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Full List of Tales Of The Unexpected Episodes

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Below is a complete Tales of the Unexpected episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Tales of the Unexpected episodes are listed along with the Tales of the Unexpected episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Tales of the Unexpected episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “My Lady Love, My Dove” to “Number Eight.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Tales of the Unexpected episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    Apr 28 1979
    Unworldly art collector Basil Turton inherits his father's publishing empire (and his title)...
  • 2

    Man From the South

    Mar 24 1979
    A young American sailor on shore leave in the West Indies is tempted by a crazy bet. To win a...
  • 3

    Lamb to the Slaughter

    Apr 14 1979
    An enraged detective's wife kills her husband by smashing in his skull with a heavy blunt...
  • 4
    An elderly American couple, the Fosters, are planning a six-week trip to Paris to visit their...
  • 5

    The Landlady

    Apr 21 1979
    Billy Weaver, a seventeen-year-old Londoner, arrives in Bath late at night to take up a new...
  • 6

    Edward the Conqueror

    May 05 1979
    An elderly couple, Edward and Louisa, find their life invaded by a stray cat. The cat's...
  • 7
    Bixby is a New York dentist. Once a month, for many years, his wife goes to Baltimore by train...
  • 8

    William and Mary

    Apr 07 1979
    William Pearl, a philosophy don at an Oxford college, dies of cancer, and his widow, Mary,...
  • 9
    William Botibol, an American passenger on a British cruise ship, is anxious to win the rich...
  • 10

    Parson's Pleasure

    Nov 30 1980
    Cyril Boggis is a rogue antique dealer who goes around posing as a clergyman and describing...
  • 11

    Vengeance is Mine Inc.

    Aug 30 1980
    Tom and George, two young college graduates who are out of work in New York, offer...
  • 12

    The Party

    Dec 19 1980
    Christmas is in sight, and for Harry Knox, the elderly manager of a toy factory, it is always...
  • 13

    The Flypaper

    Aug 09 1980
    A young girl is being followed by a stalker and is glad to take shelter with the elderly Miss...
  • 14

    A Girl Can't Always Have Everything

    Nov 09 1980
    Suzy Starr and Pat Lewis are actresses in a touring theatre company, but it doesn't give them...
  • 15

    Proof of Guilt

    Aug 23 1980
    Hard-bitten police inspector Walters has a murder on his hands that he can't crack. The prime...
  • 16

    A Picture of a Place

    Aug 16 1980
    Hazel is a gullible old widow whose farm-house is full of antiques, and Merv is a charming...
  • 17

    I'll be Seeing You

    Dec 14 1980
    Roland Trent is married to the rich, beautiful, bitchy Vivien. He prefers to be with his young...
  • 18

    The Stinker

    Dec 07 1980
    Jack Cutler is an arrogant millionaire, and in middle age he runs into the meek Harold Tinker,...
  • 19

    The Man at the Top

    Jun 14 1980
    Hardy is a young seaman down on his luck. He has no money and no ship, and then he gets caught...
  • 20

    Back for Christmas

    May 31 1980
    James Carpenter is a successful doctor at the peak of his career and is also an orchid...
  • 21


    Mar 08 1980
    Drioli, a penniless old tattoo artist, has a fabulous work of art by his friend Soutine and is...
  • 22
    Arthur Beauchamp's wife, Pamela, decides to have some fun with their weekend guests, the...
  • 23

    Galloping Foxley

    Mar 15 1980
    After more than sixty years, William Perkins is still haunted by memories of being bullied at...
  • 24

    Fat Chance

    Apr 05 1980
    The husband of a fat, greedy woman has a clever plan to get rid of her - but the plan is...
  • 25

    Depart in Peace

    May 03 1980
    An art collector finds himself drawn into an unusual struggle with two beautiful women.
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