TV Episodes Full List of The Best Sex Ever Episodes

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Below is a complete The Best Sex Ever episode list that spans the show's entire TV run. Photos from the individual The Best Sex Ever episodes are listed along with the The Best Sex Ever episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. The Best Sex Ever episodes from every season can be seen below, along with fun facts about who directed the episodes, the stars of the and sometimes even information like shooting locations and original air dates. This list features “For Love of Art,” “Private Eyes” and more. Are you remembering a funny scene but can't think of the name that the The Best Sex Ever episode is from? Scroll below and you'll find what you're looking for.

Truth or Dare May 03 2002 - In the first episode of this sizzling adult anthology series, a vacationing couple winds up ensconced in a night of sexual swapping with another couple.

The Peeping Thompsons May 24 2002 - A room with a ""shared view"" becomes a pleasure for a young renter whose steamy voyeur's view allows him to see his landlords in action...and them to see him!

Seeing Double May 17 2002 - A man who is happily in love with his girlfriend finds his relationship coming undone by an overpowering fantasy of having sex with two similar-looking women. Fortunately, his girlfriend likes ...more

The Dressing Room Jun 28 2002 - A young couple discover the hidden pleasures of a dressing room.

Mystery Writer Jul 05 2002 - A clueless copywriter and his busty secretary try to uncover who wrote a letter about their steamy affair and sent it to Veronica's radio show.

Nice and Easy Jun 14 2002 - A gorgeous but stressed-out young married woman learns some sexy lessons from her unabandoned galpal.

Not on the Menu May 31 2002 - A dinner engagement turns into a wild evening of sex and voyeurism for a young man, his nubile girlfriend and his new boss.

Housesitting Jul 26 2002 - After breaking up with her cheating boyfriend, a woman housesits for her best friend and spices up her love life.

Warrior Princess Jul 19 2002 - A veternarian has a variety of experiences with gorgeous women.

Homework May 10 2002 - Frustrated by her boyfriend's immature bedroom manner, a college girl sends him to an older woman for tutoring in the art of pleasuring a woman!

Class Act Jun 21 2002 - A well-to-do woman fantasizes about her plumber and mechanic before finding her way back to reality with a handsome carpenter.

Private Eyes Jun 07 2002 - Hired by a suspicious husband to spy on his wife, a private investigator falls for the cheating woman after watching her action and begins his own affair with her.

For Love of Art Jul 12 2002 - After realizing her live-in boyfriend is cheating on her, a young woman finds true passion with a suave artist and his trusty fingerpaints.

Fantasy Nights May 09 2003 - A happily married couple try to spice up their stale sex lives by acting out their deepest fantasies one night a week.

Hot Salsa Jun 27 2003 - A couple whose relationship began after a blistering meeting in a Mexican bar find their passion dwindling one year later, leading them to consult a sex therapist who can get them back on

Touch Me May 16 2003 - A pretty copywriter's struggle to choose between male and female partners leads her into an intriguing three-way affair with her boss and his girlfriend.

Sexy Pictures Apr 11 2003 - A happily married couple who can't make up their minds on what to do for their anniversary decide to have their own erotic film made.

Bump and Grind Apr 04 2003 - An insecure young woman working as a temp takes a strip-tease class that teaches her a steamy method for seducing her handsome boss.

Bad Boys May 02 2003 - A young woman who has always found herself in relationships with ""bad boys"" finally begins to see the appeal of a more mature man thanks to the help of a friendly lawyer.

The Seduction of Veronica Apr 25 2003 - A sexy middle-aged woman who prefers the great sex of younger men finally meets a man her age who happens to be her intellectual and sexual equal.

Dirty Dancing Jun 13 2003 - An intuitive young lady tries to put a little spice back into her relationship with her boyfriend by taking a dirty dancing class that provides some seriously hands-on experience.

Lights, Camera, Action May 23 2003 - Two acting students struggle to recreate the passion they found while recording their rehearsal of a love scene.

Naughty by Nature Jun 20 2003 - A camping trip leads to lust among the pines when a conservative husband and wife learn to open up thanks to a much more liberal couple.

Hearts on Fire Apr 18 2003 - A psychotherapist starts to lose her objectivity when she begins fantasizing about a handsome fireman who can't seem to find the right girl.

Boy Toy May 30 2003 - A young woman finds a cure for her sexual repression thanks to the help of her very open roommate and her more-than-willing boyfriend.

Love Lessons Jun 06 2003 - A married couple receive a sexually liberating surprise when they attend a ""meditation retreat"" that turns out to be a Kama Sutra camp.