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Below is a complete The Berenstain Bears episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Berenstain Bears episodes are listed along with the The Berenstain Bears episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Berenstain Bears episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features items like “The Prize Pumpkin,” “Attic Treasure”, and many more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Berenstain Bears episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

The Trojan Pumpkin

The Spooky Old Mansion

The Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree Dec 03 1979 -

A Time for Giving

Bust a Ghost

The Berenstain Bears' Comic Valentine Feb 13 1982 - Brother Bear gets a valentine from a secret admirer.

The Missing Pumpkin

The Berenstain Bears Meet Bigpaw Nov 20 1980 -

The Berenstain Bears' Easter Surprise Apr 14 1981 -

The Berenstain Bears Play Ball May 06 1983 -

The Berenstain Bears - Trick or Treat Sep 01 2011 - Trick Or Treat Brother and Sister plan to avoid Widder Jones' house when they go trick or treating because neighbourhood lore has it that she's a witch. Mama knows Widder Jones personally and ...more

The Great Bat Cave

The Berenstain Bears's Christmas Tree Dec 03 1979 -

The Berenstan Bears Meet Big Paw Nov 20 1980 -

The Berenstain Bears's Easter Surprise Apr 14 1981 -

The Berenstain Bears's Comic Valentine Feb 14 1982 -

The Berenstain Bears Play Ball May 06 1983 -

The Birthday Boy Sep 19 2003 - With Mama and Papa too busy setting up Brother's birthday party, Sister reluctantly decides to do her "Tell Us About A Family Member" school assignment on Brother. However, videotaping ...more

The Haunted Lighthouse Oct 02 2003 - The Bears are visiting an old lighthouse that's rumored to be haunted by the ghost of it's keeper, Captain Salt. Brother and Sister team up to find out if the ghost is real or not.

Too Much Vacation Oct 07 2003 - The Bear family is going on a mountaintop vacation for an entire week. Papa hopes for it to be the best vacation ever. During the week, nothing goes right for Papa. His fishing hook gets caught ...more

At the Giant Mall Oct 07 2003 - When Papa couldn't find a carving set to buy at the local hardware store, the clerk suggests that Papa should try looking for it at the one at the new mall. The Big Bear Mall is so huge, Mama ...more

The Summer Job Oct 16 2003 - When Brother and Sister are bored on the first day of Summer Vacation, Farmer Ben invites them to work on the farm with him. The cubs are excited by the news, but are later disappointed to ...more

Fly It Oct 20 2003 - Brother and Freddy team up to try and create an innovative flying device for their fifth grade science project. Their hopes are dashed after a series of unsuccessful test flights and they decide ...more

By the Sea Oct 21 2003 - The Bear family travels to a beach house for a vacation. The cubs are anxious to go swimming, but Mama and Papa want to get things unpacked and cleaned up before they can have any fun. Will ...more

Catch the Bus Oct 21 2003 - Brother's tardiness causes inconvenience for many. Mama gives Brother a watch so he can be on time for important appointments, When Brother's watch goes off to go with Sister to the bookstore to ...more

Trouble With Grown-Ups Sep 15 2003 - Tentions rise in the Bear family household when Mama and Papa blame Brother and Sister for little things. Discouraged, Brother and Sister seek help from Cousin Fred and Lizzie Bruin and put on a ...more

Trouble With Pets Sep 25 2003 - Brother and Sister adopt one of Farmer Ben's new puppies and soon discover that having a pet is a big responsibility. When the two pet owners leave to play with friends, the puppy stays behind ...more

The Sitter Sep 25 2003 - Brother and Sister do some damage in Mrs. Grizzle's flower garden while retrieving their baseball. Instead of stepping forward to apologize, the cubs get nervous and run home. As fate would have ...more

Slumber Party Oct 01 2003 - Sister is going to a sleepover at Lizzie's house and is very exited about it. Mama and Papa tell her to be on her best behavior , but since Lizzie's parents are going out that night the girls ...more

On the Job Oct 08 2003 - When Teacher Bob assigns his class a project on what they'd like to do when they grow up, everyone seems to know where their interests lie except Brother. After exploring Bear Country to see ...more

The Hiccup Cure Oct 24 2003 - When Papa is pressed for time, he eats his food too quickly, inducing hiccups. Mama and the cubs try all they could to stop them. Dr. Grizzly shows them exactly how hiccups are caused. That's ...more

The Giddy Grandma Sep 17 2003 - Sister has a hard time writing her report on who she admires the most. When she goes to Grizzly Gran's to get a book on heroes, Sister finds someone she already admires most: her grandma!

