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Below is a complete Tales from the Cryptkeeper episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Tales from the Cryptkeeper episodes are listed along with the Tales from the Cryptkeeper episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Tales from the Cryptkeeper episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Nature” to “Waste Not, Haunt Not.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Tales from the Cryptkeeper episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

While the Cat's Away Sep 18 1993 - Two brothers, Dwight and Stan, have their hopes set on getting new state-of-the-art dirtbikes, but they have no cash. So the duo devise a plan to rob the mansion of a vacationing person... ...more

Nature Sep 25 1993 - When brothers Rick and Teddy attend a family picnic, they start tormenting ants in an antpile. That is, until, a anti-magnifying ray shrinks them the size of an ant. The brothers and the ants ...more

Pleasant Screams Oct 02 1993 - Coming Soon

Gone Fishing/A Little Body of Work Oct 09 1993 - In ""Gone Fishin',"" Randy seems to find his uncle's fishing hobby distasteful, but Uncle Ned claims that ""if you take the bait, you pay the price"" -- a ...more

The Works, In Wax Oct 16 1993 - Craig discovers, in the visit of the wax figures cabinet, the horror in the fright chamber becomes true, if one goes into the pictures. So not only it is in danger, but rather also the monsters. ...more

The Sleeping Beauty Oct 23 1993 - A prince and his geeky friend attempt to awaken Sleeping Beauty, but the prince's kiss becomes a curse when she springs to life and attempts to kill them.

Cave Man Oct 30 1993 - Peter's father, a scientist, forgets his son's birthday while working hard to discover the secrets of a frozen caveman. When the caveman thaws and returns to life, Peter befriends the beast and ...more

Hyde and Go Shriek Nov 06 1993 - After a bully scares away a boy's (supposed a nice kid) pet mouse, the boy gets revenge.

Fare Tonight Nov 13 1993 - Best friends Mildred and Camille are obsessed with vampires -- so much so that they create a homemade vampire detector. Going on the hunt for vampires isn't quite as difficult as one would ...more

Gorilla's Paw Nov 20 1993 - Unpopular Walter would do anything just to be a member of Kingpin's secret club, assuming that it would make him popular. To gain membership, Walter steals a gorilla's paw that grants wishes, ...more

This Wraps It Up Dec 04 1993 - On a field trip to the pyramids, Naomi, a young girl, becomes the ""object"" of her classmates' neverendless ridiculing because she is the only girl. When a mummy unleashes a ...more

Grounds for Horror Dec 11 1993 - Petey and his friends go into a ""vacation warehouse"" - unfortunately containing the severe Bill. The forest spirit, Trollix, provides children for change....

Ghost Ship Dec 18 1993 - Ben and its friend plan an excursion with the brand-new white yacht of Bens father. Did the boys with the crazy ship ram into somthing? Does the expensive boat go under? The shipwrecked are very ...more

Please Delete

Game Over Sep 10 1994 - Coming Soon

Cold Blood, Warm Heart/The Spider and the Flies Sep 17 1994 - The Vaultkeeper and the Old Witch meet at the beach and swap stories. In ""Cold Blood, Warm Heart,"" the Old Witch tells the tales of two lakes that are haunted by monsters. ...more

The Avenging Phantom/Myth Conceptions Sep 24 1994 - Most likely a episode of a stories from the guard and the witch.

All the Gory Details Oct 01 1994 - Camille and her friend go on a roadtrip and arrive at their final destination: an inn, which is haunted by a woman's spirit.

Dead Men Don't Jump Oct 15 1994 - Once again the guard and the witch have an encounter. They told a story of a basketball kid who plays with a highly dangerous oppenent.

The Haunted Mine Oct 22 1994 - Old aunt Melva decides to visit Dale in the country. They walk into an uncanny mine wich is the home of remarkable shapes.

