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Below is a complete The Bernie Mac Show episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Bernie Mac Show episodes are listed along with the The Bernie Mac Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Bernie Mac Show episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. Everything from “Walk Like a Man” to “Big Brother” is included below. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Bernie Mac Show episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Hall of Fame Feb 06 2002 - Jordan sets his sights on joining Vanessa and Bryana on the Bernie Mac Hall of Fame awards shelf. He decides to join his school's football team after hearing that everyone on the squad gets a ...more

Saving Bernie Mac Dec 05 2001 - Bernie and Wanda bring the kids to church to discipline them, but Bernie ends up being the immature one. Later on, the Bishop and Deacon show up at Bernie's house during his poker night and ...more

Wanda's Week Off Jan 23 2002 - Wanda spends time with the kids and considers having a child with Bernie.

Bernie Mac, Ladies Man Nov 28 2001 - When Wanda plans a play date for a group of kids, Bernie ends up winning over the moms for the afternoon and becoming defensive about his masculinity.

Now You Got It Nov 14 2001 - Bernie's desperate to get away to Vegas with his frineds, but Bryana's birthday and the germ infested children that it causes make it a difficulty.

Here To Stay Dec 12 2001 - Bernie realizes that the kids are here to stay, so he begins treating them differently. Wanda complains that Bernie is treating the kids like roomates and holds off sex from him until he ...more

Pilot Nov 14 2001 - In the pilot, much to his chagrin, Bernie and Wanda are forced to take care of his sister's three children, Vanessa, Jordan, and Bryanna since she can no longer take care of them anymore.

Kelly's Heroes May 08 2002 - No synopsis until episode airs.

Sweet Home Chicago (1) May 15 2002 - No synopsis until episode airs.

Starting School Jan 02 2002 - With the kids officially under Bernie's control, it's come time to find them schooling. He enrolls Bryana in a prestigious preschool, Jordan in Catholic school and Vanessa in public junior high. ...more

A Christmas Story Dec 19 2001 - The kids get a dog from the pound, thinking it will be the perfect present for Bernie. Bernie finds the dog, hides it, thinking it is the perfect present for the kisd. They think he took it back ...more

Hot Hot Hot Jan 16 2002 - On a hot day, Vanessa detours the family's trip to the water park. Back at home, the kids act wild and the air conditioning breaks.

If I Were N-Riched Man Apr 03 2002 - After hearing Bernie use inappropriate language at home, Bryana goes to school and repeats it—much to the horror of her teacher. Soon after, a social worker shows up at the house to ...more

The King and I Jan 30 2002 - when Bernie realizes that anything he says to Jordan and Bryana first goes through Vanessa, he decides to stop fighting the situation and let Vanessa be responsible for the kids.

The Main Event Nov 21 2001 - Jordan is tormented by bullies at school, so Bernie teaches him some moves that unfortunately turn Jordan into a monster.

Lock Down Mar 06 2002 - When someone breaks into the Mac house, Bernie realizes how vulnerable his family is and turns the house into a high-security compound. Bernie is reminded by his friends of all the crime that ...more

Back in the Day Feb 20 2002 - Bernie becomes concerned when he begins to see the classic signs that old age is catching up with him. He's forgetful, has aches and pains, and is finding gray hairs in, uh, unwanted places. ...more

Sweet Home Chicago (2) May 15 2002 - No synopsis until episode airs.

Stop Having Sex Apr 17 2002 - Bernie is concerned that the kids are exposed to mature subjects.

Secrets and Lies May 01 2002 - Bernie takes Jordan to a Clippers' game but tells Wanda that Jordan has had an asthma attack and had to go to the hospital. Wanda tries to help Jordan 'feel better'. He feels guilty and asks ...more

Mac 101 Mar 27 2002 - Impressed by the behavior and talents of another family's kids, Bernie cracks down on his own with a program of constant studying.

Handle Your Business Feb 13 2002 - Bernie is booked on a popular morning radio show, and he gets himself into trouble with the whole family when he draws from his private life to bring comedy to the public airwaves.

Raging Election Feb 26 2003 - Bernie and Wanda attend Vanessa's parent night at her school. They are shocked to find that her teacher likes her, and thinks she is not being challenged enough, so he suggests she run for class ...more

The United Front Dec 04 2002 - Bernie enlists Wanda to join him in a ""united front"" to be tougher on the kids, but she doesn't like getting the same cold shoulder they give him.

Chess Wars Apr 09 2003 - Bernie uses principles of chess to check the kids' desires, but Jordan's no pawn as he moves to achieve his goal: a paintball gun!

Welcome to the Jungle Nov 13 2002 - Jordan's homework of caring for a snake has Bryanna clamoring for her own pet. Wildlife expert Jules Sylvester counsels Bernie.

