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Below is a complete TailDaters episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual TailDaters episodes are listed along with the TailDaters episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. TailDaters episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “Episode 323:John and Jessica, Pat and Becca” and “Episode 302:Sara and Jeff, Chris and Beri.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the TailDaters episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode 101:Texas and Anna, Chad & Erin Apr 06 2002 -

Episode 102:Jason and Sasha, Tom and Pamela The Taildaters Kelly's Taildaters: Sharlen-School chum and Adam-Old Friend Kristian's Taildaters: Christina-Good Friend and Jay-college bud (22)Michelle's Taildaters: Lizzy-Family Friend and ...more

Episode 103:Kari and Jimmy, Craig and Ashlee Date #003 Kari and Jimmy Date #004 Craig and Ashlee Craig and Ashley heat things up cooking dinner for two. Then it's a fast break to the pool table where they seal the deal. And Kari's ...more

Episode 104:Genn and Dean, Michelle and Matt Date #005 Genn and Dean Date #006 Michelle and Matt Sexy Taildaters Ashley and Sean step in when Jenn fails at her attempt to de-virginize Dean. Michelle and Matt experience the ex-hex when ...more

Episode 105:Jon and Amber, Sedric and Adriana May 04 2002 - Date #012 Jon and Amber When Jon's unable to seal the deal with Amber, Taildater Eric steps in to get it done. Date #013 Sedric and Adriana Adriana gives Sedric a splash of reality when he ...more

Episode 106:Senta and Brian, Paul and Ricci Date #010 Brian and Senta Senta loves her football and Nascar but not her date Bryan. The only sparks flying here is when their date skids off the track and Bryan's unsportsman-like conduct has ...more

Episode 107:Angela and Zach, Tasha and Rick

Episode 108:Mike and Mary, Justin and Dehne Date #014 Mike and Mary Mike's ex fling Michelle drops in on his date with Mary for a some painfully awkward tension. Date #034 Justin and Dehne Justin tries his best to warm up his date, Dehne ...more

Episode 109:Zach and Tabitha, Tanya and Brad Date #015 Zach and Tabitha – ""Innocence meets Experience"" Meet Zach who is famous for showing his rear. Listen as Zach reveals a shocking secret. Wait and see if ...more

Episode 110:Shantell and Ryan, Liorah and Christian Date # 020 Shantell and Ryan Ryan likes his girls blonde and easy and Shantell seems to offer it all or so he thinks until she puts on the brakes in the limo Date #030 Liorah and Christian ...more

Episode 111:Darcy and Trent, Sean and Carly Date #026 Darcy and Trent – ""City Girl meets Country Boy"" Darcy is a bit too materialistic to be a part of Trent's world. She tries to enjoy Trent's company, but in ...more

Episode 112:Sarah and Casey, Ricarda and Chris Date #023 Sarah and Casey Cute College grad Casey thinks 18 year old Sarah is hot, but will things cool down or heat up when the tailers reveal her biggest secret. Date #025 Ricarda and Chris ...more

Episode 113:Sonia and Dennis, Rob and Caitlin Date #017 Sonia (or Sofiia?) and Dennis Sonia and Dennis share a wonderfully romantic evening together that everyone will enjoy…except her boyfriend Date #032 Rob and Caitlin ...more

Episode 114:James and Cara, Will and Christine Date# 027 James and Cara Cara is a punk-rock Hollywood girl and David is a Redondo Beach Drummer. They drum together at West L.A. music, but will the music last all the way to the Jacuzzi? ...more

Episode 115:Amber and Ryan, David and Corina Date #024 Amber and Ryan – ""Crazy meets Cool"" Sit back and enjoy the ""Amber"" show. She's on, she's off, she's hot, se's cold. It's a roller ...more

Episode 116:Anthony and Carlos, Zack and Emily

Episode 117:Burgundy and Ran, Sam and Brittany Date #033 Burgundy and Ran Spice girl Burgundy tells Ran, ""If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends."" Date #035 Sam and Brittany While Sam tries to get to ...more

Episode 118:Michelle and Josh, Tyler and Ophelia Michelle and Josh Michelle is 19 and she is a granola-esque girl with a perky ponytail who tells us she likes a handsome guy with a good sense of humor. Josh is 20, a spiky-haired wannabe rapper ...more

