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Below is a complete Tales of the Unexpected episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Tales of the Unexpected episodes are listed along with the Tales of the Unexpected episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Tales of the Unexpected episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “My Lady Love, My Dove” to “Number Eight.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Tales of the Unexpected episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Neck Apr 28 1979 - Unworldly art collector Basil Turton inherits his father's publishing empire (and his title) and marries Natalia, an East European with a decidedly Machiavellian streak. Six years on, the new ...more

Man From the South Mar 24 1979 - A young American sailor on shore leave in the West Indies is tempted by a crazy bet. To win a new Jaguar, all he need do is to make his cigarette-lighter light ten times without any failures. In ...more

Lamb to the Slaughter Apr 14 1979 - An enraged detective's wife kills her husband by smashing in his skull with a heavy blunt instrument - but no murder weapon can be found, and the police are baffled. The answer to the riddle ...more

May 19 1979 - An elderly American couple, the Fosters, are planning a six-week trip to Paris to visit their grandchildren. Foster gets left behind, and his wife writes to him every week... on her return home, ...more

The Landlady Apr 21 1979 - Billy Weaver, a seventeen-year-old Londoner, arrives in Bath late at night to take up a new job. He finds a room for the night at a bed-and-breakfast house run by a sweet old woman. As he signs ...more

Edward the Conqueror May 05 1979 - An elderly couple, Edward and Louisa, find their life invaded by a stray cat. The cat's knowledgeable response to Louisa's piano playing, and the pattern of warts on its face, convince her that ...more

Mar 31 1979 - Bixby is a New York dentist. Once a month, for many years, his wife goes to Baltimore by train to visit her aunt. She does not tell Bixby about her affair with the Colonel, a single man with a ...more

William and Mary Apr 07 1979 - William Pearl, a philosophy don at an Oxford college, dies of cancer, and his widow, Mary, gets a letter from him. William tells her about his colleague John Landy's scheme for keeping William's ...more

May 12 1979 - William Botibol, an American passenger on a British cruise ship, is anxious to win the rich sweepstake for predicting the distance the ship will travel in twenty-four hours - and William ...more

Parson's Pleasure Nov 30 1980 - Cyril Boggis is a rogue antique dealer who goes around posing as a clergyman and describing himself as President of the Society for the Preservation of Rare Furniture. Cyril makes a handsome ...more

Vengeance is Mine Inc. Aug 30 1980 - Tom and George, two young college graduates who are out of work in New York, offer satisfaction to the victims of Lionel Brewster, the city's most scurrilous gossip columnist - for a price. Mrs ...more

The Party Dec 19 1980 - Christmas is in sight, and for Harry Knox, the elderly manager of a toy factory, it is always an unhappy time of year. But this Christmas looks even worse when Harry hears a rumour that the ...more

The Flypaper Aug 09 1980 - A young girl is being followed by a stalker and is glad to take shelter with the elderly Miss Harrison, who lives in a caravan - but the girl is still in danger, and she disappears.... what has ...more

A Girl Can't Always Have Everything Nov 09 1980 - Suzy Starr and Pat Lewis are actresses in a touring theatre company, but it doesn't give them a glittering lifestyle. They can hardly pay the rent on their shared apartment. Then the theatre ...more

Proof of Guilt Aug 23 1980 - Hard-bitten police inspector Walters has a murder on his hands that he can't crack. The prime suspect is George Stamford, who was alone in a locked room with the dead man when he was shot - but ...more

A Picture of a Place Aug 16 1980 - Hazel is a gullible old widow whose farm-house is full of antiques, and Merv is a charming con-man who buys a valuable picture from her for a knock-down price... but, somehow, all is not quite ...more

I'll be Seeing You Dec 14 1980 - Roland Trent is married to the rich, beautiful, bitchy Vivien. He prefers to be with his young mistress, Anna, who is nearly blind and needs looking after, but leaving Vivien will leave Roland ...more

The Stinker Dec 07 1980 - Jack Cutler is an arrogant millionaire, and in middle age he runs into the meek Harold Tinker, a fellow he was at school with - Tinker remembers being bullied by Cutler, who called him ...more

The Man at the Top Jun 14 1980 - Hardy is a young seaman down on his luck. He has no money and no ship, and then he gets caught up in a dockland fight and kills a man. Anxious to get a new ship and vanish, Hardy turns to his ...more

Back for Christmas May 31 1980 - James Carpenter is a successful doctor at the peak of his career and is also an orchid fanatic, much more devoted to his flowers than he is to his elegant wife, Hermione. And Carpenter is also ...more

Skin Mar 08 1980 - Drioli, a penniless old tattoo artist, has a fabulous work of art by his friend Soutine and is offered a huge amount for it. He desperately needs the money, but how can he deliver the picture to ...more

Apr 19 1980 - Arthur Beauchamp's wife, Pamela, decides to have some fun with their weekend guests, the Snapes - they instal a hidden microphone in the Snapes' bedroom. After a game of bridge for high stakes, ...more

Galloping Foxley Mar 15 1980 - After more than sixty years, William Perkins is still haunted by memories of being bullied at an English private school... One day, he is annoyed by a swaggering passenger on a train and is sure ...more

Fat Chance Apr 05 1980 - The husband of a fat, greedy woman has a clever plan to get rid of her - but the plan is flawed.

Depart in Peace May 03 1980 - An art collector finds himself drawn into an unusual struggle with two beautiful women.

