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Below is a complete Team Galaxy episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Team Galaxy episodes are listed along with the Team Galaxy episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Team Galaxy episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Psycho-Cycle” to “H2O-NO” is included on this poll. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Team Galaxy episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The New Recruit Sep 09 2006 - In 2049 a.d. A gregarious new student shows up at Galaxy High and immediately becomes popular with everyone there. The student happens to be a rebel like Josh, an A-plus student like Brett and a ...more

Intergalactic Road Trip Sep 16 2006 - While on a routine mission to patrol the outer regions of Earth’s atmosphere, Josh gets an idea. Instead of doing another boring patrol, why not spice things up and zip over to a neighboring ...more

Brett's Brain Sep 23 2006 - When GH receives a distress call from a nearby friendly planet, Josh, Yoko and Brett are sent to help the hapless robot aliens who live there. The computer that runs their weird planet has ...more

Intergalactic Ahoy Oct 07 2006 - In a prologue, Bobby’s team is abducted in outer space by an unseen force. Meanwhile, back at Galaxy High, Principal Kirkpatrick reveals to Josh, Brett and Yoko that the missing team was ...more

Emperor Brett Oct 21 2006 - When a Galaxy High satellite picks up what appears to be a distress signal, Josh’s team is sent to check it out. Fed up with his team not chosen to the mission, Bobby follows Josh's team to ...more

Miss Cosmos Oct 28 2006 - While on a mission, Josh, Yoko and Brett stop at a nearby intergalactic "truck-stop" to gas-up and, to their surprise, find that the place is bustling with activity. Why? Because that ...more

Yoko's Secret Nov 04 2006 - When several Galaxy High teams are taken on a class field trip to an exotic planet, they are warned to only observe the environment and not to touch anything. Not heeding her teacher’s warning, ...more

Shipwrecked Nov 11 2006 - When alien spacecraft start to inexplicably disappear in one corner of the galaxy, Josh, Yoko and Brett are sent on a mission to check it out. As their ship approaches that region of space, the ...more

When Josh Attacks Nov 18 2006 - When an important GH homework assignment comes due and Josh realizes that he’s completely neglected to even start it, he decides he has no choice but to bite the bullet… and cause a major ...more

Alien Brett Nov 25 2006 - When Brett, Josh and Yoko are sent to capture an evil alien, he almost gets away because he’s waaay too strong for Brett to control. Soon after, Principal Kirkpatrick informs Brett that, ...more

Conference-tation! Dec 02 2006 - When numerous aliens throughout the galaxy mysteriously go missing days before an important Intergalactic Peace Conference, Principal Kirkpatrick sends two teams to check it out. After some ...more

Mega Moon Mints When Yoko sees an ad in the back of Brett’s copy of "Space Marshal Quarterly" for "the business opportunity of a lifetime," she can’t help but to be intrigued. She’s been ...more

Comet Surfing The latest craze that’s sweeping the Galaxy is comet surfing – a wild sport where teens use a high-tech "space board" to ride the tail wave of a comet! Josh, Bobby and Toby are all ...more

Robot Reboot Josh, in a selfish effort to "upgrade" Fluffy, sneaks into Principal Kirkpatrick’s office and hacks into the GH mainframe. With a few reckless keystrokes, he’s convinced that he’s ...more

Dance Dance Elimination When a famed, intergalactic virtual gaming arcade opens in their part of the galaxy, Brett, Josh and Yoko rush to check it out – after all, it’s rumored to contain the most challenging games in ...more

Class of 2051 It’s early morning and Josh, Yoko and Brett are on a routine patrol when they get a call from Principal Kirkpatrick. Seeing that they’re using their time to goof off, PK instructs them to return ...more

Cosmic Crisis When Josh’s team is sent on a mission to investigate a series of explosive disturbances in outer space that are sending shockwaves throughout Galaxy High, the gang comes across a small planet ...more

Mini Marshals

Recycle Rampage Josh, Yoko and Brett are sent to unload a bunch of outdated Galaxy High computer equipment at an intergalactic junkyard. But when they arrive, they discover that the guard who normally works ...more

Brett Squared Josh, Yoko and Brett are out on a routine patrol… when suddenly, they find their Defenders caught between two black holes! With each cosmic entity imposing its intense gravitational pull on ...more

H2O-NO Oct 14 2006 - When Galaxy High receives distress signals from various planets in the universe, Principal K sends several teams out to investigate. When they arrive at their various destinations, they uncover ...more

Psycho-Cycle Sep 30 2006 - Josh, Yoko and Brett are sent on a mission to investigate the strange disappearances of a number of friendly aliens. The only connection they can find between the missing are that they all are ...more

How Much Is That Human in the Window? With the Galaxy High celebrating the Christmas holidays, Principal Kirkpatrick is angry because Josh played a prank with putting all of his pictures in one box. For punishment he sends Josh to ...more

Mini Marshalls When Brett discovers that entire planets in the galaxy seem to have inexplicably gone missing, his team is quickly sent to investigate the disturbing phenomenon. As the team searches for any ...more