Episode 119:Blair and Sean, Carrie and Dan Date #040 Blair and Sean – ""Southern Sweetie meets Dr. Jekyll Jerk"" Blair just wants to meet a good ‘ole boy, but we don't always get what we want. If ...more

Episode 120:Jenn and Mo, Courtney and Chris Date #048 Jenn and Mo When Jenn gives Mo the cold shoulder on their date, it's up to their friends to break the ice and show how Taildaters do it better. Date #050 Courtney and Chris Co-eds ...more

Episode 121:David and Chailuck, Adyr and Patrick Date #041 David and Chailuck David, a fraternity boy at UCLA, is looking for a cute Asian girl who knows how to have a good time. Chai is all that and more, but will David be able to keep up? ...more

Episode 122:Kelly and Kristian, Michelle and Jeff Date #051 Kristian and Kelli The next incarnation of Sam Kinnison dates the girl next door. Our class clown, Kristian, tries to be a gentleman, and our girl next door, Kelli, might not be as ...more

Episode 123:Michelle and Chris, Jessica and Anthony Date #045 Michelle and Chris A day at the zoo leads to monkey business in the hot tub as these two hip-hop artsy kids get in tune to the rhythms of the universe. Date #052 Jessica and Anthony ...more

Episode 124:Elizabeth and Dave, Margaret and Isaac Elizabeth's Taildaters Amy - Good Friend Vandy - Best Friend Dave's Taildaters Pete: Best Pal Adriani - Platonic Friend Margaret's Taildaters Lennon - Good Friend Ryan - Friend Isaac Lena - Big ...more

Episode 125:Dave and Elizabeth, Isaac and Margaret Date #042 Dave and Elizabeth Dave and Elizabeth get maximum exposure when they show off their greatest Ass-ets. Date #056 Isaac and Margaret A kickboxing workout gets Margaret and Isaac some ...more

Episode 126:Marissa and Lisa, Shannon and Joey Date #054 (Yvete) Marissa and Lisa Two Asian beauties discover they have a lot of common grounds as they tumble and twirl for each other at the school of gymnastics, and later get artistic and ...more

Episode 127:John and Ashley, Troy and Sarah Date #055 Josh and Ashley ""Aggressor meets Acceptor"" Watch as Josh pulls out all the moves to win Ashley's affection. Be sure to look for the signs they give that show us ...more

Episode 128:Lynette and Mike, Nathan and Gladys Watch as Mike plays his game to try and win Lynette's heart. They do some dancing, play some ball and have some interesting conversation. Nathan takes Gladys' breath away with a surprise kiss in ...more

Episode 129:Eric and Kim, Gina and Jeremy (20)Eric's Taildaters Danielle - Ex Girlfriend Chris - Best Friend (21)Kim's Taildaters Kerra - Sister Aissa - Sorority Sis (23)Gina's Taildaters Alisa - Squealing Friend Jeanie - Outgoing ...more

Episode 130:Marcus and China, Beau and Krystal Marcus and China (23)Marcus's Taildaters Jennifer - Biggest Fan Selemawit - Good Friend (23)China's Taildaters Sheila - Mother Sixx - Best Friend Beau and Krystal Beau's Taildaters Vickey - Good ...more

Episode 201:Robert and Tiffany, Clay and Amy Jan 06 2003 - The Daters Lynette and Mike, Nathan and Gladys

Episode 202:Justin and Kevin, Lisa and Brian Jan 07 2003 - EPISODE #202 Date# 79 – Justin & Kevin ""The Bombshell and The Bore"" Justin is a talker and Kevin is a listener. No matter how much Justin tries, she just can't ...more

Episode 203:Sebastian and Annie, Nick and Brook Jan 08 2003 - EPISODE #203 Date# 71 – Sebastian & Annie ""A little bit of country and a little bit of Rock and roll"" City Boy Sebastian from the big Apple has game, But Annie ...more

Episode 204:Ben and Shauna, Lucy and Sohrab Jan 09 2003 - EPISODE #204 Date# 75 – Ben & Shauna ""The Beggar meets The Chooser"" See it for yourself, Ben is pure entertainment. His nerves cause him to do things like talk ...more

