Full List of Tenko Episodes

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Below is a complete Tenko episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual Tenko episodes are listed along with the Tenko episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Tenko episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Season 2, Episode 9” and “Season 1, Episode 3.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the Tenko episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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Tenko - The Reunion Episode: 1, Season: Tenko - Season 0
Five years after the end of the war, a chance encounter between Marion and Dorothy prompts Marion to try and organise a reunion at Raffles for them and their fellow ex-internees. In Singapore, ...more
Season 2, Episode 8 Episode: 8, Season: Tenko - Season 2
30 APRIL 1943: The internees suffer severe punishments following Rose's escape. She is brought back to the camp alive, but shot in the back; Bernard was killed at the scene. Bea and Kate operate ...more
Season 2, Episode 5 Episode: 5, Season: Tenko - Season 2
Sister Ulrica tries to talk Dorothy out of aborting the baby: she says that its either that or she will kill herself. Verna and Miss Hasan arrange for her to have an abortion next day, but then ...more
Season 2, Episode 9 Episode: 9, Season: Tenko - Season 2
12 MAY 1943: Lillian and Bobby are transferred to another camp by Yamauchi following Marion's request, when the other women and children bully them both and refuse to have anything else to do ...more
Season 2, Episode 4 Episode: 4, Season: Tenko - Season 2
15 JANUARY 1943: Punishment continues to be severe following Sally's death. Rations are cut and workloads increased. Mrs Van Meyer finds out that Joss is in fact a lady, and starts sucking up to ...more
Season 2, Episode 10 Episode: 10, Season: Tenko - Season 2
3 SEPTEMBER 1943: Conditions continue to worsen inside the camp, not helped any by a drought and an increased work load. Marion's diary is burned by the guards. The prisoners discover that Red ...more
Season 2, Episode 2 Episode: 2, Season: Tenko - Season 2
1 JANUARY 1943: The internees adjust to life in their new camp, where things are radically different and seemingly much more luxurious than the last one, but soon realise that luxury always has ...more
Season 2, Episode 7 Episode: 7, Season: Tenko - Season 2
22 APRIL 1943: With Christina's help, Rose and Bernard arrange to sneak out of their camps and meet up in the jungle on the night of the Emperor's Birthday, when the guards will be busy at a ...more
Season 2, Episode 6 Episode: 6, Season: Tenko - Season 2
31 MARCH 1943: Marion asks Yamauchi about Christina and the other women from the first camp; next day, Christina and Blanche are returned to join their friends. Bea is crestfallen that they have ...more
Season 2, Episode 1 Episode: 1, Season: Tenko - Season 2
DECEMBER 1942: The women have been split up as they march to their new camp and Marion's group later learns that the second group, including Blanche, Nellie and Sylvia, are being sent to another ...more
Season 2, Episode 3 Episode: 3, Season: Tenko - Season 2
2 JANUARY 1943: The ridiculous restrictions of the new camp, such as no swearing, leave the women restless, especially Dorothy and Joss. Dorothy agrees to teach Shinya how to speak English. ...more
Season 1, Episode 4 Episode: 4, Season: Tenko - Series 1
Ulrica is made leader of the Dutch internees. The older women worry when the younger women are unexpectly removed from the camp, but it turns out they're being used for labor crews. Dorothy ...more
Season 1, Episode 1 Episode: 1, Season: Tenko - Series 1
SINGAPORE, 5 DECEMBER 1941: Due to lack of information from the Army and the media, most of the inhabitants of Singapore remain blissfully unaware of any danger in their lives. Then the Japanese ...more
Season 1, Episode 2 Episode: 2, Season: Tenko - Series 1
SINGAPORE, 10 DECEMBER 1941: The aftermath of the Japanese bombing of Singapore causes the evacuation of many of the British civilians in Singapore. Marion, Christina, Kate, Nellie, Rose, Tom ...more
Season 1, Episode 10 Episode: 10, Season: Tenko - Series 1
Christmas is approaching. The work party reports seeing a group of men in the distance. When Marion asks the commandant for names of the men, the list causes both joy and disappointment. The ...more
Season 1, Episode 9 Episode: 9, Season: Tenko - Series 1
Punishment details are imposed on the camp in general and the escapees in particular. The commandant yields to Marion's plea for mercy for Debbie, and agrees to be release Blanche if the ...more
Season 1, Episode 8 Episode: 8, Season: Tenko - Series 1
Just before Judith Bowen dies, Marion promises her that she'll take care of Debbie. Blanche becomes determined to escape from the camp. Debbie discovers Blanche's escape plans and barges her way ...more
Season 1, Episode 6 Episode: 6, Season: Tenko - Series 1
Marion is questioned about British organization in Singapore prior to the fall of the city. The new sickbay is completed. Blanche and Dorothy become friendly with the guards in exchange for ...more
Season 1, Episode 5 Episode: 5, Season: Tenko - Series 1
Some time having passed, social structure in the camp is breaking down, and more women are becoming sick. Some groups refuse to help other groups. Malaria makes its first appearance, and ...more
Season 1, Episode 3 Episode: 3, Season: Tenko - Series 1
KAMPONG GETAH, FEBRUARY 1942: Joined by others, including Beatrice, the women are taken to their internment camp, where a contingent of Dutch internees join them, including Sister Ulrica. ...more
Season 1, Episode 7 Episode: 7, Season: Tenko - Series 1
Sally, pregnant before her capture, is coming into her seventh month of pregnancy, and one of the nurses, Nellie, becomes very supportive of her. When the baby is stillborn, their friendship ...more
Season 3, Episode 5 Episode: 5, Season: Tenko - Series 3
Marion is reunited with Clifford, who is at the hotel waiting for her, and tells her Ben is okay. Clifford reveals he is in charge of leading the hunt for war criminals, and intends to start by ...more
Season 3, Episode 1 Episode: 1, Season: Tenko - Series 3
1 JULY 1945: Two years have passed and the women are in another camp, this one in the site of a former prison. Times have been hard and many have died - including Blanche, Verna, Daisy and even ...more
Season 3, Episode 3 Episode: 3, Season: Tenko - Series 3
The women are met in Singapore by RAPWI officer Phyllis Bristow, who take their details, She wants to transfer Kate and Mrs Van Meyer to other groups, but they refuse and are left where they ...more
Season 3, Episode 9 Episode: 9, Season: Tenko - Series 3
The women all prepare to go home, and say goodbye to Alice as she sets sail for England. The Jeffersons' marriage is clearly in trouble as Clifford sees how much Marion has changed since she has ...more