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Below is a complete The Amanda Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Amanda Show episodes are listed along with the The Amanda Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Amanda Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Episode 23” to “Episode 26.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Amanda Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Episode 4 Dec 04 1999 - It starts of with amanda, teaching the lobsters to dance and when they do it infront of the audience, amanda pops off and penelope trys and disguises herself as one of the lobsters and tries to ...more

Episode 8 Jan 15 2000 - Today Penelope is awakened from her bad dream by a surprise visitor from The Amanda Show... its not amanda though, it's one of the amanda show's camera men. Amanda's opening is disrupted by an ...more

Episode 13 Feb 19 2000 - Penelope and her brother Preston had got a toe nail from ""The Amanda Show"" trashcan, they then use a clone machine to clone it to an Amanda, but it is actually Drake's and ...more

Episode 3 Nov 27 1999 - Amanda and her co-stars are eating, when Drake brings out a lobster to eat and the dancing lobsters are in the room, while he is eating it. When they see the cooked lobster, they get upset and ...more

Episode 12 Feb 12 2000 - Amanda discovers that there's no audience to hear her opening monologue because she's arrived too early. Requel and Amanda get a prank call from two boys, so they use Call ZAP! Judge Trudy gives ...more

Nov 06 1999 - Today we meet up with Penelope, Amanda's biggest fan, who gets turned away at the door due to a mix-up. Meanwhile, Amanda makes her entrance by helicopter. The show starts right here. Guest ...more

Episode 9 Jan 22 2000 - Raquel get's two pieces of fan mail and Drake get's one... but it actually turns out to be for the dancing lobsters which add's to the dancing lobsters huge fan mail stack. Amanda fumbles a ...more

Episode 6 Dec 18 1999 - Amanda takes extreme measures to break through The Amanda Show's tight security. She gives them some of her muscle. When she get's to the stage, the audience don't understand a word she says. ...more

Episode 7 Jan 08 2000 - Penelope has over 50 phones with her to try and win a dinner with amanda in a radio contest... she wins... but then when the radio try's to phone her back, she doesn't know which phone to pick ...more

Episode 11 Feb 05 2000 - Penelope uses a homemade robot to finally infiltrate The Amanda Show, and what better day than Amanda's birthday? Inside the robot is also her brother who won't stop asking for a sandwitch. Also ...more

Episode 5 Dec 11 1999 - Amanda nearly doesn't make the show opening thanks to an unusual elevator. After that we see some remote control underpants. Mr Gullible (a subtitute teacher thats very gullible) is taken for ...more

Episode 2 Nov 20 1999 - Amanda's number one fan Penelope opens the show today, as Amanda is not on the guest list for some reason. Jack and Jake, the two least successful bullies in school are trying to cause up ...more

Episode 10 Jan 29 2000 - Penelope has stolen the A of the AMANDA letters in the Amanda show studio, what makes it MANDA. Dareen and her dad now have a sushi shop, and it still carry's on to be disgusting stuff like toe ...more

Episode 27 Feb 17 2001 - Amanda starts the show by giving a big hand to just about everybody but there's no time for that, because today The Girls Room is coming from The Boys Room by mistake! Meanwhile, Amanda is ...more

Episode 15 Jul 29 2000 - Penelope get's in Amanda's dressing room through the air conditioning vent and finds a sandwitch in it! The Amanda Shows electricity supply go's out because Nancy and Drake are cooking weenies. ...more

Episode 24 Dec 09 2000 - The Amanda Show gets off to a bad start today when it's opened by the wrong Amanda! After the mistake is sorted out, it's time for a quick word from Mammal-Os, the healthy cereal with a live ...more

Episode 20 Oct 07 2000 - Drake starts the show with an attempt on the turkey balancing record, while Amanda has some presidential guest stars. After the fight breaks out, it's time to go to another gross commercial, but ...more

Episode 28 Mar 03 2001 - Penelope thinks she's finally going to speak to Amanda when she's a guest on a phone in show, but the emergency broadcast system interrupts proceedings. Amanda tries to open the show, but is ...more

