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Full List of Taggart Episodes

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Below is a complete Taggart episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Taggart episodes are listed along with the Taggart episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Taggart episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items on this list include “Babushka” and “Lifeline.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Taggart episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Instrument of Justice

    Sep 30 1993
    Taggart has a new boss and he must take orders from her even though he has doubts about the guilt of a gang member. People are later found murdered and Taggart, Jardine, Reid and McVitie must work...
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    Oct 06 1994
    The Scottish literature world is abuzz with speculation as a major prize is to be awarded. The team are called in when a writer is threatened. When a university lecturer in creative writing is found...
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    Forbidden Fruit

    Jan 01 1994
    Taggart, Jardine and Reid are left to investigate murders surrounding a fertility clinic. Meanwhile Taggart's former partner Peter Livingstone to Glasgow and gives Jardine the shock of his life. He...
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    Oct 27 1994
    On April 30th a businessman James Martin is murdered with a chainsaw under suspicious curcumstances and Taggart, Jardine and Reid are assigned to investigate. DS Reid goes undercover to investigate...
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    Black Orchid

    Feb 25 1995
    Tony Sabina is in town again, "The Great Sabina" to his fans. His hypnotic show relies on volunteers, among who is a young man called Stuart Fraser, and a girl called Frances Shaw. Frances who is...
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    Prayer for the Dying

    Jan 11 1995
    Taggart is promoted to Acting Superintendent after Jack McVitie takes a heart attack. When two young girls are murdered Taggart starts to wonder whether Jardine and Reid are up to the job. A Polish...
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    Jan 16 1999
    When a murder occurs at a hotel during a dinner for the police force, the hunt is on for the killer. When the husband of one of the hotel employees is also murdered the team begin to wonder what the...
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    Few Bad Men

    Oct 18 1998
    Jardine and Reid are called in to investigate the Murder of a soldier at a Glasgow barracks. The newly promoted Jardine finds it difficult to work with the army but Reid seems to have an ally in the...
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    Ghost Rider

    Feb 15 2000
    A charred body is found in a car, leading the team into a web of police corruption and cover-ups. Jardine, Reid, Fraser and Ross investigate....  more
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    Falling in Love

    Jan 01 2001
    DCI Jardine and the team investigate a series of mysterious deaths among members of a tango club after a pre-wedding parachute jump ends in the bridegroom plunging to his death. And as Jackie Reid's...
  • 11

    Football Crazy

    Dec 01 2000
    Jardine and the team investigate a series of murky going-ons at a football club whose lack of success on the pitch is matched by an unaccountably high death rate among its employees. Jardine and the...
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    Nov 01 2000
    A therapist returns home after his late-night radio phone-in show to find his wife murdered. Jardine and the team investigate....
  • 13

    Skin Deep

    Oct 01 2000
    When a man is found bleeding to death in a health club and two of the female members claim to have had intimate relationships with him, Reid and Ross uncover a world of health-obsessed women with...
  • 14

    Death Trap

    Jan 04 2002
    The police are dealing with a bizarre case and as Michael Jardine seems to be one step ahead of his friends, it results in a tragedy that will affect everyone at the police department after they...
  • 15

    The Friday Event

    Jul 15 2002
    A student dies when he falls from a roof at a top Glasgow school and a journalist reveals that the death is drugs related. But then the journalist is found dead. He's been having an affair with the...
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    Jul 08 2002
    The discovery of the body of an underage prostitute causes Ross to go after a long time nemesis with renewed vigour. This decision sets into motion a chain of events which not only puts the...
  • 17

    Fire, Burn

    Jan 11 2002
    When a body is found in the basement of a burnt-out factory, Burke realises that his arson case has become much more interesting than originally thought and uses the case to test his officers. While...
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    Fade To Black

    Dec 21 2002
    A young nurse is found strangled in her home, with no sign of forced entry and two glasses of wine on the table. On finding a large quantity of cash hidden in her flat and signs of an affluent...
  • 19

    An Eye for an Eye

    Jan 25 2003
    When a doctor at a women's health centre is murdered, anti-abortionists are the prime suspects. Burke and his team investigate whether the protesters have been framed....
  • 20

    Hard Man

    Dec 14 2002
    DCI Burke and the team are called in to investigate the discovery of a mangled body in what appears to be an industrial accident at a Clyde shipyard. But when it is revealed that the victim was...
  • 21

    Halfway House

    Jan 18 2003
    A young man is found shot in a public park, and the only clue to his identity is a library ticket from a local college. Burke, Ross and Reid set about tracing the young man which leads them to a...
  • 22

    Blood Money

    Dec 28 2002
    A boxing promoter is found strangled, and while Ross breaks the news to his widow, Burke and Reid interview the previous night's fighters. The winning boxer, Corbett, turns out to be more than good...
  • 23

    Bad Blood

    Jan 11 2003
    In the aftermath of the stabbing of a Kurdish minicab driver, Burke finds himself delegated an officer with a working knowledge of race-hate crimes - an ambitious woman who Ross, Fraser and Reid take...
  • 24

    New Life

    Jan 04 2003
    DS Jackie Reid feels upstaged when the team is joined by DS Hannah Fairchild, an officer with ambitions to take Burke's seat.The team have to solve the murder of Kurdish minicab driver Hasan Osman,...
  • 25

    A Death Foretold

    Sep 30 2005
    The team investigate the suspicious death of an army recruit at a training camp. D.I. Robbie Ross goes undercover in an attempt to understand the mentality of the regime that teaches young men to...