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Below is a complete The Adventures of Sinbad episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Adventures of Sinbad episodes are listed along with the The Adventures of Sinbad episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Adventures of Sinbad episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list includes “The Book of Before,” “The Monster” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Adventures of Sinbad episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Rescue Feb 15 1997 - A rich merchant asks Sinbad to help rescue his missing wife.

Isle of Bliss May 18 1997 - The of the Nomad journey to the Isle of Bliss in order to find the singing sword so that they can use it to get Master Dim Dim back. Things go horribly wrong when they encounter a giant snake ...more

The Village Vanishes Dec 28 1996 - The monster Vorgon drains the life force from a village, then picks a man for its host; now it wants Sinbad.

King Firouz Nov 09 1996 - Firouz builds a new invention he calls the Ruby Beamer. When the crew goes ashore to apologize for damage it caused, Firouz is acclaimed as the people's savior.

Monument Apr 27 1997 - A young woman asks Sinbad for help getting back to her home. When they get there, they discover that he father has turned himself into a giant.

The Beast Within Oct 12 1996 - A sorceress captures Sinbad, who refuses her love, then he must fight to the death the man-beast Goz.

Trickster May 03 1997 - Rumina follows the crew to the Old One's Island where they all become trapped. In order to escape, they must work together against the Trickster who is using their fears against them.

Little Miss Magic Nov 02 1996 - After the Nomad suffers damage in a storm the crew is forced to stop in the City of Mists. Sindbad wins the 'Jewel of the City' in a card game, only to discover that the 'Jewel' is Serendib, a ...more

Double Trouble Nov 23 1996 - The crew is after and Egyptian obelisk that gives power to whoever possesses it. Rumina disguises herself as Sinbad in order to start a war.

The Eyes of Kratos Feb 22 1997 - Talia, pirate acquaintance from Sinbad's past, is attempting to rescue a sacred stone from of a cult that is worshipping it. Maeve is suspisious of Talia's motives.

The Vengeance of Rumina May 25 1997 - Scratch and Rumina join forces to raise her father, Turock, from the dead. In return for his help, Rumina agrees to help Scratch steal the souls of Sinbad and the Nomad's crew.

Masked Marauders Feb 01 1997 - Sinbad and his crew are challenged by Carpet-riding thieves in Mirhago.

Still Life Oct 19 1996 - The crew runs aground on a mysterious island, where a sculptor, Vincenzo, wants to immortalize Maeve in marble.

The Ghoul's Tale Feb 08 1997 - When the necklace that protects Princess Gaia of Leopold is stolen by Vatex, the crew, with the help of Suraya, try to get it back.

The Bully Feb 02 1997 - The crew battle a cyclopse as well as a demon from Sinbad's past.

The Prince Who Wasn't Dec 21 1996 - A prince enlists Sinbad to help him rid haunted Arborea of an evil usurper.

The Ronin Oct 26 1996 - Sinbad is chosen to champion the island kingdom of Baronia. He must battle several adversaries, including a reluctant Samurai.

The Ties That Bind Nov 16 1996 - While out for a walk, Maeve is kidnaapped by norseman who believe she has ben sent by the god Thor as a sacrifice to the Gulien Demon.

The Siren's Song May 09 1997 - Three cursed sailors come aboard the Nomad. Sinbad and his crew are held hostage by a madman seeking Poseidon's trident.

Conundrum Nov 30 1996 - Rongar is sold to the Dark Lord Scrath. They are given the opportunity to rescue him by completeing a task set for them. Sinbad and his crew race to find skulls that represent the four

Return of Sinbad, Part 1 Sep 28 1996 - Sinbad returns to Bagdad after two long years at sea. He discovers that things are not as he left them. The city is now in the hands of an incompetent Prince and his devious grand vizier.

Return of Sinbad, Part 2 Oct 05 1996 - Sinbad sets out with a new crew to save a kidnapped princess from and evil sorcerer and his daughter. Along the way, Sinbad and his crew battle a raging sea monster and a traitor.

Castle Keep Feb 15 1998 - A prince's gala features the public execution of pirates, among them, Sinbad.

Heart and Soul Oct 19 1997 - Sinbad and his crew are imprisoned by the beautiful vampire, Kalilah. She will spare the crew if Sinbad can retrieve her heart which was taken from her by the black magic of her vampire husband, ...more

The Beast of Basra Nov 23 1997 - A werewolf's bite passes the curse to Doubar and Sinbad must kill his brother to save Bryn from a gruesome death.

Ali Rashid and the Thieves Nov 02 1997 - Returning to his homeland, Rongar confronts the man who robbed him of his birthright and is reunited with his sister, the seer Zorah, who had betrayed him years before.

The Voyage to Hell Oct 26 1997 - As the son of an evil warlord and a witch, Young Timur has more problems than your average young man. His dead father's demonic spirit is looking for a new home and his son's body seems more ...more

Stalkers May 10 1998 - Sinbad and crew come to the aid of a village being attacked by the mysterious stalkers that are controlled by the mad scientist Naaupo.

The Invaders Dec 28 1997 - Alien travelers crash land their spaceship near a small village. Sinbad witnesses the crash from sea and sails to the village to offer his help. Meanwhile, the local village priest scares the ...more

The Monster Nov 30 1997 - A gentle giant, Uruk, is helped by Sinbad and friends to break free from the evil wizard Kumar.

The Sacrifice Oct 04 1997 - Maeve is lost in a sea storm and Sinbad becomes separated from the crew as he searches for her. On a small island Sinbad meets Bryn, a woman with no memory of her past and a rainbow bracelet, ...more

The Curse of the Gorgons Nov 16 1997 - Sinbad and crew come to the aid of villagers whose firstborn sons are being enslaved by the three gorgon sisters: Eurayle, Stheno and Medusa, to work in their jasper mine.

The Beast of the Dark Mar 01 1998 - A teen who controls an invisible beast holds Sinbad and the crew captive.

The Gryphon's Tale Feb 22 1998 - To his grief, a game hunter captures a baby gryphon for his side show.

The Guardians May 17 1998 - Sinbad and crew are entrusted with the care of an infant with magical ties to an order of warrior monks.

The Return of the Ronin Oct 11 1997 - Sinbad and Tetsu the Ronin join forces to defeat seven mystical demons that are kidnapping women from an isolated village.

The Passengers Dec 21 1997 - Evil accompanies two passengers taking a woman's body to an island burial.

The Empress Feb 08 1998 - A mystical empress believes Sinbad is her reincarnated lover.

The Gift Nov 09 1997 - Sinbad and crew meet up with old friends and an old enemy at a wedding feast. The victum of a past injustice, Bakbuk the tinker sends his army of killer dolls to seek revenge.

Survival Run Mar 08 1998 - Sinbad escorts a beautiful prisoner to trial for murder, but someone does not want her to get there.

The Book of Before Jan 04 1997 - Marauding Druids are after an ancient, magical Wiccan book.

The Minotaur May 03 1998 - Sinbad faces the Minotaur to restore an island to its rightful rule.

Hell House May 24 1998 - Sinbad's soul hangs in the balance as Scratch and a woman from his past battle to draw him to either the darkness or the light.

A City Under Plague Jan 25 1998 - Death riders imprison suspected plague victims, including Sinbad and crew.