Taste Apr 12 1980 - Richard Pratt, a famous middle-aged wine connoisseur, is having dinner with the Schofields for the third time. Twice before, he has won a case of wine from Mike Schofield by correctly ...more

Georgy Porgy Apr 26 1980 - George is an English vicar with a fantasy life. He sees naked women during his sermons. One day, he finds he is suddenly irresistible to the opposite sex, and a beautiful woman throws herself at ...more

The Hitch-hiker Mar 22 1980 - Paul Duveen gives a lift in his ultra-fast new BMW to an elderly hitch-hiker on his way to Epsom for the Derby. Duveen, cajoled into taking the car to its limit, is promptly booked for speeding. ...more

Royal Jelly Mar 01 1980 - In a cottage surrounded by the drone of honey-bees, the bee-keeper's baby daughter is ailing and losing weight. The corner is turned when Albert begins to feed his daughter on Royal Jelly, but a ...more

Poison Mar 29 1980 - Harry Pope is a reformed alcoholic working in Kashmir, India, and hoping to go home to England soon. One hot night, Harry is reading in bed, when he feels something moving on his chest. He looks ...more

May 17 1980 - Klara. the mother of a new-born baby boy, is desperately worried, as she and her husband, Alois, have lost three other children in lessss than two years. A doctor convinces her that her new son ...more

Mr Botibol's First Love May 24 1980 - William Botibol is a pathetic failure whose life-long ambition is to conduct an orchestra. He fills his lonely life with music, pretending to be a great composer and conductor. Then Botibol ...more

May 10 1980 - A smart old man, claiming to need his taxi fare home on a wet afternoon in London, persuades a stranger to buy his umbrella. Followed into a pub, it turns out that the Umbrellaa Man spends the ...more

The Orderly World of Mr Appleby Jun 07 1980 - Arthur Appleby's orderly world centres on his quiet antique and curio shop. He has just married for the fourth time, and his new wife, Martha, discovers Appleby's dark secret - he murdered all ...more

Vicious Circle Apr 12 1981 - An old lady catches Rex Tobin, a young burglar who was planning to rob her, and makes friends with him... but what is she really up to?

A Woman's Help May 03 1981 - Arthur is an elegant playboy, but he is dependent on his very rich, ailing, and demanding wife, Elizabeth. The day comes when the hen-pecked Arthur's lover wants a promise of marriage, and ...more

Bosom Friends Jun 12 1981 - Nell and Emma were best friends at school, but after a reunion weekend they find things more difficult. Emma, who is retired and poor, asks Nell to rent her a spare room in her house. Nell ...more

Shatterproof May 10 1981 - Property tycoon Gerry Williams is married to the beautiful but unhappy Ellen, and somewhere the marriage has gone terribly wrong. Then an assassin is hired to kill Gerry, and he makes the ...more

The Way to Do it Jul 26 1981 - Young Roger Carson has a dreary life and suffers from the domineering ways of his rich Aunt May. By way of escape, he takes up gambling - and swiftly falls for Suzie, a beautiful casino hostess. ...more

A Glowing Future Jul 19 1981 - Betsy's long term live-in lover, Jack, is planning to get married - but not to her. He has a new girlfriend half-way across the world, in Australia.Betsy is even more enraged when Jack starts to ...more

Hijack Dec 26 1981 - Captain Waterhouse has to deal with a man on board his airliner who seizes Milly, a stewardess, takes her and a bottle of nitroglycerine into a tiny lavatory, and demands one million dollars in ...more

Never Speak Ill of the Dead May 24 1981 - David Rankin is a country doctor with a flighty young wife. Irene's affairs with other men were the talk of the town before she was married - and they still are. No one knows for sure if the ...more

Completely Foolproof Jun 21 1981 - The very rich Joe Brisson is a self-made man with a number of enemies - including Lisa, his elegant but dangerously dissatisfied wife.

The Last Bottle in the World Jun 07 1981 - Kyros buys the last bottle of a superb 1864 claret - an anniverary present for his beautiful but unfaithful wife. He pays a tremendous price, and plans a dinner party - but Kyros is planning to ...more

The Sound Machine May 17 1981 - A botanist called Klausner invents a machine which can translate the conversations of trees and plants... and what he hears gives him a nasty shock.

The Best of Everything Apr 26 1981 - Arthur is a junior clerk in a city metal broker's office and he's desperately in love with the boss's daughter, Ann Horton. Arthur can't see how he's going to catch Ann's eye, but his smarter ...more

Would you Believe it? Apr 05 1981 - Two archeologists working in Jordan, Tanner and Miller, find in the desert sand a statue of a woman in a strange posture. Driving through a rainstorm, and using an open truck, they try to ...more

The Boy Who Talked with Animals Apr 19 1981 - David, a nine-year-old boy, talks his father into getting him a giant turtle. And there is more to David's desire for this unusual pet than meets the eye. Then Sam Jenner, a rugged American, ...more

The Best Policy May 31 1981 - Harry Flock has had a temporary promotion as acting manager of a branch bank. Harry is honest and meticulous to a fault, but he is in danger of losing his job when head office gets anonymous ...more

Kindly Dig Your Grave Jun 14 1981 - Madame Lagrue runs a smart but commercial art gallery in Montmartre, Paris, getting rich at the expense of struggling artists. Then one of her victims falls in love with Fatima, an artist's ...more