Trouble at School Sep 17 2003 - Brother, despite recovering from a case of the flu, neglects doing his school worksheets. For doing that, he gets a zero on his math test. Teacher Bob asks Brother to have his parents sign his ...more

Mama's New Job Sep 23 2003 - When Mama decides to get herself a job, Papa and the cubs have to try and deal with some changes around the treehouse. Together they support Mama when she opens her own quilt shop.

Mighty Milton Sep 23 2003 - When a new cub at school named Milton Chub is teased by Too Tall and the gang for his lack of sporting ability, Brother takes it upon himself to help his new friend renew his self-esteem by ...more

The Bad Habit Oct 10 2003 - Sister has a problem, she keeps biting her nails. The family thinks of many ways to make her stop. The real reason is fractions are making her nervous.

Visit Fun Park Oct 15 2003 - Mama gets free tickets to go to Fun Park. Freddy and Brother say they are not afraid of riding the rollercoaster. Lizzie and Sister admit that they really are afraid. Brother doesn't want to ...more

The Stinky Milk Mystery Oct 22 2003 - Brother and Sister visit Farmer Ben's farm to see some piglets. When they visit the cow pasture, they forget to latch to gate up and Farmer Ben's cows wander off. Now the cubs think they have ...more

The New Neighbors Oct 23 2003 - The Bears' next-door neighbors move in and they have trouble adjusting to their new neighbors, especially Papa. At first, Papa isn't used to the different neighbors apart from the ones they used ...more

Lend a Helping Hand Sep 26 2003 - The cubs take some time off their busy schedule to help Widder Jones with some chores. But when Brother and Sister find out that Witter Jones needs help cleaning out her attic for a yard sale, ...more

Trouble With Money Sep 29 2003 - Brother and Sister try to make money for some Bear Air jackets they see at a store, but when they get out of hand, they lose more than they could ever gain: their friends.

Ferdy Factual Oct 10 2003 - Professor Actual Factual's nephew, Ferdy, is a new student at the cubs' school. Ferdy doesn't have any friends because he thinks everybody is against his smarts. With Brother's advice, Ferdy ...more

The Big Blooper Oct 13 2003 - After watching a video at Lizzie Bruins house (Trouble at big bear high) Sister learns a new word ""Fur-ball"". After saying it to Lizzie and hers friends they leave. Also ...more

Too Much Pressure Oct 14 2003 - Things get busy around the tree house. Sister, brother, mama, and papa all have things to do! After an incident in which everyone brings the wrong stuff to the wrong places, Papa and the family ...more

Don't Pollute (Anymore) Oct 17 2003 - Looking for something to do their environmental school project on, Brother and Sister visit Professor Actual Factual at the Bearsonian Institute. Not only do they discover that too much trash in ...more

Visit the Dentist Sep 22 2003 - Sister Bear has a loose tooth. Brother scares Sister by telling her that the dentist will pull out her tooth with a pair of "yankers". Not only that, Brother has a toothache from ...more

The Excuse Note Oct 08 2003 - Sister and her friends do not like gym because of all those exercises Teacher Jane makes them do. She remembers when Lizzie got out of gym by having an excuse note written for her when she ...more

The Jump Rope Contest Sep 18 2003 - Sister enters a jump rope contest and brags to everyone that she's going to win. Thinking Lizzie has entered the contest too, Sister tells her she's jealous because she's not as good a jumper as ...more

Too Small for the Team Oct 09 2003 - Sister wants to join the girl's soccer team, but Coach Brown thinks she's still too young to take part because the cubs are bigger than her. Sister grudgingly accepts the position of team ...more

Get the Gimmies Oct 03 2003 - Brother and Sister think they're entitled to treats every time the family goes grocery shopping. Mama and Papa get tired of their "gimmie gimmie" attitude. When Gramps and Gran drop by ...more