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Below is a complete The Basil Brush Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Basil Brush Show episodes are listed along with the The Basil Brush Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Basil Brush Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Items featured on this list include everything from “Basil's Angels” to “Brush To The Future.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Basil Brush Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Best of The Basil Brush Show Nov 08 2011 - A compilation of all the best bits of the original Basil Brush show, includes footage of Mr Derek, Mr Roy and Mr Howard.

Going for Broke Jan 02 2003 -

Mouse Nov 28 2002 - There is a mouse in the house that is eating everything it can find. So Basil and co. have to outwit the mouse in a game of cat-and-mouse!

The Fake's Progress Dec 23 2002 - Steven meets a gypsy and wishes to be handsome, and when his wish comes true, all the girls begin slobbering over him.

The Statley Home Dec 05 2002 - Steven meets a gypsy and wishes to be handsome, and when his wish comes true, all the girls begin slobbering over him.

The Bully Dec 12 2002 - When Molly gets Bullied by a girl at school Basil and Stephen must help in every way they can and Dave gets grounded

The Mad Man of Murrimbidgee Jan 01 2003 -

Molly Christmas Feb 01 2003 -

The Date Nov 21 2002 - Steven meets a girl and he asks her out on a date. But this girl has an awful aunt, who Basil must accompany to Stephen's date.

Cousin Mortimer Feb 02 2003 -

The Farm Dec 31 2002 -

Mean Genie Dec 30 2002 -

Cakes Dec 19 2002 -

The Job Dec 29 2002 -

Basil's Angels Sep 23 2005 - First the money from the till, and then the till itself go missing from Anil's café. Basil is determined to find the thief using every cop show parody - this includes the girls (Molly, ...more

Basil: The Movie Oct 07 2005 - Dave's latest money making scheme is in the movie business. When Madison's uncle, a well known Hollywood director comes to town, production soon starts on Basil: The Movie. But Basil doesn't ...more

Basil's Brush With Fame Nov 11 2005 - Basil, Dave and Stephen set up as a boy band. In spite of being terrible, a record producer signs them up and immediately dubs their voices and re-works their style. Eventually Dave and Stephen ...more

Fox In Space Sep 23 2005 - Will Basil and Stephen survive a trip to outer space?

Santa Brush Dec 21 2005 - After Santa gets food poisoning in Anil's, the gang feel obliged to do his job for him. But can they make and deliver enough presents all over the world in just one night? Even Cousin Mortimer ...more

Manic Organic Sep 16 2005 - Madison and Molly help Basil opt for a healthier lifestyle by changing his diet and growing veggies in the back garden. Anil, feeling threatened by the popularity of the organic produce, tries ...more

Double Trouble (Part 1) Oct 14 2005 - Dave's science homework results in Mr Stephen being cloned. Basil and the gang feel the new Stephen is of a slightly higher pedigree than the original!

The Stupid Christmas I mean Halloween Episode Oct 31 2005 - When Basil and the gang decide to make a scary Halloween home movie they get more than they bargained for with the appearance of a poltergeist!

The Incapables Nov 18 2005 - There seems to be a bit of a crimewave sweeping the neighbourhood and Basil and the gang decide to invent themselves as superheroes to clean up the town. However Anil also has some surprise ...more

Meeja Mogul Nov 23 2005 - Dave decides to become every inch the successful meeja mogul only he takes it to extemes and is soon running a multi-million pound business. Basil and the gang start to worry about Dave's ...more

I'm a Celebrity...Let Me Back In The Kitchen Sep 30 2005 - Dave decides to jump on the reality TV bandwagon and, with the help of Molly and Madison, turns the garden into a jungle. Basil, Mr Stephen and some B list celebs are thrown together to see who ...more

Double Trouble (Part 2) Oct 21 2005 - The Episode starts with Basil, Molly and Dave in jail. But they are soon joined by cousin Mortimer. After Basil and the gang recap everything that has happened. (They accidently clone 2 mr. ...more

Thanks a Million Sep 05 2005 - Madison's Aunt Maddie arrvies from America and is deposited in the flat with Basil and the gang who are keen to get rid of her, but when she ends up winning a million pounds on the lottery their ...more

Basil's Brush With Frame Sep 28 2005 -

Basil's Christmas Turkey Dec 24 2003 -

Molly in Love Dec 19 2003 -

Soap a Dope Dec 30 2003 - Basil Bubby wanks over a bar of soap after Molly Mubby sucks his teacozy on his dick!!!! aNSD DHHDO

Ella Nov 21 2003 -

Taste the Blood of Brushcula Dec 31 2003 - Basil is warned not to eat old cheese before bed because he would have nightmares, but he still does. Then he has a horrible nightmare with steven,ella,molly as vampires and anil as Dr. ...more

Bing Trouble Dec 12 2003 -

Big Bother Nov 28 2003 - In order to make money, dave agrees to having a reality tv show to be filmed in the flat, Big Bother, of course it all goes wrong...

Fit for Nothing Dec 29 2003 -

Bend it Like Basil Jan 02 2004 - Dave is picked to play for in his school team in the next big football match. Good thing right? NOt really especially since his school are facing St. Nigel's. St. Nigel's team are the biggest ...more

The Return Of Cousin Mortimer Dec 05 2003 -

Suprise Party Jan 01 2004 - Its steven's birthday and he thinks everyone has forgotten. So he throws his own party, but what he doesn't know is that there are 3 more parties being planed.

Quiz Night Jan 14 2004 -

Project Anil Sep 22 2004 -

Wedded Blitz Oct 15 2004 - Basil awakes to discover he’s lined up to marry popular soap star, Kelly Foxwell. As Kelly charms her way into Basil’s affections, the gang are subjected to a few changes around the flat. ...more

Sports Day Oct 29 2004 - Molly is involved with Sports day but the coaches daughter is always cheating. Basil & Co. get Molly in training to win.

Nov 12 2004 - Wrestling mania has taken over in the Basil household so when their favourite wrestler, the Stone, steps out of the ring into retirement they are all distraught. Dave sets up Anil’s café ...more

The Pitz Hotel Oct 01 2004 -

Camping Sep 17 2004 -

It's A Wonderful Brush Dec 23 2004 - Basil and the gang are in tragedy as they have only 79p for Christmas. Basil blame himself for this and wishes he was never born. This episode is based on The Wonderful Life. (This episode is ...more

Holding The Baby Oct 08 2004 - Molly has taken on a bit of babysitting. However, when Molly is called away by the paranoid parents she leaves Basil and Stephen to cope with a little, tiny baby. How difficult can that be?

Frocks Rocks Sep 23 2004 - On helping their new American neighbour move in, Basil and Stephen mislay her entire end of term fashion collection. The gang rally round to help and her show turns out to be a huge, ...more

The Revenge of the Mummy Sep 24 2004 -