess is sick of being watched and manages to successfully ...more

Poetic Injustice Dec 05 1994 - A few of the gang become interested in their teacher's Adam Buchman's poetry. When Jessica is teased for not being 'cultured' enough to appreicate poetry, she comes along to a poetry reading ...more

The Prince of Santa Dora Oct 24 1994 - Elizabeth's long-time penpal Prince Arthur Castillio comes to Sweet Valley and he and Jess feel an instant attraction. They manage to escape his bodyguard to enjoy an afternoon of fun. Jessica ...more

The Curse of Lawrence Manson Oct 17 1995 - On Halloween the group pass on a party to hang out at school, where they intend to revive Lawrence Manson, a former student who died there exactly 25 years ago. They then proceed to get scared ...more

Uh-Oh-Seven Nov 07 1994 - After seeing a James Bond movie, Liz tries to write a similar type of story of her own, only the females are the strong characters and vice versa. Her main character is Platinum Blonde, a ...more

Secrets Nov 14 1994 - Enid's new boyfriend Ronnie chooses her to become the new spokesperson for an anti-drug campaign... touring the country with Steven Tyler. In confidence, Enid tells Liz that she's nervous ...more

Photographic Evidence Nov 21 1994 - While at the beach, Liz catches a suspicious looking photo of three men, although she manages to escape without being caught. Later on she finds out that one of them is actually an important ...more

Critical Mess Sep 26 1994 - Spiraling gossip lead the gang to believe that Bruce's uncle is a famous Hollywood director. Determined to get a part, Jessica sends a review for Macbeth (in which she plays Lady Macbeth) to ...more

Dangerous Love Sep 05 1994 - Liz breaks up with Todd when she is nominated for homecoming queen against her wishes. To Jessica's chagrin, not only does Liz beat her out for the title, but attracts the attention of college ...more

Stolen Diary Dec 12 1994 - Feeling left out because Liz appears to spend all her time with Todd, Jessica tells Peggy that Todd is available in the hope of breaking them up. Peggy throws herself at Todd and Liz catches ...more

Kidnapped (1) Jan 30 1995 - Liz, working in the local hospital as a candy striper, finds out that famous talk show host Jeremy Frakes has landed in hospital. Jessia, determined to be his new assistant, also volunteers to ...more

Skin and Bones Sep 19 1994 - When Jess hears that Dakota Dancer is going to paint Enid for a national exhibition, she cons her way into posing for him by convincing Enid that he wants to paint her nude. Although she wears a ...more

Say Goodbye Feb 20 1995 - Todd is accepted into Fairmount Academy, a school capable of training many NBA hopefuls -- in Vermont. Liz has a hard time dealing with this, and finds in harder when they can't seem to spend ...more

Oracle On Air Sep 12 1994 - When Sweet Valley High gets its own news station, Jessica fights for the spotlight against Elizabeth while trying to impress a new guy. She's willing to do anything; even pull a twin-switch on ...more

Kidnapped (2) Feb 06 1995 - The gang are at a party for Nicholas Morrow, the new heartthrob in town, when Liz is kidnapped following her shift at the hospital. Todd is the first to sense something's wrong, and he and Jess ...more

Working Girl Jan 09 1995 - Lila's dad forces her to work at the Moon Beach cafe and subsequently she becomes attracted to the meat delivery man, Heath. However, she discovers that she must hide her true idenity from him ...more

Club X Nov 28 1994 - Jessica wants to join Club X, an exclusive club which creates hijinx around the school. At first Bruce is agitated that a girl wants to join, but once she passes initiation, he tries to use her ...more

Dancing Fools Jan 23 1995 - Jessica and Lila are at it again. The annual Pacific Freestyle Dance is coming up and the winners have a chance to appear on TV. Jessica, winner for the last two years, is aghast when her steady ...more

Summer Lovin' Sep 11 1995 - At the summer draws to a close, the gang finds out that Todd has returned to Sweet Valley. Although Liz is initailly ecstatic, she finds him to be moody and depressed. Although she tries to ...more

Totally Cueless Jan 08 1996 - The Moon Beach holds a pool contest in which the winners receive a free trip to the Bahamas. Jessica and Lila try to figure out a way to win the competition, even though they know nothing about ...more

The Quick and the Blonde Nov 20 1995 - Bruce, who's ancestor Bruno supposedly founded Sweet Valley, works on an exhibit on exploring the town's history. However, Liz finds a diary that says otherwise.