Carfool Oct 30 2002 - Bernie is delighted that the kids are in a carpool because it means he will only have to drive them to school two days a week. The delight is short-lived when the carpool becomes more ...more

Meet The Grandparents May 07 2003 - Wanda's parents, Lloyd and Leora, visit the Mac household. Bernie and Wanda first think the visit will be good for the kids. But Lloyd and Leora start to give them more then they bargained for ...more

Pink Gold Mar 19 2003 - Chris Rock and Jay Leno guest star, as Bernie takes a long-standing grudge against Rock all the way to The Tonight Show. Upset after seeing Rock get preferential treatment at a doctor's office, ...more

For a Few Dollars More May 14 2003 - Bernie finds out Jordan has never had a birthday party. He can't believe his mom never gave him one. He decides to give Jordan a very special 10th birthday. Jordan gets excited and as he hands ...more

The Sweet Life Dec 11 2002 - Don Rickles plays a neighbor who dispenses some unorthodox advice when Bernie is told he has high cholesterol. Though it's a sore shoulder—and badgering from Wanda—that sends ...more

Tryptophan-tasy Nov 27 2002 - To ensure he has enough turkey at Thanksgiving, Bernie makes his own personal, no-kids-allowed bird—which comes out undercooked, thanks to Jordan. But Bernie plows through anyway, only ...more

The Incredible Bulk Apr 16 2003 -

Goodbye Dolly Sep 25 2002 - When Bryana loses her doll after a day at the beach, Bernie begins a midnight odyssey to retrieve it. After a grueling search, Bernie finds the doll, but realizes he must wean Bryana from it. ...more

Keep It on the Short Grass Sep 18 2002 - It's Bernie who acts like a kid when Wanda teams with him in a charity golf tournament. Bernie sees it as a grudge match against the host, Matt Damon, who has been claiming he consistently ...more

Bernie Mac Rope-a-Dope Feb 05 2003 - Wesley Snipes takes a genial comic spin as Wanda's easygoing boss, Duke, who invites the couple to a dinner party. Feeling as if the kids are ""turning my brain into mush,"" ...more

Bernie Mac Dance Party Nov 20 2002 - Vanessa is slow to invite Bernie to a father-daughter dance, but quick to treat him like a stranger once there.

Magic Jordan Feb 12 2003 - Jordan plans to impress one of Vanessa's friends with magic.

The Other Sister May 07 2003 - Bernie's sister, Benita, comes to visit, and all havoc starts. She first tells Bryana that she cannot play Snow White in the school play because she is black. She also buys a cell phone for ...more

Mac Local 137 Nov 06 2002 - Bernie is sick of the kids tearing up the house, so he decides to make them clean up everything they've ruined. The kids go along with the plan until they realize Bernie isn't paying them extra ...more

Nut Job Apr 30 2003 - After enrolling his kids in a slew of extracurricular activities, Bernie suddenly finds his own free time disappearing when he is selected to be an activities suprvisor.

Sin Cup Jan 15 2003 - Bernie and Jordan square off in a battle not quite of biblical proportions, but certainly of biblical content, as the youngster craftily uses the Good Book for manipulation when he believes he's ...more

Maid Man Apr 23 2003 -

Leaving Los Angeles Mar 12 2003 - After taking the kids to the movies, Las Vegas-bound Bernie is further delayed by scenes that grow out of what they saw there, but weren't supposed to see.

Hair Jordan Jan 04 2004 - Bernie finds out that Jordan has been getting haircuts with Wanda and the girls at a beauty salon and decides it's time to take him to Bernie's favorite barbershop downtown so Jordan can learn ...more

Mac-Inations Apr 12 2004 - Bernie believes that he is the master of all pranks until his neighbor Carl Reiner, Wanda, and the kids join forces against him for the ultimate practical joke. They make Bernie believe that he ...more

Road to Tradition Dec 14 2003 - Bernie tries to instill a sense of old-school Christmas tradition in the kids but when they become obsessed with gift-getting Bernie decides to cancel Christmas altogether. Meanwhile, new Senior ...more

Saving Sergeant Tompkins Mar 14 2004 - Bernie discovers that Jordan has taken his framed Redd Foxx ticket stub for the school time capsule when he is asked to include something that connects him to his past and doesn't have anything ...more

Five Stages of Bryana Jun 15 2004 - Bernie and Wanda struggle with how to discipline Bryana when she begins to change from their adorable baby girl into a bratty little bully. They consult a child therapist to determine what is ...more

Love Bug Jan 11 2004 - When Vanessa brings home her first boyfriend, Reggie, Bernie gets to work on scaring the guy off but quickly realizes that Reggie is a good influence on Jordan and could lead him away from bug ...more