Episode 205:Joanna and Edon, Stephanie and Victor Jan 13 2003 - EPISODE #205 Date# 81 – Joanna & Edon ""Freed from Quiet"" JoAnna is too quiet for anyone to know what she is thinking. No one, including her date, is able to get ...more

Episode 206:Will and Neely, Ryan and Gina Jan 14 2003 - EPISODE #206 Date# 73 – Will & Neely ""Don Ho in search of a Ho"" Will thinks he has women figured out but Neely shows him that he still has a lot more to learn. ...more

Episode 207:Sean and Angela, Eli and Krista Jan 15 2003 - EPISODE #207 Date# 87 – Sean & Angela ""Clueless"" "" Sean wants to be a filmmaker and Angela thinks that she's a super star. Will she have what it ...more

Episode 208:Sean and Emilia, Josh and Jen Jan 16 2003 - EPISODE #208 Date# 70 – Sean & Emilia ""Simpleton meets The Pits"" Sean and Amelia aren't exactly a match made in heaven. Sean tries to lay on the charm, but ...more

Episode 209:Justin and Jason, Sean and Mariel Jan 21 2003 - EPISODE #209 Date# 88 – Justin & Jason ""Preppy meets Punky"" Justin and Jason are going out and Justin is coming his parents. Tune in to see Justin's ...more

Episode 210: Lauren and Marc, Tamara and Bruce Jan 22 2003 - EPISODE #210 Date# 85 – Lauren & Marc ""The Bitty and The Beast"" Marc is a sweetie and Lauren, plain and simple, is not. Watch as Marc's efforts to create a ...more

Episode 211:Dave and Hillary, Kori and Takis Jan 23 2003 - EPISODE #211 Date# 76 – Dave & Hillary ""Party Girl meets Party Pooper"" "" Shy guy Dave is left speechless by Hillary's beauty. Can his Taildaters help ...more

Episode 212:Iris and Alex, Nina and Ryan Jan 24 2003 - EPISODE #212 Date# 91 – Iris & Alex ""Sugar and Spice"" ""Isis is a sweet girl in search of a romantic experience with another girl. Alex is an ...more

Episode 213:Partick and Irina, Karin and Ryan(CELEBRITY WEEK)1 Jan 27 2003 - EPISODE #213 Date# 125 Partick and Irina ""The Jokester and The Gem"" Join Patrick and Irina as they go on the sweetest date ever! ""Simple Plan"", is ...more

Episode 214:Wee Man, King and Joleen(CELEBRITY WEEK)2 Jan 28 2003 - EPISODE #214 Date# 132 Wee Man ""Gina and the JackAss"" Wee Man may have left the show JackAss to go on his blind date, but he brought along all the stunts and silliness that ...more

Episode 215:Matt and David, Ivan and Irish(CELEBRITY WEEK)3 Jan 29 2003 - EPISODE #215 Date# 115 Matt and David ""Hot and Haughty"" This is one date you can't miss, Bobby Trendy, is a Taildater. David, Bobby's friend, is quite the talker, but, Matt ...more

Episode 216:Eian and Aston, Ariel and Bryan(CELEBRITY WEEK)4 Jan 30 2003 - EPISODE #216 Date# 104 Eian and Aston ""Lucky and The Lady"" Eian and Aston are in sync right from the start. They sing together, they rap together, they dance ...more

Episode 217:Jennifer and Jimmy, Jeff and Andrew Feb 03 2003 - Date # 92 Jennifer and Jimmy ""Sweet meets Sarcastic"" Jennifer is a kind, naive girl who is unlucky enough to get set up with Mr. Sarcastic, himself. She thinks all is going ...more

Episode 218:Devin and Melissa, Jaime and Ian Feb 04 2003 - Date #112 Devin and Melissa ""The Talker gets A Listening Ear"" Apparently, Devin thinks asking a girl if her ""ears are burning"" is a good line before a ...more

Episode 219: Christina and Jesse, Dana and Robert Feb 05 2003 - Pocahontas meets John Smith It's Vegas week on Taildaters, and Jesse and Christina know how to ""Viva ""it up. Things heat up from the beginning as these two find immediate ...more

Episode 220:Errol and Latrice, Missy and Matt Feb 06 2003 - Date# 97 Errol & Latrice (VEGAS) ""The Good Girl gets A Bad Kiss"" Vegas Week continues as Latrice and Errol find love at the Paris Hotel. It's a family ...more