Circus of the Stars – Part 3 While out on patrol, Josh, Yoko and Brett meet a group of alien teenage space racers and are immediately drawn to them. Josh is seduced by the adrenaline rush; Brett’s attracted to the vehicles’ ...more

Circus of the Stars – Part 1 While out on patrol, Josh, Yoko and Brett meet a group of alien teenage space racers and are immediately drawn to them. Josh is seduced by the adrenaline rush; Brett’s attracted to the vehicles’ ...more

Circus of the Stars – Part 2 While out on patrol, Josh, Yoko and Brett meet a group of alien teenage space racers and are immediately drawn to them. Josh is seduced by the adrenaline rush; Brett’s attracted to the vehicles’ ...more

Marshal for a Week When Galaxy High experiences a budget deficit, Principal Kirkpatrick comes up with a solution to get the funds necessary to keep the school up and running: offer a "Week At Galaxy ...more

Space Squatch When the GH students study intergalactic alien legends in class, they learn about a very rare and very dangerous alien called Space-squatch. Though some insist he doesn’t actually exist, Josh is ...more

The Matchmaker When Yoko realizes that Mr. Spzoercliipw’ is a bachelor at age 249, she decides to play matchmaker. She goes on the "Intergalactic Net" to find him the perfect match. It’s not long ...more

Cybercop 4000 When Principal Kirkpatrick sends the team on a mission to stop an alien baddie from terrorizing a peaceful planet, Josh, Yoko and Brett spring into action! Only when they arrive on the scene, ...more

Planet Goodtimes When Galaxy High receives calls from various planets around the universe reporting a strange and sudden state of coldness and darkness, Principal Kirkpatrick sends Josh, Yoko and Brett out to ...more

Dragodor Madness As Josh, Yoko and Brett return to Earth from a mission, they suddenly have Hornet problems and are forced to crash land on a small, uncharted planet. When they get out to assess the damage, they ...more

Mr. 6025-A46 When Principal Kirkpatrick informs the students that Mr. Fitch has retired, they cheer. But when he explains that Galaxy High will be getting a new teacher to replace him, they respond with ...more

The Toe is the Foe When aliens are reported missing all over the universe, Josh, Brett and Yoko are sent to check it out. Their investigation yields no clues and the case goes cold, forcing them to return to ...more

Adventures in Alien Sitting Principal Kirkpatrick announces that he’s holding a trial for a dangerous alien at Galaxy High. "Alien dignitaries from around the universe will be in attendance, including a witness, King ...more

Yoko Mania When Yoko gets a singing gig at an intergalactic concert hall, she’s totally psyched. And when she plays to an enthusiastic, sold-out crowd, she finally feels like she’s on the path to becoming ...more

Monkey Business When prominent space researchers, travelers and technicians suddenly go missing around the galaxy, Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy are put in charge of the investigation. As the gang visits a space ...more

Star Maps When Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy spot the ship of a colorful "star chart" reader on the way back from a mission, Yoko begs them to make a pit stop. Though Josh and Fluffy think it ...more

Intergalactic Exchange Mr. Spzoercliipw’ has some exciting news for the students of his Alien Cultures class: he has arranged for three teams to visit three different alien schools on three different planets, each ...more

Super Spavid We open on Spavid’s home planet, Merthoz, where the GH space marshals attend a very special ceremony – a ceremony where Spavid is recognized as an official Merthozian adult! When they return to ...more

The Treasure of the Solara Moonray While on a Ms. Schragger-lead field trip to the far away planet of Solara Moonray (a planet that’s lived in peace for a billion Earth years), Josh, Yoko and Brett discover what appears to be ...more

The Belly of the Beast When Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy are sent on an assignment to find out what destroyed a cosmic fueling station and caused their GH friend Spavid to suddenly go missing, they quickly realize ...more

Toy Galaxy When Principal Kirkpatrick, in order to raise money for Galaxy High, announces that he’s sold the Team Galaxy toy rights to famed cosmic toy maker Marty McBoogle, the marshals are totally ...more

Cosmic High When Josh unexpectedly gets a big part on "Cosmic High," the hottest teen space TV show in the entire universe, he’s somewhat stoked… and Yoko is incredibly jealous. And when he ...more

Strange Fruit On the way back from a mission, Josh, Yoko and Brett can’t believe how hungry they are – so they decide to land on a nearby planet to check out the local cuisine. When they get there, they find ...more

Cool Hands Marshals When Josh, Brett and Fluffy are out helping Yoko practice for her upcoming pilot test, Yoko accidentally backs into a building while she’s trying to parallel park the Hornet! When an alien comes ...more

Trick or Treat It’s Halloween time at Galaxy High and Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy decide to head to nearby planet Treat to do their intergalactic trick-or-treating! When they arrive and begin their ...more

Shades of Gray... Matter When Brett grows frustrated with his Galaxy High classmates for not taking their educational endeavors as seriously as he does, he begins to wish he had new friends who were more in tune with ...more

EIEO-NO When the gang is sent on a mission to check out strange attacks against an intergalactic amusement park designer, they discover clues that lead them, oddly enough, to one of the last remaining ...more