Full List of The Benny Hill Show Episodes

Below is a complete The Benny Hill Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Benny Hill Show episodes are listed along with the The Benny Hill Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Benny Hill Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Examples of items on this list include “Show 49” and “Show 3.” Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Benny Hill Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Unfaithful Wife 2.Benny's Ballad: "The Egg Marketing Board Tango" 3.French For Starters 4.The Messenger 5.The Grass Is Greener 6.Supermarket Dance 7.Benny Reveals All... about ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Copy The Boss 2.Benny's Ballad: "Pretty Greek Girl" 3.Undercover Sanitary Inspector 4.Reverend Gray 5.Benny's Bloopers 6.Nanette: "Everybody's Singing, Like Now" 7.Learning All the ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Slot Machines 2.Benny's Ballad: The Dustbins of Your Mind 3.Meeting People With Hugh Paddick 4.Benny's Ballad: Fad Eyed Fal 5.Woodstick 6.Autumn Fashion Parade 7.Berlin Youth Choir ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Church Mission 2.Benny's Ballad: When I Was a Lad 3.Benny's Television Bloopers 4.Fred Scuttle: Striptease Cabaret 5.The Christmas Booze-Up 6.The Ladybirds: Don't Stop The ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Beanz Meanz Beanz 2.Benny Accompanies Lee Gibson: Mad About You 3.Confrontation: Mervyn Cruddy Speaks Out 4.Reflection Ballet 5.Poetry Corner 6.The Deputy 7.Lee Gibson and John John ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Dearst Heart Take I 2.Benny's Ballad: Carol 3.Fred Scuttle: Security Guard 4.Programme Planner 5.Benny Quickies: Television Secrets 6.The Orange Blossom Sound: What Am I Doing ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Bad Cling 2.Benny's Ballad: News of the Family 3.Spot Black 4.Germany Calling 5.Fun at the Flicks 6.Berry Cornish: A Child's Question 7.Benny Quickies: Misunderstandings 8.Los ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: A Little Boy? 2.Benny's Musical Sermon: The Good Book 3.Benny's International Bloopers 4.Fred Scuttle: Scuttle Escorts 5.Benny Quickie: You Say Hawaii! 6.Match of the Week: Golden ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Romantic Pipe-Smoker 2."Faith" by E.M. Barrister 3.Senor Benny Presents Diana Darvey and El Sidney: Sway 4.Spy Games 5.Benny Quickie: Three Beans on Toast! 6.Design: Second ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Batman! 2.Benny's Ballad: Dapper Dan the Lady Killer Man 3.Fred Scuttle's Channel Tunnel 4.Benny's Quickies: Indiscretions 5.The Great British Dancing Finals With Terry ...more
  • 1.Benny's Ballad: So Many Girls 2.Humphrey Bumphrey: Continuity Announcer 3.Sale Of The Half Century 4.Getting To Know You 5.Eddie Buchanan & Love Machine: Dancing In The Nude 6.Paul Eddington Asks: ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Your Own Food! 2.Guest Stars 3.Benny's Ballad: Jake 4.World Of Sport 5.Benny & Jackie as Luke & Tinker 6.Benny Quickie: Fly Spray? 7.Fatricia & Feter: The Pinal Foem of Faul ...more
  • 1.More Guest Stars 2.Benny & Brenda Arnau: Native Song of Luana 3.Domestic Bliss! 4.Captain Fred Scuttle Space Ace 5.Henry McGee Cooks Chinese With Fanee & Jonee Claddock 6.Brenda Arnau: Tell It Like ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Don't Jump! 2.Another Host of Your Favourite Stars! 3.Benny's Ballad: Lulubelle 4.Pearl & Plain Shopping Centre 5.Is There Anything In It? Fred Scuttle: The Mind Reader 6.Benny ...more
  • 1.Benny's Ballad: Bianca Malone 2.The Sum Awards 3.Benny's Commercial Bloopers 4.Continental Cabaret with Diana Darvey 5.Pets: A Poem by Pam Ayres 6.Nor Iron Bars A Cage...! 7.Peter Seymour: New ...more
  • 1.Eskimo Nell: A Monologue 2.Benny Quickie: Candid Camera 3.Villain Of The Year 4.Zipper Martin: Quick Change Artist 5.The Reluctant Bridegroom 6.Love Machine: Think of the Boys 7.Victorian Scandals ...more
  • 1.A Packed Program! 2.Husky & Starch 3.Casanova 4.Benny Blooper: Double Bed 5.Benny Accompanies Dilys Watling: Fever 6.Show-Jumping 7.A Feast On The Beach 8.Deep In My Heart on Television in ...more
  • 1.Benovite 2.Opening and Ballad: "My Garden of Love" 3.The Hitch Hiker 4.Fred Scuttle: TV Audience Researcher 5.Rogue Nudist 6.Benny's Bloopers 7.The Ladybirds: "The Girl is in Love with ...more
  • 1. Benny Quickie: Ye Olde Wishing Well 2. Opening and Ballad: "Anna-Marie" 3. Benny's Bloopers 4. Sound Delay Interview 5. The Ladybirds: "Your Secret Love" 6. The Russian Zone 7. Lower Tidmarsh ...more
  • 1. Benny Quickie: Fishing 2. Opening and Ballad: "Juanita Bonita Delores" 3. Holiday Sports Spectacular 4. Benny Quickie: Peeping Ben 5. The Ladybirds: "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" 6. The Short Happy ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Black Moor 2.Opening and Ballad: "Colleen" 3.Naked Audition 4.Luis Alberto del Parana and Los Paraguayos 5.Hotel Sordide 6.Tour Guide 7.Ballet Company with Audience Commentary 8.Miss ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Five Minutes! 2.Benny's Ballad: Maria 3.The Loser 4.Michael Caine: Not A Lot Of People Know That 5.Circus Clown 6.Benny Quickie: Bust Or Bus! 7.Meeting People With Henry McGee: ...more
  • 1.Benny Quickie: Crow's Feet 2.Benny's Ballad: Down On The Farm 3.A Tribute To The Lower Tidmarsh Volunteer Fire Brigade 4.Channel Surfing 5.Benny's Monologue: Castaway 6.The Poster Girl 7.Benny ...more