Like Water For Hot Dogs Nov 13 1995 - Todd and Elizabeth's anniversary is coming up, and Liz waits for him to ask her out. Lila and Winston help Todd become more romantic. Jessica gets tapes from the library to help her learn her ...more

IQ Commeth Oct 09 1995 - Jessica--as well as everyone else--is surprised when she gets one of the highest scores on the college compatibility test. Her and Mortimer are chosen to represent the school in the academic ...more

The War of the Pom-Poms Dec 11 1995 - A transfer student, Heather, is great and cheerleading and is voted as the squad's new co-captain. Jessica, jealous and angry over Heather's elected position, quits the squad and tries to form ...more

Reading, Writing, Rescue Dec 04 1995 - Bruce sets up a security camera at the moon beach. Jessica literally saves Winston life, so now Winston is her genie, so whatever Jessica wants, he'll get. Current expose decides to do a story ...more

Identical Opposites Jan 22 1996 - The talk show The Foxie Jones Show is looking for sets of twins to guest star on the show. Jessica tries to convince Liz to go with her and be guests. Liz finally agrees, but as they shoot the ...more

Win Sam, Lose Sam Jan 15 1996 - Sam thinks he no longer has chances for getting a sponsor and racing in Australia when he ruins his chances of winning the motocross race by helping Todd. It's just the opposite. Jessica doesn't ...more

One Big Mesa Jan 29 1996 - The big football game- Sweet Valley vs. Mesa is coming up and everyone's in a frenzy. Practical jokes are being played by everyone and Todd is arranging the half-time show in which everything ...more

Mixed Doubles Nov 27 1995 - Liz tries to help Enid gain self-confidence by giving her a job at the Oracle. Meanwhile, Bruce gets interested in an exchange student from Brazil and makes a deal with Jessica. She helps him to ...more

You Call This a Wonderful Life? Dec 18 1995 - During the Christmas season, an angel is sent to show Elizabeth and Jessica what their friends's lives would have been like if they had never been born.

Promotional Rescue Sep 25 1995 - Bruce is left in charge of the Moon Beach after his father buys it. Bruce, hoping to impress his father, fires Winston and takes Jessica on as a business partner. Meanwhile, Cheryl, Elizabeth, ...more

A Fair to Remember Oct 23 1995 - The new coach asks Todd to please show his son around town. Jason, who seems to be quite a shy guy, turns out to not be so shy around the local girls. He not only goes on a date with Elizabeth, ...more

False Possessions Oct 16 1995 - When Enid talks with Todd, she develops feelings for him and later asks him out. Todd, however, doesn't think of it as a date. Lila moves into The Wakefield's house while her own home is being ...more

Sam Kind of Wonderful Feb 05 1996 - Jessica and Sam are spending allot of time together, and Lila is upset that Jess has entered the Sam zone. She decides to join Cheryl in painting, and doing pottery. Manny tries to find out what ...more

Model Behavior Sep 18 1995 - A new school year starts in Sweet Valley. Tatyana Thomas, a famous model, comes to Sweet Valley hoping to start her life over. However, it's not as easy as she's hoped.

Sam Enchanted Evening Jan 01 1996 - Jessica meets Sam Woodruff at the race track where she is there with Liz and Lila watching Todd practice for a motercross race. She starts to get to know him better, and also learns about his ...more

Dark Side of the Moon Beach Oct 02 1995 - Elizabeth decides it's time to start dating again, and with the help of Jessica, Lila, and Enid, she dates a bunch of guys. Winston catches Todd and his 'friends' trying to steal a car.

It's My Party and I'll Ditch It If I Want To Oct 30 1995 - Instead of attending the Wakefield's annual sleep over, Jessica opts to to attend a dinner with Bruce and his friends from Harvard.

A Look Back in Anecdotes Mar 25 1996 - Many years later, Jessica is now a a talk show host, and Elizabeth is a journalist. When they come together to sell thier old house, they start packing and the packing leads to memories of thier ...more

Blunder Alley Nov 06 1995 - Bruce put up a fortune-teller at the moon beach, and the fortunes Jessica and Lila get only predict bad luck, which ends up coming true. Elizabeth goes on a date with a guy to the bowling alley, ...more

The Tooth Hurts Oct 28 1996 - Reggie's constant snack of chocolate leaves him with cavaties. Cheryl and Enid try to convince him that he's addicted, while Reggie won't believe him. Meanwhile, the television show Headline ...more

All Along the Water Tower Dec 16 1996 - After the guys at Sweet Valley High hear over the intercom that Elizabeth likes guys that are into sports all the jocks in school start asking her out. Todd thinks that Elizabeth doesn't want to ...more

The Man of My Screams Sep 16 1996 - Todd fears that Elizabeth is starting to like Peter so he gets Manny and Winston to spy on them. Jessica dreams about kissing Shred, which freaks her out. Lila tells her that to make the ...more

A Star is Torn Nov 25 1996 - Jessica helps out A.J.'s band by giving their demo tape to a Dj to play on the radio. However, helping A.J.'s band to beome big, threatens to end Jessica and A.J.'s relationship. Meanwhile, Liz ...more

Swish Upon a Star Oct 21 1996 - Jessica becomes more and more self absobed. She blurts out that Elizabeth and Cheryl have been planning a surprise birthday for Enid, with Enid there able to hear. Jessica has taken all the hot ...more

Shred Reckoning Sep 02 1996 - Jessica and Lila are excited to hear that a new Patman (Reginald Patman) will be coming to Sweet Valley now that Bruce has left to join the army. Lila throws Reginald a party for him. Todd and ...more