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Below is a complete The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet episodes are listed along with the The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items include everything from “Thorny's Gift” to “Fathers' Night at the Fraternity House.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Halloween Party Oct 31 1952 - Ozzie and Harriet agree that this year they will not have a Halloween party since the last few have become so routine. But after talking with Thorny, Ozzie decides that if they made all the ...more

Ricky Goes to a Dance Nov 21 1952 - Both Ozzie and Harriet fear the Ricky will be a wallflower at his first school dance.

Nov 28 1952 - The Nelson's have Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Harriet's aunt, and the next day Ozzie is going crazy trying to get leftover turkey.

The Valentine Show Feb 13 1953 -

The Traffic Signal Feb 20 1953 - Each of the Nelson's believe they are responsible for the addition of a traffic light at a dangerous intersection in the town.

The Dental Receptionist Feb 27 1953 -

The Speech Mar 06 1953 - Ozzie is scheduled to give a speech but it gets bumped for one given by an Army officer.

The Pancake Mix Apr 10 1953 - While eating breakfast, Ricky notices the box of pancake mix has a slogan which guaranteed "double your money back if you're not totally satisfied with this product," an idea which ...more

The Whistler's Daughter Apr 17 1953 -

A Door Key for David May 22 1953 - Ozzie and Harriet decide that it's time they gave eldest son David his own key to the house.

Oscillating Ozzie Jun 26 1953 - Harriet tells Ozzie that he is too predictable. When Emmy Lou, an attractive young woman, tells Ozzie that unpredictable men are more exciting, he decides to change his ways, and in the process ...more

The Fall Guy Oct 24 1952 - Ozzie tries to teach David how to be more self-reliant.

Thorny's Gift Dec 05 1952 - Ozzie buys Thorny a lighter for his birthday.

The Boys' Christmas Money Dec 19 1952 - The boys decide to go to work to earn extra money for Christmas shopping.

The Basketball Players Jan 09 1953 - The Nelsons take on the neighboring Thornberrys on the hoops court.

Riviera Ballet Nov 07 1952 - Ozzie buys a pair of tickets to the ballet for the policemen's charity drive as a surprise for Harriet. But when she seems unenthusiastic about the show, Ozzie gives the tickets to Thorny, who ...more

David, the Babysitter Nov 14 1952 - David is asked to babysit for the first time. Ozzie and Thorny cause problems when they decide to check up on him.

Separate Rooms Feb 06 1953 - After years of bunking together, David and Ricky finally get their own separate rooms in the Nelson household.

The Fish Story Apr 24 1953 -

The Traders May 08 1953 - Ozzie thinks he's being shrewd when he does some swapping with David and Ricky.

Brother Beesley's Philosophy Mar 20 1953 -

The Poet Oct 10 1952 -

Harriet's Hairdo Dec 12 1952 -

The Orchid and the Violet Apr 03 1953 - Ozzie heads down to the florist in dirty clothes after having played baseball with the boys. He traditionally sends a bunch of violets to Harriet on this day. But when the florist sees Ozzie's ...more

The Pills Oct 17 1952 - Ozzie goes on a diet so he can fit into a size 38 pants. Will pills help Ozzie to beat Thorny in a weight loss contest?

Rover Boys Jan 30 1953 -

The Safe Crackers Mar 13 1953 -

The Bowling Alley Mar 27 1953 - Ozzie feigns an illness just to get out of bringing Harriet to the emporium. But Thorny convinces him that they should go bowling since they are giving away a case of Ginger Ale for the high ...more

Boxing Matches May 15 1953 - In a sparring match, novice boxer Thorny downs Ozzie, who claims to have experience in the ring.

Monetary System Jun 05 1953 -

Who's Walter? Jun 12 1953 -

The Rivals Oct 03 1952 -

Late Christmas Gift Dec 26 1952 - Ozzie and David are recipients of belated Christmas gifts from Grandma Nelson.

The Newspaper Write-Up Jan 02 1953 - Ozzie becomes a braggart when his name is to be in the newspaper, that is, until it appears misspelled.

Stop Worrying Jan 16 1953 -

The Tuba Incident Jan 23 1953 - Ozzie and Harriet differ over an incident in the newspaper concerning a husband and wife who are divorcing over his enjoyment of playing the tuba.

Night School May 01 1953 -

Curiosity Jun 19 1953 -

The Play's the Thing May 29 1953 - Ozzie and Thorny find themselves tricked into attending a women's club play.

The Randolphs' Niece Jan 25 1962 - The niece of Joe and Clara Randolph arrives for a visit and Ricky is asked to show her around. Needless to say, this affair does not please his gal Norma.

Rick Comes to Dinner Nov 30 1961 -

Ricky the Milkman Dec 14 1961 - Rick takes over a friend's milk delivery route as a short-term favor.

The Randolph's Niece Jan 25 1962 - The niece of Joe and Clara Randolph arrives for a visit and Ricky is asked to show her around. Needless to say, this affair does not please his gal Norma.

Operation Barry Feb 15 1962 - Ozzie tries to ease the fears of young Barry who's scheduled to have an operation removing his tonsils.

The High Cost of Dating Oct 05 1961 - Ricky and his fraternity brothers find the cost of dates with their damsels getting higher and higher.

Dancing Lessons Sep 28 1961 - After their wives insist that they escort them to the women's club dance, Ozzie and pal Joe decide to take dancing lessons.

The Backyard Pet Show Jan 11 1962 - Ozzie is selected to judge a neighborhood pet show.

David Goes Back to Work Oct 26 1961 - David returns to the office from his honeymoon and promises to keep in touch with June but his assignments might make it a hard promise to keep.

The Barking Dog Nov 16 1961 - Ozzie is upset when a loud barking dog interrupts their peaceful fishing trip.

Making Wally Study Feb 22 1962 -