Episode 22 Oct 28 2000 - Today Amanda is searching for someone to open Josh's bag of crisps, but there's a painful moment when she feels a little unwell and needs some medical advice. There's a commercial message for ...more

Episode 16 Aug 12 2000 - Today, Amanda has a cold. Penelope turns up and starts stealing Amanda's germs, but gets caught by security! Meanwhile, Amanda helps an audience member find their lost paper clip. It's so ...more

Episode 17 Aug 26 2000 - It's The Drake Show! Well, for a little while anyway, until Amanda shows up, but finds that a vital guest star is missing! We pay a visit to the Klutz restaurant, Amanda interviews Frankenstein, ...more

Episode 19 Sep 23 2000 - Penelope takes out the security guard with some apples today, while Amanda goes looking for people whose dreams need to come true. We take in a quick commercial for the Spitballer 5000, then ...more

Episode 26 Jan 27 2001 - Penelope meets a famous Nick star today - not Amanda, but Noah from Noah Knows Best. Meanwhile, Amanda finds that she has somebody else's pager. There's a visit to the Cookie shop, except now ...more

Episode 30 Apr 07 2001 - Amanda is taking a nap today, so Josh and Drake do the audience greeting instead but the audience only want Amanda! There's time for a commercial message from Ham, the great new toy for boys and ...more

Episode 23 Nov 18 2000 - Penelope tries to get into Amanda's dressing room with a cunning bear disguise today, but Amanda is already on stage, helping a fan whose parents won't let him watch The Amanda Show. There's ...more

Episode 14 Jul 15 2000 - Penelope comes on her motorbike to start the comedy off & see's a guard and he asks her for her name and it isn't on the list. So... she bribes him with money - doesn't work, jeweles - ...more

Episode 21 Oct 21 2000 - Today there's a surprise - and a free sandwich - in store for one lucky audience member, while Amanda's show opening is interrupted by a pizza delivery guy. Better go to a commercial - and what ...more

Episode 25 Dec 23 2000 - Penelope finds an easy entrance to the studios today when she falls in love with Trevor, the security guard's son, but Amanda is already on stage pulling the audience's teeth out. There's more ...more

Episode 18 Sep 09 2000 - Penelope's quest to find Amanda finds her turning up in somebody's toilet, which is almost as smelly as our first commercial for a game that everyone will enjoy - Pass The Skunk! Then it's back ...more

Mar 17 2001 - The world's greatest ventriloquist is coming on the show today, and Penelope senses a chance to get closer to Amanda. Meanwhile, Amanda's show open is interrupted by a man speaking Italian but ...more

Episode 39 Sep 14 2002 -

Episode 31 Jan 19 2002 - OPEN: Audience Mob CLOSE: Blockblister Again ALSO: Drake and Josh's Coup, Ham (The Great New Toy for Boys and Girls), Blockblister Video (Stuart Lipple/F-Men), The Dare Show II, Hillbilly Moment ...more

Episode 33 Feb 09 2002 - Amanda and Drake leave their costumes in their dressing rooms, but luckily Nancy has an invention called the Costumatic 5000. The Amanda Show comes off with a bad start when they geta fly in the ...more

Episode 34 Mar 23 2002 - OPENING: Penelope uses truth gas on Drake and Josh but it actually makes them tell about their lives instead of telling Penelope where Amanda is. AMANDA: Amanda forgets her opening joke. ...more

Episode 36 May 25 2002 - Penelope makes this instant message machine for a chance to meet Amanda. Amanda's opening turns into a game show because two blokes think the show is a game show. We stop at a commercial for ...more

Episode 37 Jul 13 2002 -

Episode 35 Apr 20 2002 - Amanda read Josh's horoscope and Drake got grabbed by sailors, stuffed into a blue garbage can, hickered at, hit with a lamp, and comes out wearing a pink dress. Amanda's opening got bad when ...more

Episode 38 Aug 17 2002 -

Episode 32 Feb 02 2002 - Penelope plots a new hare-brained scheme to meet Amanda. Amanda's show opening interrupted by a french painter who is painting a picture of Amanda. There's an advert for My Beautful Big Toe and ...more

Episode 40 Sep 21 2002 -