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Full List of The Benny Hill Show Episodes

Below is a complete The Benny Hill Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Benny Hill Show episodes are listed along with the The Benny Hill Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Benny Hill Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Show 49” and “Show 3.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Benny Hill Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
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    I Was a Hill's Angel In Conversation

    Jan 31 2006
    This is the third and final bonus feature showcasing members of Hill's Angels. Unlike the first two interviews, the girls appear together and reminisce while laying on a bed.
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    Golden Greats (Chuckles)

    Aug 28 2001
    Here are the funniest moments and naughtiest antics of British comic Benny Hill! Each volume features hilarious sketches, ridiculous slapstick, zany spoofs, and Benny's buxom and beautiful Hill's
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    Ernie (Fastest Milkman in the West

    Dec 23 1970
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    Show 34

    Mar 14 1979
    1.Benny Quickie: Little Angel 2.Benny's Ballad: Benny's Place 3.Benny Quickie: Georgie Pest 4.The National Health 5.Leprechaun T.V. 6.Benny Quickie: Cosmetic Surgery 7.Benny's Monologue: No Place
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    Show 35

    Apr 25 1979
    1.Musical Favorites 2.Benny's Ballad: Maria 3.Benny Commercial Quickies 4.Fred Scuttle at The International Television Festival 5.Carmen 6.O'Jack 7.In London Tonight 8.Pan's People: Love For
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    Show 33

    Dec 26 1978
    1.A Host Of Your Favorite Stars 2.Benny's Ballad: Coconut Milk 3.Man vs. Machine with Fred Scuttle 4.Grand Wheelchair Rally 5.Telephone Exchange 6.Holiday Time 7.Felicity Buirski: The Clock 8.Benny
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    Show 36

    Feb 06 1980
    1.Benny Quickie: Other Men 2.The Scarlet Pimple 3.Hollywood Grates: Chubby Dodds 4.Hill's Angels' Grand Gala 5.Benny Quickie: Milk Round 6.Women's Lib Television, Part 1: Sale Of The
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    Show 38

    Apr 16 1980
    1.Benny's Ballad: Love 2.Fred Scuttle's Happy Holiday 3.Benny's International Television: T.V. Romania Te Rose 4.Station 007 New York Presents '1994' 5.Women's Lib Television 6.Name That
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    Show 37

    Mar 05 1980
    1.Thames Logo 2.A Host Of Your Favorite Stars 3.Benny's Ballad: Johnnie Boy 4.Art Gallery Munchies 5.Chow Mein's Industrial Tribunal 6.Hill's Angels in Madame Louise Summer Collection 7.The Medieval
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    Show 46

    Jan 16 1984
    1.Benny Quickies: Confusion 2.Benny's Ballad: Home for the Summer 3.Scuttlevision 4.The Drunk 5.Stupid Cupid 6.Club Bizarre 7.Fingers McNee: Bank Robber 8.Benny Quickies: Close Down and Fall
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    Show 47

    Apr 25 1984
    1.Benny Quickies: Man Inspired! 2.Benny's Ballad: The League of Helping Hands 3.Benny Quickie: Bedside Manner! / Benny Quickie: Just Married 4.The Vagabond 5.Benny Quickies: Man Inspired 2! 6.Hill's
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    Show 53

    Apr 16 1986
    1.Thames Logo 2.Benny Quickie: Left my Wallet at Home 3.Bijou Burlesque 4.Benny Quickie: Large Hypodermic 5.Benny Quickies: Honesty! 6.Funny Old World 7.Benny Quickies: Honesty II! 8.Proverbs 9.Benny
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    Show 52

    Mar 31 1986
    1.Thames Logo 2.Benny Quickie: No Bra Underneath 3.Benny's Greatest Hits 4.Living the Dream 5.The Herd 6.Come To The Cabaret 7.Discrimination in the Workplace 8.Benny Hill: Behind the
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    Show 51

    Mar 12 1986
    1.Thames Logo 2.Benny Quickie: Tattooist Mistake 3.The Love Ship 4.Benny Quickie: Fortune-Teller 5.The Bucket 6.Testament Television 7.Hill's Angels: Chez When 8.Benny Hill: Sexist? 9.R. Dibble
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    Show 57

    Apr 05 1989
    1.Benny Quickies: Frank Talking! 2.Scuttle's Circus 3.Benny's Ballad: Anna Marie 4.Benny Quickies: Frank Talking II 5.Heroes Through the Ages 6.Misunderstandings 7.Chow Mein: Home Catering 8.Hill's
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    Show 56

    Feb 08 1989
    1.Benny Quickies: Indiscretions a. The Ceiling b. Compulsive Liar c. You Carry The Baby d. "92" 2.Benny's Ballad: Cockney Girls and Rustic Lasses 3.Hill's Little Angels: The Birthday
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    Show 58

    May 01 1989
    1.Benny Quickies: a. Where Is Granny Now? b. Peeping Tom c. Sex Life Of A Tiger d. Eye Of The Beholder e. Pepys's Diary 2.Benny Quickies: Getting Away With It a. Can You Lend Me $5
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    Show 59

    Aug 02 1989
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    Show 60

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    Show 61

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    Show 62

  • 48

    Show 6

    Dec 23 1970
    1.Benny Quickie: Rubber Balloons 2.Benny's Ballad: Broken-Hearted Lover's Stew 3.Benny Quickie: The Unexpected Look 4.Fred Scuttle: Scuttle Tours 5."Grand Pappy Blueberry" and Benny's Ballad:
  • 49

    Show 7

    Jan 27 1971
    1.Benny Quickie: Very Well, M'Lady 2.Benny's Ballad: "Flying South" 3.Shameful Moments of Sport 4.Petticoat and Vine: "World of Love and Laughter" 5.Henry and Alice and Bob and Mary 6.Benny's
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    Show 5

    Oct 28 1970
    1.Benny Quickie: Park Bench 2.Benny's Ballad: "Suitcase on the Train" 3.Benny Quickies: Comic Look No.7 4.Boutique Mask Dance 5.Los Zafiros 6.The Bill Stickers 7.Benny Quickie: British Arms 8.Benny's