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Below is a complete Teamo Supremo episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Teamo Supremo episodes are listed along with the Teamo Supremo episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Teamo Supremo episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “State of Chaos! / Science Friction!” to “Mr. Vague Does Something... / The Big Put Down!.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Teamo Supremo episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Jan 19 2002 - A).Crandall gets together a team of superheroes (Himself, Brenda, and Hector.) When they audition for the governer, he doesn't believe kids can do it. However, they prove themselves by defeating ...more

And Then There Were Two / Who Invited The Birthday Bandit? Jan 26 2002 - A: Skate lad becomes jealous when a new kid impresses crandall and Rope Girl but it soon takes a serious turn when he learns that he is the son of the leader of a vicious motorcycle gang called ...more

My Sister The Spy / The Sinister Substitute! Feb 02 2002 - A).Crandall's sister Jean got a locket as a present from a French boy. Meanwhile Teamo Supremo keeps trying to defeat a group of French thugs but the thugs are always one step ahead of them. ...more

Feb 09 2002 - Grounded:Teamo is grounded and lures the latest villain in town to Crandall's huse where they ambush him. The Baron and the Baby Brother:Baron Blitz returns but Skate Lad and Crandall must fight ...more

The Chief's New Groove! / Capitol Offense Feb 22 2002 -

The Sinister Stylist / Running The Gauntlet Feb 23 2002 - A: A former soap actress turns to crime when she makes an appearnce on a award show but is riddiculed by her freaky hairstle and rejoins a group of rejected beauty school students planing to ...more

Appetite for ... Dessert / It's Crandall's Birthday -- Bandit! Mar 02 2002 - Appetite for . . . Dessert: When Hypnotheria, with the ability to hypnotize people, hypnotizes Teamo Supremo, they start eating junk food instead of their normal healthy regime (I personally ...more

Sounds of the Songstress! / Calling Captain Excellent! Apr 13 2002 - Sounds of Songstress - A new teen idol is in town and her name is Tiffany Javelins (AKA Sally Smith). With her influence, fashion sense and style, she single handedly gets every girl in the ...more

Attack of the Stuffed Stuff! / Reservoir Frogs! May 04 2002 - Attack of the Stuffed Stuff!: Fabrica uses stuffed animals to steal all the kids stuffed animals in order to bring them to life and start a stuffed animal army. Reservoir Frogs!: Can Teamo ...more

Pogo Panic! / Enter Dr. 'Droid! May 11 2002 -

Mr. Vague Does Something... / The Big Put Down! May 18 2002 -

The Return of Technor! / A Monumental Crisis! May 25 2002 - The Return of Technor - The Techno-creeps (Techno's henchmen) has escaped from jail and have plotted to revive their leader Technor by finding and empowering the Magna Body. The Magna Body once ...more

Danger: Dirigibles! / Enter The Cheapskates! Feb 16 2002 - A).Mr.Inflato launches silver balloons all over the world, eclipsing the sun until the government gives in. B).Skate Lad gets accused of stealing people's possesions and Governor Kevin takes ...more

Thog the Caveman Returns / Mr. Large's Slippery Scheme Aug 25 2002 - Thog the Caveman Returns: When the actor that played Thog in commercials for Breakfast Clubs Cereal, a cereal that was discontinued when it was found to contain more than 100% sugar (don't ask ...more

The Big Image Problem! / Not on My Cinco De Mayo! Sep 14 2002 -

Happy Holidays, Mr. Gruff / The Grandfather Show Dec 07 2002 -

The Haunted House on Horror Hill! / An Appointment With The Dentist! Oct 31 2002 - The Haunted House on Horror Hill: Teamo Supremo visit a haunted house on Halloween. An Appointment With The Dentist: An evil dentist starts controlling peoples minds.

Who invited The Birthday Bandit? Mar 14 2003 -

Brenda's Birthday Bandit Apr 05 2003 - Brenda/Rope Girl celebrates her birthday at Girlie World where the Birthday Bandit's helper is waiting for the arrival of the Birthday Bandit who has plans for Rope Girl.

Welcome to the Magna Mall / The Baron's Blitz Apr 12 2003 - A.) Hector thinks the state's new mall is actually Technor's body. B.) Baron Blitz returns, and his henchmen are now unmeltable wax football players.

Pyrite and Pirate / The Cheer of the Chief! Apr 17 2003 - Pyrite and Pirate: Laser Pirate offers Sam a new job. The Cheer of the Chief: Hypnotheria returns to hypnotize the Chief.

Electronica's Game 2/Running the Gauntlet 2 Aug 01 2003 - Electronica's Game 2:Electronica breaks out of prison.Meanwhile Paulson has a pen pal he is distracted by and stopped from improving Teamo's tools.Jean figures out the pen pal and Electronica ...more

Something Cheesy This Way Comes / Cartoons of Doom! Dec 05 2003 -

State of Chaos! / Science Friction! Dec 12 2003 -

The Mark of Comrade Z Dec 19 2003 -

Electronica's Game / The Angler's Angle Electronica's Game: Electronica tries to ruin video games when people are using cheat codes. The Angler's Angle: The Angler is stealing all the fish in the world.

Word Search, Micro Supremo Mar 04 2004 -

Getaway Car-Go! / Enter Lord Druid! Getaway Car-Go - A racer after loosing his pink slips reeks havoc in the state by stealing various muscle and sports cars. That racer is Car-go along with his pit crew: Piston, Camshaft, other ...more

Brenda's Birthday Bandit! / Raising The State

Teamo Rocks / The Wrath of Scooter Lad

The Governor's Analyst! / The Guantlet's New Gloves! The Governor's Analyst! Inflato kidnaps Governor Kevin's new color analyst, Dr. Cedric Flint. The Guantlet's New Gloves! The Guantlet, now in a super-powered suit, abducts Paulson & ...more

The Parents From Another Planet! / Birthday Bash! A). Pretending to be Crandall's real parents, two people named Lisa and Robert try to steal the state's many things. B). The Birthday Bandit returns, and he invites Teamo, Governor Kevin, ...more

Will You Be My Valentine Bandit? / Uncontrollable Goopy Substance! Mar 14 2004 - Will You Be My Valentine Bandit? The Birthday Bandit kidnaps Gov. Kevin's girlfriend, movie starlet Viva Voom. Uncontrollable Goopy Substance! Mr. Vague unleashes a monstrous green goopy ...more

Out of the Past / Sinister Shillelagh!

Play it Again Songstress Mar 08 2003 - The Manager and Dr. Droid return and trick Rope Girl into singing with a robotic Tiffany.

Doin' the Supremo! / A Will 2 Wyn

Doing the Supremo! / Beware of the Bungler! Doing the Supremo!: DJ Despicable is hypnotizing people with his music during his crime spree. Beware of the Bungler!: Can Teamo Supremo stop Barney the Bungler from causing disaster when he ...more

Sinister Sloppy Joe! / Sun, Surf, Sand, and... Skull?

You Better Call Me Chief! / When Elements Collide!