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Below is a complete Take the High Road episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Take the High Road episodes are listed along with the Take the High Road episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Take the High Road episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Episode No. 781” to “Episode No. 795.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Take the High Road episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode No. 793 Jun 23 1990

Episode No. 794 Jun 24 1990

Episode No. 757 May 05 1990

Episode No. 792 Jun 20 1990

Episode No. 765 May 15 1990 - Isabel's niece Sandra comes to visit and Isabel wonders why. Joanne hires her cousin Alastair to work in the hotel and he is soon in trouble. Caroline and Greg have dinner together. Davie gets a ...more

Episode No. 785 Jun 12 1990

Episode No. 767 May 19 1990

Episode No. 774 May 28 1990

Episode No. 777 Jun 02 1990

Episode No. 763 May 13 1990

Episode No. 791 Jun 19 1990

Episode No. 771 May 23 1990 - The word spreads about Greg and Fiona spending the night together. Sneddon accuses Tee Jay about the vandalism done to his car. Greg asks Fiona to marry him. At the golf club reception, Sneddon ...more

Episode No. 761 May 09 1990

Episode No. 779 Jun 04 1990

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Episode No. 787 Jun 16 1990

Episode No. 772 May 26 1990

Episode No. 797 Jun 27 1990

Episode No. 795 Jun 25 1990 - Dougal and Gladys have a discussion about Emma and her eating habits. Dougal goes and visits Emma with disastrous consequences. Tee Jay explains to Carol why he didn't meet her last night and ...more

Episode No. 778 Jun 03 1990

Episode No. 758 May 06 1990 - Archie Menzies' funeral.

Episode No. 781 Jun 06 1990 - Kenny pays an early morning visit to Lynne and is appraised of what's been happening with her and Carol. Ryder visits Morag Stewart and makes an offer for her farm which she refuses. Mrs Mack ...more

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Episode No. 780 Jun 05 1990

Episode No. 784 Jun 11 1990

Episode No. 783 Jun 10 1990

Episode No. 768 May 20 1990 - Fiona arrives back home and finds she has received flowers from Greg. Greg decides to oversee the golfcourse development personally. Alastair confronts Tee Jay about the theft of five pounds. ...more

Episode No. 782 Jun 09 1990 - Lynne asks Emma to move in with her and Carol. Emma accepts the offer. Fiona finds out from Sheila that Ryder has brought Inverdarroch farm. When she confronts Ryder about this, he tells Fiona ...more

Episode No. 796 Jun 26 1990

Episode No. 764 May 14 1990

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Episode No. 775 May 29 1990

Episode No. 776 May 30 1990

Episode No. 766 Jan 16 1990

Episode No. 786 Jun 13 1990 - Morag meets with Ryder, who offers her new alternative to her problem. Although she is suspicious of his actions, she decides to consider the offer. Mrs. Mack complains to Isabel and Mairi about ...more

Episode No. 759 May 07 1990 - Fiona takes her son David to the Institute of Neurological Services for an examination. David's scan shows that he has a brain tumor. Meanwhile, Lily Wentworth considers Davie Sneddon's offer ...more

Episode No. 769 May 21 1990 - Greg invites Sneddon to the reception at the golf course. Sneddon accuses Dougal of poaching, when he comes across Dougal looking for traps on his land. Sneddon informs Fiona that he is now the ...more

Episode No. 770 May 22 1990

Episode No. 773 May 27 1990 - Isabel expresses her doubts about the upcoming marriage between Fiona and Greg to Sheila. Alun and Isabel discuss their relationship. Alun gives a final warning to Tee Jay but Tee Jay decides to ...more

Episode No. 790 Jun 18 1990

Episode No. 760 May 08 1990 - Jocky McDonald takes over Archie Menzies' job. Ryder comes back from his trip to London and goes to see Lily who informs him, that she has made Davie Sneddon her new farm manager. Ryder then ...more

Episode No. 762 May 12 1990

Episode No. 789 Jun 17 1990 - It is the day of Isabel's 50th birthday. Isabel is depressed because she thinks everybody has forgotten. Morag warns Sneddon that there might be a wild animal attacking farm animals. Sneddon ...more

fiona overdoses

Final Episode Apr 27 2003 - Mhairi and Lachie get married. Victor Spinetti reveals his plans to rebuild Glendarroch House as a casino resort.