Growing Pains Oct 29 1994 - The Old Witch imprisons the Cryptkeeper in a scarecrow and hogs the spotlight with her tale. Dorky plant enthusiast Wendell falls for Rose, the new girl at school. Aiding in Wendell's battle ...more

The Brothers Gruff Nov 05 1994 - Eddie's fears come true when he crosses a bridge and is followed home by a mischeivious bridge troll. Luckily Eddie's best friend Sheldon, a member of a weird society called 'Jr. ...more

Uncle Harry's Horrible House of Horrors Nov 12 1994 - The vault guard tells a story this time. (See the one before the last episode). This one is about a little boy, whose uncle is always verbiestert. One day he succeeds the little to bring his ...more

Hunted Nov 19 1994 - A greedy person named Hunter sets his ""sights"" in the deepest foliages of the Amazon, recklessly trapping every animal that he can. He was prepared to sell them to the ...more

Transylvania Express Dec 10 1994 - An unscheduled detour takes two surfer dudes to Transylvania, where they end up riding a midnight express train... that's populated with vampires and other fiendish foes. Soon the boys find it ...more

Please Delete Sep 24 1994 - Most likely a episode of a stories from the guard and the witch.

Please Delete Sep 17 1994 - The Vaultkeeper and the Old Witch meet at the beach and swap stories. In ""Cold Blood, Warm Heart,"" the Old Witch tells the tales of two lakes that are haunted by monsters. ...more

Chuck (and Melvin) and the Beanstalker Dec 03 1994 - Hunky, self-involved Chuck and his homely brother, Melvin, pay a visit to the ominous trader, who offers them a bag of magic beans in trade for Chuck's beloved, trusty steed. As expected, a ...more

The Weeping Oct 08 1994 - Coming Soon

Sharon Sharalike Sep 09 1999 - Selfish Shauna, unwlling to share even her most neglected toys with he younger sister Katie, spitefully hides Sharon Sharalike, the new doll that they've just recieved. But Shauna learns a ...more

Imaginary Friend Sep 16 1999 - To relieve boredom while awaiting the grande opening of Laserland, teens Leo and Jamie decide to play ""welcome wagon"" by taunting the new neighbor, 9-year-old Mary Anne. ...more

Waste Not, Haunt Not Sep 23 1999 - When brothers Richard and Stephen improperly dispose of the toxic waste from their failed Science Fair Project in a nearby bog, it comes back to haunt them in the form of a Bog Blob.

Unpopular Mechanics Sep 30 1999 - Randall, who loves to invent destructive mechanical gadgets, gets his comeuppance as his appliances suddenly turn on him.

Competitive Spirit Oct 07 1999 - Vincent tells Tom a ghost story about a Mountain Spirit In order to spook out his main competitor before the big ski race, but the spirit really exists and comes to torment Vincent for his ...more

Trouble in Store Oct 14 1999 - Derek and Rob, trying to steal from Rodman's Department Store, get locked in the store overnight as the mannequins come to life.

So Very Attractive Oct 21 1999 - Julia, obsessed with the idea of being more beautiful, puts on a miracle cream that fulfills her wish but causes her to attract the unwanted attention of all sorts of creatures.

Drawn & Quartered Oct 28 1999 - Aspiring artist Ralph finds a magic pencil that allows him to put life into his drawings and take revenge on the bullies who have been harassing him, but revenge isn't as sweet as he thought.

All Booked Up Nov 04 1999 - Book-hater Greg is forced by a mysterious librarian to endlessly relive a bunch of classic stories.

Town Gathering Nov 11 1999 - Erin, who has a reputation for making up stories, discovers that no one will believe her when she discovers that the people proposing a new business deal to her mother are actually aliens ...more

It's for You Nov 18 1999 - For Christmas, Gary recieves a phone line for his bedroom with the proviso that he doesn't ""abuse the privilege."" Naturally, Gary immediately begins making prank calls, but ...more

A Monster Ate My Homework Nov 25 1999 - After Evan gets away with telling his teacher the ultimate lie that a monster ate his homework, he gets a visit from some monsters inquiring after the missing homework, and about having him for ...more

Too Cool for School Dec 31 1999 - Unaired